Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Heavy Liz . . .

Elizabeth 21-15-9 Cleans 135 (@115) Ring Dips

Elizabeth is my first recorded workout.

I know I did other WODs previously, but wasn't keeping score.

12/24/06 15-12-9 @ 70 lbs. HPC/crappy ring dips: 10:30
2/5/08 21-15-9 @ 2x 35lb dumbells, 2x dips: 11:55.
5/19/08 21-15-9 HPC @ 115, ring dips: 16:14

Went heavy (for me) so the met con aspect was lowered on the cleans. The ring dips, however, went well-ish. 4-5 at first. Next time I'll go lower weight and move faster. This one seems to give you a lot of room to play back and forth between weight and speed and ROM


Anonymous said...

spin it anyway you want.... all I see is that you're getting older and slower....


TexasPatrick said...

The older I can't help . . . as for the slower . . . all I know is that my fgb score would be better than the recruits' :-)

Now that would have been some funny.