Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Angie--75 reps

Pack scale Angie: 17:58

75 reps instead of the 100.

100 pullups
100 pushups
100 situps
100 squats

Pullups: Straight bar for first 40. Then busted out the next 35 on the angled bars. Found that with the kip a narrow grip seemed to help on the straight bar. Don't know why. Better ask.

Also, the pushups were the usual slog.

I need to do one before the end of the year, less than 25 minutes. I think I could have done it this time, but I had no previous reference. I'll have to look back in my paper notes.

Previous times, a pullup less Angie, and one on 2/7/2008 100 but jumping pullups.


Joel B said...

First, good job. :)

You can definitely finish it under 25. But, here's some food for thought:

specifically: what GD says about it being a sprint. it gave me pause.

Next time angie comes up at CFEC, I'm going to go for 3 rounds of 1/3 angie and see how my time drops off. I'll let you know know it goes.

what do you think?

TexasPatrick said...

yeah, you know, that was in the back of my mind the whole time.

I thought I could cut to 75 reps, and still keep the intensity, but it didn't happen.

I may drop to half to see what happens. I think you're onto something, because what you're thinking about doing will keep the intensity up.

I find that the pullups and pushups at the beginning make it a slog. I can race through the backend with minimal slowdowns.

I even gave some thought to doing a 50-50-100-100. Kind of like GD's thought on Fran where you might do 21-15-9 of the pullups, and 15-9-6 of the thrusters if its the weight that causes the slowdown.

Both my pullups and pushups are weaker than they ought to be. I think I did 10-8-6 on pullups and then it was 3 and 2s.