Saturday, August 30, 2008

Painstorm XXXV-Thanks you Scottish MONKEYS!!

I think Troy modded this up a bit to make it work, but here goes our version (subs in parens):

800 meter run
21-15-9 Power Clean 135lb (111 lbs), Ring dips
800 meter run
21-15-9 Deadlift 225lb (177lbs), HSPU (pike off of 24" tire)
800 meter run
21-15-9 shoulder press 135lb (67lbs) ohs @ 95lb (67lbs)
800 meter run

1:12:12 . . .

Okay, we did a different 800 meter route and when I measured it in the car it was more like 3.5 tenths to the half way point . . . so it was about 7/10 of a mile . . . NOT 800 meters. That would account for the fact that it was like 5:30 for the first of us coming in the door. Trainer Steve is like "oh, that's more than 800 meters . . . " Ya think? :-) (Wasn't his fault . . . I blame little Chris!!)

So, instead of running, what, 3.2 kilometers, we ran like 4.5 . . . ugh. That'll leave a mark.

And I think the original was bench press body weight, then ohs. I don't understand the scale to 135 shoulder press, that seems a bit much. But it wasn't like I was gonna do that much anyway.

Oh, and this thing filtered for character HARD . . . particularly the middle round with the deads . . . ugh almighty.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Well, yes, for the love of god . . .

Let's get gas prices down!!! P Diddy is flying gasp first class!!

By all means . . . we need to help this doofus spend his money faster . . .

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fran-alicious/L-sit Grief . . .

Last night/this morning

Last night:


5 box jumps
10 L-sit pullups (did knees raised)
15 kte

4 rounds plus 2 pullups

Just couldn't hang on the pullup side of the street

This morning:

Fran: 21-15-9
thrusters @ 95 (used 65lbs)

Angled bars for pullups (I think I get more pullups this way)


Previous Fran Versions Here.

Was a little bummed until I checked my Fran times and realized that this was a proper (aka at the gym) Fran and saw that my previous best a year ago was 5:56 and 45lbs.

So 20 lbs and 30 seconds is pretty good.

I think that withough lack of character breaks I could get through this faster and need to work on the kip and cycling through faster. Thrusters were 14-7, 8-7, 9. Pullups were a mess . . . probably 10-6-5, 5-4-4-2, 4-4-1 or something like that.

I hopped off the bar somewhere between crushed and beat down . . . I need to up the ante.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Number 101 . . .

fix that bad step on the landing . . . or should it have been numero uno?

I know, poor taste . . . .

Tuesday, August 26, 2008



3 rounds
3 box jump burpees
6 kb snatch (16) kg.
9 pullups
12 ball slams (20lbs)



HSPU (Piked hspus progression went from feet on box using paralletes, to feet on box)
Ring Dips (did positives until failure then went with negatives, which ended up being 10 + 11-, 5+ 10-, and 3+ 6- over the three rounds)


This was tough.

I think I was making noise from the 5th hspu.

I'm not sure if I went about it right, really. I went for the highest ability I could manage until I hit failure.

HSPUs: Used parallettes with feet on a box for the first 21, and the next 7 before I hit failure. Very hard on the parallettes. So went to feet on box for the rest. Very hard.

Ring Dips: I was surprised when I got up on the rings and went straight to the ground. I've been able to do ring dips before, but somehow the harder parallette hspu killed me. I was shaking and did as many as I could before I went to negatives, which just burned.

Pushups, yeah, hard.

Cash Out:

tgus one each side for 16, 20kg
kb snatch practice 6 each arm 16, 20, 24kg.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Crap Parenting: I couldn't agree more . . .

On the way to the first day of school . . .

Daughter: "I like monkeys, because I am one."

Me: "That's right sweetie!"

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The night the lights went out in Georgia?

Who to the what now?

Is it just me or has anyone ever figured out what happens in this song? For the love of God it's like listening to Mission Impossible. I mean without treating it like one of those logic puzzles: "Mr. Green is sitting next to the man in the hat. Mr. Brown never wears hats . . . "

I mean, it's like someone gets cheated on . . . there's a shooting, a wrongful something or other and someone's little sister did it all . . .

It's like when a writer uses unattributed dialog for too long . . . you lose track of who is saying what to whom . . .

Mama Dove . . .

I think I mentioned that when I do pullups, I'll disturb the poor mama dove who chose our kind of short oak tree to nest in . . . .

Here's a pic of her precious cargo. Hopefully I'll be able to take some pics of the babies when they come along . . .

I have no idea if I'm stressing the Mama out though . . .

