Saturday, May 31, 2008

Deads and Presses

Ha!!! Heavy movement, high heart rate:

Crossfit Plano, Suffer on Saturday

Deadlifts (at bw)/pushups as follow:

21 deads/3 pushups
18 deads/6 pushups
15 deads/9 pushups
12 deads/12 pushups
9 deads/15 pushups
6 deads/18 pushups
3 deads/21 pushups

Porch scale 3/4 body weight (did 132lbs about 80% if we're being anal . . . and we are)


Little background, did this on 9/28/07.

Started with 140lbs . . . had to drop to like 105. Finished in 20:32. Dead last in our group. it seriously bummed me out. Today was better. A lot better.

I don't know why exactly, other than keeping up with cfit. This workout seriously upset me last time. I'm usually not that upset by any one performance, but this one just messed with me. Now, I weigh less, can do more work in less time, and really, if I had done 140lbs, I don't think it would have messed with the time too bad. The deads were not the problem, the pushups were. Those need some serious work.


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Crossfit Games

I'm going.

Of course, this means that LRH over at Brand X can now plot my demise . . . note to self, girls DON'T like being compared to King Kong . . . even if it's true, even if it's a complement . . .

You'd think a guy with as many sisters as I have would know these things . . . .

I managed to get married too . . . yeah . . . poor girl . . .

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day 11 of the Burpee Challenge: The Painening!

That Painstorm and the Murph are still killing me.

Running 4 or so miles for Murph shouldn't have been that bad but my quads are so sore that I find my balance thrown off, as if my body wants to avoid the pain in the quad so I go to move and fall over . . . weird.

Anyway: 11 maniac burpees . . . 3 pushups instead of one. Did them slooooooow.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Crap Parenting: Obsfucation . . . .

Girl: What are knicknacks?

Me: Oh, you know, tchotkes.

Wife/Mom: Do you have to do that?

Me: It is what I do . . . .

God Speed Murph, God Speed

In honor of Michael Murphy "Murph" Plano, TX Crossfit does a Memorial Day Challenge. The only event is Murph. The workout is something Murph used to do, and he called it "body armor". This event is:

1 mile run
100 pullups
200 pushups
300 squats
1 mile run

If you have body armor, wear that . . .

My time: 47:28.

Now . . . see previous time of 3/4 Murph at 39:04.

So, to analyze: 8 minutes, 24 seconds longer . . . . for 25 more pullups, 50 more pushups, and 75 more squats . . . a slog. :-) But a good slog. Happy with this time. I did a 3/4 Murph that took over an hour. So a full under 50 (which was the goal). Next goal, under 45:00. Ow.

Happy with with effort for the most part other than the second run. Did a 5/10/15 breakdown of pullups, pushups, and squats. Pullups all unbroken even if my kip was sucking hard today. Pushups went 10 at first, (three rounds) then 5-5 for a couple more rounds then eventually 4-3-3. That's actually a great improvement. Usually I'm reduced to 3-3-2-2 at the end. Squats were mostly unbroken and at the end kind of 10-5 or whatever worked for that round.

Also, ran some folks in. Austin, who did it in the vest and did a spectacular puke 50 feet from the finish . . . I mean, double barrelled ginormo puke.

Ran Bret (who did a double Murph, with vest both times) on a pace run for the first mile of the second Murph.

Made a beer run with Cat. Nice.

Ran Big Daddy Bruce in on his 800 meter final run. Fun that. Carried my beer, ran in my sandals, and regaled Bruce with tales of beer and watermelon belches I was having . . . . good times, good times . . .

Had a little food, a little beer . . . then off to home. Where I am completely wrecked . . . in a good way. Thank goodness for a rest day tomorrow: Painstorm, Fran and Murph, all in three days . . .

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Because I buys my stupid at Costco . . .

Fran @ 65lbs

No reason, really, but for the stupid . . . see burpee challenge . . .


Previous time 5:56, @45lbs 7/17/07 So there is progress, even if there isn't much to write home about this yet . . .

3 minutes and 30lbs to go . . . .

This be the suck . . . and with Murph tomorrow . . .

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The painstorm is comin' baby!!!

Painstorm May 2008

100 meter run (7 laps of the backyard)
10 hang power snatch lunge lunge @75 (started at 65, dropped to 50 see below . . . )
10 pullups

6 rounds plus 100 yards (was about @ 50 when the timer went off).


