Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yay! Deadlifts! Other junk!

Picked up a CFFB wod

5rmax deadlift

Simply warmed up then did the 5 deads at 75lbs.

It's not a lot at all. But since thrashing my back, it's the first deads that I have done without pain. I didn't like the pissy weights, but the lack of pain was nice.

3 rounds max ring rows


I sense a pattern . . .


8x 25 yard high handle prowler pushes rest 60 seconds between rounds.

Since I wasn't sure what I could do on these and I have been consistently overestimating my abilities, I left the weight off, the prowler is about 95lbs anyway.

Ended up being too light but I know I can do 8x.

Times: 10.5/9/8.8/7.9/? timer operator malfunction . . /9.7/9.3/9.9

Then because that wasn't hard enough $out with 25m down and back low handles

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