Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day 11 of the Burpee Challenge: The Painening!

That Painstorm and the Murph are still killing me.

Running 4 or so miles for Murph shouldn't have been that bad but my quads are so sore that I find my balance thrown off, as if my body wants to avoid the pain in the quad so I go to move and fall over . . . weird.

Anyway: 11 maniac burpees . . . 3 pushups instead of one. Did them slooooooow.


Anonymous said...

painening indeed!!! I took yesterday's crossfit class off because of soreness.. but Shayne made up for it in last night's TKD class.... and then... 10:00pm last night my burpee reminder popped up and I had to do all 11 before I went to bed!! oy!

TexasPatrick said...

Oh and like Shayne was being mean: "I didn't do Murph, but now I'm going to make you work . . . " Ha!! See, I know I can make fun of him because he can't run!! Ha!