Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Litvies



5 rounds of

5 db front squats, 100 meter row. Full rest between rounds.

5 @ 35/18.1
5 @ 35/18.1
5 @ 35/18.6
5 @ 45/18.5
5 @ 45/18.7

Decided the 35s were easy enough that I should move up. Next time, 45's across... or just go to barbell litvis at @100 or so.

Enjoying the waves of nausea now...

Saturday weights....redux



130/150/170 This is starting to get at least the slightest bit more difficult



130/150/170 Still easy. Am resisting the strong urge to bump up more than 5 lbs a week in increases. Think that I need to just keep it that way and get where I get.

11/5 175
11/12 180
11/19 185
11/26 190
12/3 195
12/10 200
12/17 205
12/24 210
12/31 215
1/7 220
1/14 225
1/21 230
1/28 235

Weighted Dips

3x7 at +15, +20, +25 (f) 4

That seemed a bit weak.

Then some assistance stuff:

3x8 back xtn +5lbs Easy. Bump up to 10 next week.

Barbell hip thrust.

It was pointed out to me last time I was at Brand X I was weaker in the hips than I was in the pull from the floor. I was having some trouble finding chains that weren't an arm and a leg, which is one way to train this, but then ran across this version of the same thing. The article on EliteEFTS said some guys can lift more than their raw squat. So I figured 135 would be doable...ha!


3x8 @ 95lbs.

I couldn't lock out 135 yet so I just did the 95. That was crazy hard in the "wow, this really targets and wears out your backside" sort of way...

Monday, October 24, 2011

Kettlebell and pullups

Just a git-r-done wod…


kb snatch, each arm 1 pood
pullups—maxed out then went to assisted

no time, took two songs on the Ipod though….

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Squats, deads, heavy must be Saturday....

[quote author="kempie" date="1319335731"]
To be fair mate it makes a huge deal if you are doing something or just sitting/ standing around. J.ust realised while talking to Jane today that if I popped off a couple of rounds of the CFWU every class I'd stay warm and get better at the basics. All that said, after over 2 hours of coaching I was seriously cold without any coffee ...

Cheers, kempie[/quote]

Aye Mate, that's true. But the Scots were sitting around about to melt... ;-)

Haha! Yeah, we felt fine-ish in shorts and all...


3x3 Squats and Deadlifts


Back isn't bothering me at all. May begin to work into more dynamic stuff a bit at a time, cleans etc.

3x7 Weighted dips:

7+10, 7+15, 7+20

3x8 back extensions

And just to play around 10x box squats @95lbs. Interesting.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Endo wod..

Amrap 15

3 15' rope climbs (15 tire sled drags with 70ls)
10 kb swings 2 pood (1.5 pood)
20 pushups

4 rounds + 11 pushups

Quite the crappy little wod...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Squats, deads, heavy dips...


squats: 120/140/160
Deads: 120/140/160

The rehab continues well. 145lb power clean just to see if I could. Went up fine.

Weighted Dips: 3x7 +5 +10 +15

Ring dips just to see how many I could do in a row: 7

Thursday, October 13, 2011

DB power cleans and burpees

Short and sweet, modified from Endurance Wod:


4 rft

185 power clean
10 burpees

4:30 rest between rounds

at hotel gym:

45-55lb dumbell power clean (I moved up in weight...)
10 burpees
3:00 rest (I got s*&# to do...can't be waiting around all day)

0:46 (????)

Always feels miserable when you're doing it, but then when you're done you're like "Less than 4:00 work?"

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Wednesday Wod!

4x1000 3:00 rest between rounds

Keep to within 3-5 seconds

4:09 (CRAP! Two seconds off!!!!)
3:39 (Time travel...)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday weights

Squats, deadlifts


Squats went down then up, every time.

Deadlifts went up then down, every time.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Again, weights day...

Squats and Deads 3x3


With my new elitefts belt....mmmm intraabdominal pressure....mmmmmmm