Saturday, February 23, 2008

Suffer on Saturday-ay-ay-ay!!!

50 pullups
10 kb swings (24kg)
40 pullups
20 kb swings
30 pullups
30 kb swings
20 pullups
40 kb swings
10 pullups
50 kb swings

Did pack scale, 50/10/30/30/20/50.

(This is what I did, I think the 10 swings was supposed to be 20, but that's how wod was written on the white board. Or I may have been dumb. At least I fessed up. I hate when I have counting issues.)

Used a 20kg kb. Nice.


That was a long 22 minutes, and while I should have done more swings, I was doing sets of 10, so that wouldn't have bumped my time up a lot. I'd like to think anyway. ;-)

Highlights: fifty pullups, no bands, 10 first set, 5's then on. Even with the kb swings knowing how to kip makes all the difference in the later rounds as far as getting your head over the bar. I think you can get fooled by the supreme masters of kip, into thinking that it's a subtle movement. I think at the earlier levels, exaggerating the hip pop is crucial. It is for me. I mean, Troy even said as I was getting tired, "the hip pop will carry you further up than your arms". I agree completely, at least for me, the kips need to be very aggressive: as mean and nasty as you can flex your middle and then kick down again. I think things like ktes and box jumps are probably very very helpful to this motion.

Didn't use a band for pullups, and did most of them correctly . . . though Little Chris did rightly and righteously call me out on a crap pullup. I should just start throwing away the last one of any broken set.

And finally used 20k kettlebell. Good stuff that. Wanted to barf.

Lowlights: skeeved out on doing the porch or rx. That was about 50% more work, and since I do want to limit (to some extent) the damage on the shoulder, that seemed sort of prudent. Also, now my chest aches on the right side, under the pec. Hope that goes away. Yay. Old guy injuries.

And a shout out to Phil for knocking this thing out in like 23 minutes.

And a shout out to Bruce for failing to "man up" by showing up. Hmm. :-)

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Anonymous said...

You know what I love about CrossFit.... You can do an excercise perfectly for 25 reps and one of the trainers will walk up on the 26th and crappiest rep... and... You can miss an average of 3 Saturdays a year and still get called out for skipping one... hehehehehe

just in case it doesn't carry over to the 'puter screen, I got a good laugh when you called attention to my lack of attendance today.... keep me honest!!