Things started fine . . . ran my 100 meters across the back yard, got through two rounds and looked down at my bar . . . and realized it was about to come apart . . . (it's a cheapo I got at walmart . . . not oly)

Thankfully it didn't come apart when it was overhead and I was pulling the bar apart Shocked

It ticked me off for a minute . . . but there I was in the sun . . . 91 degrees . . . you know, mad dogs, Englishmen . . . crossfitters, anyway, I was already in it for a dime, so looked at my weights, and the wheels are 25lbs, so I pulled them off the bar, and then did the next best thing I could, which was dumbbell power cleans and jerks plus lunge lunge.

That was some weird suckage . . . you knew it was only going to last so long so you tried to go fast? But . . . it was debilitating enough to force you to pace, because every time I got done with a "section" I wanted to barf . . .

So, out in the 91 degree heat . . . thinking of Kempie and LRH and all my North Sea Buddies . . . . come on over, the water's fine . . . but the kool-aid is better . .

Murph on Monday . . . . and the best part . . . i need a new bar . . . and weights . . . oh noes!!! Wink Hello Oly bar and bumper plates for Father's day. Or a tie.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Keepin' it Real Y'all . . .

True story:

Every year my teensy division of a larger company puts on a meeting for our members.

As such we have speakers, etc.

And as one must have in business these days at least ONE of the speakers has to be motivational. Of course, most of these, seems to me, end up motivating you to "be motivated" and I'm certainly more of the school "Don't do something! Stand There!" type motivation, but some people like these things.

Anyway, this year we had someone who was/is an actress, and studied mime with Marcel Marceau.

And I'm paraphrasing, but essentially, she said: "Street Mimes, by only using part of the repetoire, i.e, "the wall" and "pulling on a rope" have debased mime in the minds of the public."

Doesn't this make mimes worse? It's bad enough they're trapped in that box . . . but when they talk, evidently, the whine about their "art" being degraded . . . . .


Man, you go to to JuCo, or State University of Mime, and your whole career you'll be judged against them Yalie mimes . . . . and I'm not even going to get into that street gutter mime business, I mean, I know they target the Urban Mime demographic . . . . . but people . . . .

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Whoa . . . Battlestar Dudes

Oh I'm likin' this new season . . . .

Though I'm not caught up . . .

Removing the centurions AI limiter so that they no longer just follow orders but start wiping out the "numbers"?

Cylon civil war? Sweeeeeet.

More as I think about it . . .

And with inflation . . .

I think it's only been sold 1500 times!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Muchos Felicidades para mi amigo Chris!

Evidently, Kempie does OTHER things besides moving massive quantities of weight and being a firefighter trainee. Hmm.

So be sure to come here, proud papa, for all your cut rate parenting advice!!! I stack it deep and sell it cheap! No credit good! Bad credit better!!! If you can find a better deal in town I will refund you the difference!! Guaranteed*

Actually there's only one bit of parenting I know works every time: "No one knows what the heck they're doing."

So, it's hard to mess up standard like that . . . which is why daily I declare victory and go home . . .

*not a guarantee

Crossfit Total

Oddly enough, I hadn't done a crossfit total since starting.

Don't know why, just missed those days at the gym or some such. I know I didn't want to try one at home, mostly because I am not equipped to do so: not enough weight for deads, no racks for squats or presses.

Not that I missed much.


I think I was third from last (or probably more) in the strength category. Really. The girls are closer to my totals than I am to most of the guys.

But anyway:

Crossfit Total: 551

Squat: 199 (pr) and one pound away from my 2008 goal.

Press: 109

DL: 243

Hit a 265 dead, but did the fishing pole back . . . arrrgh. Second time. Arrrgh.

Press was funny . . . tried for 111lbs, but didn't get it. Backed off, took off the 5kilos put on 10 lbs, thus the 2lb difference, weight went up. Go figure.

But, now I know one of my major weaknesses is pure strength. The body weight stuff doesn't faze me much at all anymore, (push ups excluded), in terms of keeping fast and form decent. But, if I want to get a decent Fran, etc., I need to work on max efforts in the major lifts. Therefore, I think I'll spring over time for some bumper plates and a bar and a rack from craig's list. It's working out that cfit is my afternoon activity and I get up early so why not use that time to do some 5 x 3s or 5 x 5s.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Don't ask why . . .

because my answer will be stupid . . .

Burpee challenge:

Every day for 100 days, do one burpee the first day . . . 2 the second . . .

Today is day four, and I did 10 to catch up. At least tomorrow I only have to do 5 . . .

At the end it will be something like 5000+ burpees for all the days.

Of course, if you miss a day, you have to do the previous days as well. So don't miss the last three days . . . .

You can do them in any way order form you want, so long as you do the required number by midnight . . . .

Heavy Liz . . .