Crap Parenting . . . Piano Movers

Putting a new laminate floor and had to move the piano.

Managed to hoist it onto towels which made it so I could slide it in place . . . at which point I called my son in:

Me, lifting up one side of the piano (they are not light, btw, and only have one handle): "Pull the towel . . . hurry."

Then the girl seeing the fun, wanted to help by sticking her hands near a 300lb piano as her dad lifts it up . . .

So of course she got to pull out the towels too . . .

See what happens when my wife isn't around? Child labor abuse, that's what . . .

Burpee Challenge

Done. Finished. Caput. Terminado.

Thank the lord this is finally over.

100 days. Nearly a third of the year doing this stupid thing.

But now, 5050 burpees are in the bank. I wonder how many I'll actually do this year? I'll also bet that it will take YEARS to equal this, if ever. As in I'll die before I've done another 5050 burpees.

Today's finished up with 220 to catch up from the games and do today's 100.

Broke out like this (I think, I'm having recollection trouble . . . )

100 burpees: 15:46
120 burpees: 17:19 (finished the makeups)
150 burpees: 24:04
220 burpees: 36:01

Yay. Burpeees.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Because you all asked . . .

It's a movie about pull up bars . . .

Here's the link in case you're you're of a "generation not able to use computers" . . .

Thursday, August 21, 2008

DEATH by pullup!!!

With a continuously running clock do one pullup the first minute, two the second, until you can't complete a round.

10 complete rounds, plus 9 pullups in the 11th minute.

Hmm, not to much to say about this one, other than my new pullup bar is worlds better than the old one. I kip just fine . . . managed to do a ctb pullup so hard it shook the swingset and rattled it so loudly that a mama dove in one of our little oak trees freaked (she's got this great nest where by standing on the step ladder to the trampoline you can see her two little eggs in there. Hope they grow up before winter comes . . .

Additionally, I think part of my kipping problem with my previous bar was grip, or lack thereof, being it was a much smaller bar and thus hurt to hang onto. This bar is much easier to hold but i get more workout in my forearms and grip, which is good. At some level that tends to be what keeps me from getting another rep . . . oh, that and the oh, lack of strength . . . Also toughening up the hands, which helps.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Crap Parenting: Share and Share alike . . .

Because Metric called me out and I haven't posted one of these lately:

About two days after extolling the virtue of "sharing" to the daughter: "We are a sharing family, right?"

Daughter: "Daddy when can we share the little computer?" (Aka the $1100 dollar laptop . . . )

Me: "oh, in a minute sweetie" (while desperately trying to figure out how to say "but sweetie, sharing is for you and your brother . . . and not me and my expensive toys . . . without being trapped in my necessarily hypocritical parenting . . . )

BTW . . . the little computer is now called the "webkinz" computer . . . if you have little kids you probably know what these are . . .

Monday, August 18, 2008

This is soooo wrong . . .

Still made me laugh though . .

Laminate Flooring . . . at least it's not tile . . .

Putting in laminate flooring . .

If your room is rectangular, great. If it is not . . . you have entered the world of laminate suck . . . just sayin's all . . .

But it's still easier than tile . . .

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Crap Dog Ownershipping . . . I was pretty sure . .

Putting in new laminate floors . . . let dog in for a trial run . . .

Kind of got her riled up and she started running . . . clackity clackity down the hall . . . then clackity clackity couldn't stop herself, then skittery clackity she knows what's coming then clackity skittery WHUMP as she hit the wall . . . .

Boy that was mean of me . . . boy it was kinda funny . . .

Friday, August 15, 2008

We needed a study for Beer Goggles?

I KNEW it!!

What I want to know is this:

1) Does it apply to homosexuals? Strictly speaking, we can only confirmed that Heterosexuals drink until people are attractive . . .

2) Does this conflict with the "lime flavored alchoholic drink"? Are you SURE Heterosexuals would drink this? Just sayin's all . . .

I just want to know if there's a big girl/big boy coefficient? After x number of drinks, she's/he's lost Y number of pounds . . . .

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oh man . . . Buddy Love

Packin' Heat . . . . just sayin' is all . . . best part? The universal excuse, always given, never works: Uh, that belongs to a friend . . .

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pullup Bars and other things . . . like pullups . .

Update: Pics on the pullup bars are coming . . . as soon as I find the digital camera battery charger . . . doh!!
21-15-9 squats and pullups

6:34 . . .

JDG style post: 2:20/2:18/1:56

Last Fran . . . @ 65 . . . 6:52 . . . .

But first a note about the pullup bar.

After thinking it over and talking with Kempie I finally settled on a solution . . . or so I thought.

