Sunday, February 24, 2008

Shoulder 2/23, 2/24

On Friday 2/22, it was a rest day, and the only thing I did for the shoulders were some of the rehab exercises.

Saturday 2/23, woke up, right shoulder felt like a million bucks. A little bit of pain raising right arm from side to straight overhead, but generally felt good. The pain was moderate and not affecting anything I do.

Then I worked out, doing 100 pullups and 90 kb swings over the course of the workout. Came home did all the rehab exercises: face pulls, external rotations, and the ones from the chiro.

Also did a set of exercises to build the back of my deltoids.

Sunday 2/24:

Shoulder stiff, but bigger problem is that something in my chest on the right side (feels like a slight strain) is so sore that that problem interferes before any shoulder stuff comes into play. I really couldn't tell when I got up how bad the shoulder was.

Have run through rehab exercises once, the workout I did today, such as it was, and will work the rehab exercises again.

Have also rolled all over the foam roller back and forth, till I feel like pastry. Hopefully that will help a bit . . .

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