Elizabeth 21-15-9 Cleans 135 (@115) Ring Dips

Elizabeth is my first recorded workout.

I know I did other WODs previously, but wasn't keeping score.

12/24/06 15-12-9 @ 70 lbs. HPC/crappy ring dips: 10:30
2/5/08 21-15-9 @ 2x 35lb dumbells, 2x dips: 11:55.
5/19/08 21-15-9 HPC @ 115, ring dips: 16:14

Went heavy (for me) so the met con aspect was lowered on the cleans. The ring dips, however, went well-ish. 4-5 at first. Next time I'll go lower weight and move faster. This one seems to give you a lot of room to play back and forth between weight and speed and ROM

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I hate burpees . . . .

But I hate knowing I missed a sub 4 worse . . .

50 burpees for time


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Crap Parenting: All for you Mum!

Driving home with daughter and son in the back, wife at work, trying to plan some mother's day stuff with kids:

Me: So what do you want to make your Mom for dinner?

Girl: Pasta!

Me: Good idea, although noodles would be good too . . .

Girl: Yeah! She can pick pasta or noodles!

At least we didn't get into the discussion of marinara or the red sauce . . . .

Thank you Animaniacs . . . I've been waiting a long time to use that joke . .

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ice Cream, you scream . . .

Aww, this is sad. Baskin was already dead . . . now Robbins is gone.

And I love me some ice cream . . . of course on the zone . . . not so much ice cream on that . . . helloooooo cheat day!!!

I mean, I know I've eaten gallons of this stuff . . . and the ice cream cakes . . . . "here comes the fudge" flavor . . . and we have one in town that the kids love . . .

Crap Parenting: Remote Parenting . . .

Me: reaching for remote to TV

Son, who rarely, if ever, raises his voice in anger, squealing in anguish and horror at my fiddling with the new TV for the umpteenth time and clearly can't help himself:

"No daddy! No!! Put that down!"

(I mean, man's gotta know if we're getting a 1080i signal . . . but there's nothing like knowing you have the power to drive your kids crazy . . . . )

Friday, May 2, 2008

'nuff said . . . .

Holy Porkers Fat Man . . . .

Whoa . . .

I get no traffic. Maybe a few friends pop by. But post some fatty to natty pics and the world comes a callin!!

And now Brand X is back on the top referrer list! Ha!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Low intensity . . .

Just wanted to work on some practice stuff. I feel that if I get some of the parts working, then the whole will work better. Push Press will help my Fran, so:

Push Press

5 x 55
5 x 65
5 x 75
5 x 85
5 x 105

Then did a nice easy 10 power snatches @ 75lbs. Those are fun. This was practice for "Randy" which I did last time at 50 power snatches @ 55lbs in 5:54.

Painstorm-May 2008

Per GD . . . .

As many rounds in 30 minutes of:
100 M run
10 Hang Power snatch/Lunge/Lunge *
10 Pull ups
* Hang Power Snatch, lunge right leg, lunge left leg = 1

Men 75#/Women 55#

Uh . . . each round has 20 75lb overhead lunges?

One. One round is possible . . . I'm gonna need some chalk . . .

Actually, I'm starting to be like Big D over at Brand X: "That looks stupid . . . okay, my turn!"

I can already see, say like failing a lunge, and dropping the weight, but having to hps the weight BACK up so that you can do the second lunge . . . so that by the end, you have like 10 rounds, but 150 hsps . . . .

Quem me visitou de Brasil?

Brazil? I got folks from Brazil dropping in?

y Chile . . . . Hola Sudamericanos!!! Bienvenidos a todos!!

Because you can't possbly know what you're talking about . . .

Now, here's something that I've always wondered . . . proponents of organic food will claim completely straight faced, that produce grown organically uses no pesticides.

And go over the logic . . . just and itty bitty bit: A modern farming company, a factory farm, wouldn't they just love to spend LESS producing their crops? Hmm. Does pesticide show up on the debit or the credit side of the column.

But . . . if you've EVER grown a vegetable . . . a fruit, an anything, you know know know that can't be possible. The produce in your garden usually has a couple munch bites taken out of it.

So how does perfect, blemish free, organic produce show up?

Here's how:

And I'm not pro/anti organic at all. I want to eat fewer pesticides. But I am anti-stupidity . . .

For instance: How do you get to call yourself "organic"? By meeting certain legal specifications. It's like calling your food "lite" as opposed to "light". So for marketing reasons, you indulge yourself in expensive, retro, misleading eating habits. How's this for marketing: "Organic Farming: Bringing you Starvation since the Dawn of Time!" or "True Organic Farming: Favorite of locusts everywhere!"