I drilled two pipe sized holes through the cross beams on the swing set, and managed to get pipe through the holes, with flanges on one side, and the pipe sticking out the other. Then I attached 45 degree angles and 8 inch or so sections of pipe and attached that to a 4 foot main section (oh and it was VERY ship in a bottley . . do this before this and twist this) but finally got it up. It was a thing of beauty . . . was . . . the main bar was just a touch above my highest reach I could swoop a kip like no bodies business . . . and if I had done ten more I would have probably torqued the crossbeam right off the supports . . . I had, my friends, invented a lever for removing a cross beam from a swingset over time.

So I backed off . . . took down what I has assembled . . . then realized I could just put the 4' bar on the bits of pipe and flange I had put through the beam. Viola . . . it worked.

I was worried about my kip, but turns out I can kip like a mo-fo . . . till I get tired anyway (actually got a quick muscle cramp from it today). And i'm not torqueing the bar from above, but rather on the side, where I"m not twisting it so hard.

It still seems hard on the hands, but I'm probably just being a pooosey as Red would say . . . BUT it's WAY less hard on the hands than the 3/4" bar was. Much less. And it's what all the garage cfitters are doing anyway.

So now I'm going to try and get my max repeatable sets up. Sheesh. I find it funny that my Fran time WITH thrusters is about 15 seconds slower than just doing squats and pullups. AND the pullups took about the same amount of time for 21 as they did for15 and 9 . . .. Sheesh.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Squats . . . not just for breakfast . .

Crossfit Plano, TX



3x186 (PR)

Then some burpees . . . and 2x10 pullups as many ctb as I could (usually about 4-5) then finish the set.

Had a lot of pointers today from Chris and Troy. It seems like it has been so long since the last time I did back squats, that I don't get feedback on a consistent basis. Therefore instead of correcting one or two things, I've got a raft of them. Such is life.

Still, a pr is a pr. And the last time I did this wod that I recall was in fact in November. So, while a pr, 10lbs over 8 months isn't that much. Granted, they all went down and up fine. Which means I might have squeaked out a bit more.

Wisconsin Blues Man?

Is this anything like a Long Island Blues man? Ah, Ralph Macchio . . . the gift that keeps on giving . . .

Whoa!! I don't think this was on my Rosetta Stone

Spanish CDs!! Good to know though, good to know . . .

Boom Boom . . .

Oh man . . .

Bought a Ted Nugent song from itunes . . . got the receipt in my in box.

It suggested I might also like songs from Pat Travers, April Wine, and Billy Thorpe . . .


"New from K-Tel, "B-listers of Classic Rock! . . . You too can own all the one hit wonders from the Hair Farmer era!"

Out go the lights indeed . . .

Though I actually saw Pat Travers at this club in Fayetteville, NC. Friend of mine may or may not still have a drumstick from show . . . I think there were about 12 of us in the club that night . . . yeah, he wasn't even State Fair material at that point . . . good show though . . .

Friday, August 8, 2008

Oh LORD!!! Or a yank gets his sartorial comeuppance . . .

Here come the Americans . . . preppy outfit, okay . . . but what's with the fat guy hat?!? It looks like that thing your dad gets!! NO HATS!!!! Arg.

Thank goodness some of the Basketball players took that stupid thing off. Normally I think they act a little spoiled, but it's necessary . . .

And the Lithuanians are in the lead . . .

Evidently, festive culottes are all the rage . . . Green shirts, white hobbit pants. I thought the Danes wearing capris were bad enough . . . .

Boy from Brazil

Oh my, this is funny . . .

The flag bearer for Brazil is not Armondo . . it's this blond guy named something like Robert Schmidt . . . yeah he has a great uncle who emigrated under "circumstances" about 1945 . . . . bwahahahaha!!!

Danes . . . sheesh

Watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games.

Say what you will (and they're vile) but the ChiComs are putting on a spectacle . .

But . . . All the countries are doing the walk into the stadium. Some great local garb . . then the Danes come in . . . wearing jean shorts and polo shirts . . . I'm sorry . . after the suits and traditional garb . . they looked well, like schlubs . . .

Diane . . . she hurts my butt



Deadlifts @ 225 (155)
hspu (did a pike progression off the kids' trampoline)


JDG style:

Previous attempts:

A version with pushups 4:26 on 11/25/07. Previous best from that was 11:10 with 110 lbs and half hspus to a pillow . . . on 6/10/07.

Odds and ends:

I'm not sure what to make of it really. Deads went well. Walking through the house, avoiding dogs, kids, etc., takes some time out, but no biggie. But, the hspus were unbroken. That means I need to find higher pike. I think they should be like 7-7-7, etc.

