Thursday, February 7, 2008



100 jumping pullups (yeah, yeah, I know, the gym at work doesn't have a real pull up bar and I have to rig up the lat bar: 4:12)
100 pushups 9:48
100 situps 7:19
100 squats 4:41

One of my goals this year was a full Angie. Now I"m thiiiis close. But doing full pullups will put a hit on my time, big time. So next goal is full Angie, under 40. I think this was a great time, in that the pushups were only a bit over a minute longer than my best 100 pushup pr.

And this week was a leg thrasher, with Elizabeth on Tues and the full squat cleans and I had done cleans on Sunday. Yay.

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