Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Push Press

the expected was 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 but I had to do it in the work gym.

So it went

3 x 25(dumbbells, all)
3 x 30
3 x 35
3 x 40
3 x 45
3 x 50
f x 60

There was no way I wanted to do 3 x 60, but that was the setup on the dumbells. It's kinda dumb, but it's what we got at the gym.

And because that didn't seem like enough, I did some SDHPs. Kempie said something funny about how they don't bother him, because he spent a year without a rower so that was his sub. And Jeff Martin mentioned how he uses his warmup time to get better at something he'd like to get better at.

So since I hate those things, I thought the least I could do is start hitting them every now and again. Gotta remember 75lbs is the Fight Gone Bad weight. ;-) iffn' I want to ever be a big dog.

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