I think I need a way to do those here at home that works better.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Shoulder Press

Warmup: 20 burpees

Shoulder stretch and flexibility progressions with overhead squat and pvc

i.e., 3-5 pvc overhead squats for form, move hands closer together, another 3-5 ohs, until after about 20 squats your hands are together as you ohs.

I'd rather have had someone watching me, giving me pointers, but it does stretch out your shoulders nicely doing this.

Shoulder Press 5x5x85

Felt very strong really, all went up without a hitch.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Angie--75 reps

Pack scale Angie: 17:58

75 reps instead of the 100.

100 pullups
100 pushups
100 situps
100 squats

Pullups: Straight bar for first 40. Then busted out the next 35 on the angled bars. Found that with the kip a narrow grip seemed to help on the straight bar. Don't know why. Better ask.

Also, the pushups were the usual slog.

I need to do one before the end of the year, less than 25 minutes. I think I could have done it this time, but I had no previous reference. I'll have to look back in my paper notes.

Previous times, a pullup less Angie, and one on 2/7/2008 100 but jumping pullups.

Yes!! Amen Brother!!! Yes!!!

Although I could just take a pill . . . . coffee is proof God loves us and wants us to be alert.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Old Man and the Moose . . .

Or Momma's don't let your babies grow up to mess with baby moosies . . .because when you get out of your car at in the parking lot of the Snowbird ski resort, and there's a pond and a momma moose and a baby moose, what do you do? The all american red blooded thing! Try and get as close as you can without making the moose charge you . . . Hint: You know you've gotten close enough when your wife sounds like that snake from the Harry Potter movie . . . "geeeeeeet baaaaack heeeeeeere noooooooooow!"

You can't tell, but I'm literally 200 feet from the main building, in a very un-foresty type area of the resort. But I guess they wanted some rest and relaxation too . . .

Kettlebells . . . the pood Plus!

Kettlebell WOD at Crossfit Plano, TX


3 rds

2 TGUs
4 Figure 8s with catch and hold
6 Russian Swings

Workout: amrap in 15 minutes

9 Russian Swings (24kg)
6 clean complex (kb clean + front squat, 24kg)
3 Burpees (Ha! I eat burpees for breakfast . . .and lunch, little zone burpee snack, then dinner)
6 snatch complex (kb snatch + overhead squat) 16kg
9 pullups

3 rounds + 3 snatch complex . . .

Cash out = Farmers walk + waiters carry = one arm overhead with 16kg, other hand holding 24kg, walk 50 meters, reverse hands, walk back.

Here's the deal with the weights. For the longest time, I have been using the 16kg bell. It's great. Problem is it's too light now . . . the other problem, as I've mentioned before we only have one 20kg bell in the gym. So I split the difference.

I used the 24kg on the exercises I could get away with, but the snatch was a little too much as well as the over head squat portion of the complex. So 16 it is.

Of course, now my back is a little tweaked. Then again, it's been sore since about 20 days into the burpee challenge. yay. Burpees.

Sunday, August 3, 2008



800m/400m backwards/800m/400m backwards

Distances aren’t exact. Used for a route starting at my house. The best route worked out to be 880 meters for the forward and 380 for the backwards.


Splits: 3:38/2:51/4:03/2:45

I think on a slightly cooler day, I could take a bit more time off this. Also the 120 meters of extra doesn’t help. Oh yeah, and if I ran faster . . .

Day 79 stop the insanity . . .

21 more days of the burpee challenge . .

And I am throwing myself under the bus here, but I need to make up about 150 still from the crossfit games. I have them all marked on my spread sheet . . . ick.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

I just scored that Betamax I always wanted . . .

Seriously . . .

I bought outmoded loser stuff:

Short story: I now own an HD DVD player!! WHOOHOOO!!!

Long story: Wife bought a copy of a Harry Potter movie from Ebay not realizing it was HD DVD. The seller must have been like: Oh thank jesus!!!

I told her we couldn't play it so it was just a $15 coaster . . .

Anyway, walked into Fry's last night and found them selling the HD DVD player for the xbox 360 for $40. It was payday and I needed an impulse purchase! Sweet!!!

And it is better. I noticed things on the little hd tv I had never noticed before, things that were obscured by the lack of resolution. And when I say never noticed, I mean on the Harry Potter movies we've watched scores of times (the first two are pretty good for little kids . . . they get progressively scarier, hence our lack of desire to show those to the kids over and over . . . ).

Anyway, if you've already blown $400 on the xbox . . . what's a few dollars more? ha!!