Tuesday, March 30, 2010

heavy squats, tabata front squats, pullups

Took a deload type of day, tested the back given that I high rep squatted on Saturday and kinda wrenched it. Seems good to go.

3x5 back squats


Then tabata front squats @ 75lbs


Man . . . I could see that turning a stomach inside out . . . that was, light as it was, nasty.

Also armstrong day 3

palm away training sets: 6/6/6
palm facing, close grip 6/6/6
palm away training sets 6/6/5 . . . .

I need to go back to 5's and see how many 5 training sets I can get. This one was tough. Maybe I do this on Thurs? Everything else is going up, but this is stuck. I think I have done the sets of 6 before, I'll just have to dig in and get it.

Monday, March 29, 2010

rest and pull up day

pullup pyramid 8 rounds + 8 more. Soooo close to 9. 10 is the big one. 55.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

shoulder press and pullup day

Armstrong day 1 (5 x max reps 90 sec rest between) dead hang.

14/9/7/6/5 = 41 one of my higher totals and pr on the first round.

Shoulder press, no loss from last time I did this, not better, but haven't worked it like I should.

5x 85
max reps @ 105 = 5 reps

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Squats

Did 12 high rep squats . . .

made the back ache something fierce after.

Would have been a pr but for a weak re-rack after rep 5. Set went 5-7. Mentally weak when faced with pain. Ha!

Figured discretion was the better part of valor so I didn't hit a metcon. Will bust it out Sunday.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Deads and "The Godfather"

w/u then

3x5 deadlifts


Then 210x15


"The Godfather"


250 meter row
5 clusters (full clean to thruster) @ 135

Oh, it was a cluster allright . . .

4 rounds 180 meters rowing . .

@ 95lbs.

Tried 115 in a warm up. At the second one I knew that wasn't gonna work no how, now way.

More an issue of clean form, which was awful. I think that screwed things up more than anything. Had real trouble getting the landing right so that I could go to the thruster . . . kept coming way forward.

Anyway, Bruce had the best line: "What kind of evil genius makes a workout where the rowing is the fun part?"

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pullups/Box Jumps/Situps



CTB pullups (CTB each round till I missed then I went with regular, no breaks other than loosing the kip)

30" box jumps (24" since while I might have 30" of box I don't have 30" worth of ceiling . . )

ghd situps--Subbed anchored situps

Did 10 ctb pullups on the first round which was nice.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Squats and pullups and stuff

Armstrong day 3 (3x5x3 regular/close underhand/regular)

Will try 6 next week


Squats 3x3

195/210/225 tied my pr


12 minutes amrap

15 jumping squats
5 hang power cleans @ 95
5 thrusters @ 95

6 rounds 15 squats, 1 hpc

Just some pullups

Two days of Armstrong

Max set day:

13/8/7/5/6 (39) PR (the 13 is a pr anyway, max dead hangs)

Pyramid day 8 rounds plus 6 (42) (Another PR)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Row and cindy in a vest . . .

Wearing a 20lb vest:

500 meter row
3 rounds cindy
500 meter row
3 rounds cindy
500 meter row


That was one of the most awful things I've done. I wasn't feelign 100% but maybe 98% and that didn't help. It was sucky from the get go. Seriously mentally challenging when you're working out alone to keep from slowing down. There's one round in there, though I wonder if I did the pushups and the squats. It was getting hazy.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Front squats/deadlifts/overhead squats

In the garage

Front Squat:

3x5 135/155/175

Then 15-12-9

Deadlift @ 185
ohs @ 75


That was a crummy workout. I started the deads cold, i.e., didn't do any warm up reps at lighter weight and my back seemed kinda funky in that I couldn't seem to hold position at speed. Don't think there was anything wrong going on, just seemed like I was fighting for every rep and that shouldn't have been the case at this weight.

OHS were unbroken which means they were probably a touch too light.

On a better note, Bruce, the guy I have been working out with had a pretty good day, his front squat at 135 today looked MILES better than his max front squat at 115 did 5 weeks ago.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Squats (oddly fitting since the negative is “ain’t done squat” which is about what I’ve accomplished since Saturday).

3x3 175/195/215

then 3x250 meter row 30 seconds rest


Oh and a funny observation that when I warmed up with the rower, I do about 500 meters and play around on it, but it was kinda hard to get in the groove. However AFTER the squats I seemed to be able to get my 500 split time at or under 1:30 for the 250 meters when I wasn’t even close in the warm up (and I usually try and mix up some hard pulls with easier rowing.) I would have thought I would be trashed, but not really. Not that those times were anything to write home about but still.