Monday, August 25, 2008

Crap Parenting: I couldn't agree more . . .

On the way to the first day of school . . .

Daughter: "I like monkeys, because I am one."

Me: "That's right sweetie!"


Joel B said...


monkeys are cool. they are my favorite animal at the zoo.

And, whenever people ask me what I do, I usually give one of two answers.

#1 code monkey.
#2 nerd.

This makes me wonder, are there code orangutans and code chimpanzees and such? Surely we need to differentiate ourselves from children who are just simply "monkeys" !?!

Furthermore, as CrossFitters, we could put a nice set of "monkey bars" to good use.
In fact, the pullup bars at our gyms are pretty much adult monkey bars.

Does that make us "CrossFit monkeys" ?

anyway.. just my $0.02 since I don't have my own blog.

TexasPatrick said...

Ha! Yep. Crossfit Monkeys indeed.

Oh, and I used to work at a financial services firm . . .

You know how when you buy stock, you need to know the original price? So that years later . . . when you sell it, you can pay taxes ONLY on any gain?

We'd get these guys who'd been buying stock for years and never kept that information . . . the brokerage houses . . . even though they KNOW what you paid and could have done it for a service, like all the other information they had, weren't required by law to keep it so they didn't.

So . . . when we had to spend three days figuring that stuff out, we were "basis monkeys".

So yeah, we need to be higher on simian scale . .