Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Crossfit Total

Oddly enough, I hadn't done a crossfit total since starting.

Don't know why, just missed those days at the gym or some such. I know I didn't want to try one at home, mostly because I am not equipped to do so: not enough weight for deads, no racks for squats or presses.

Not that I missed much.


I think I was third from last (or probably more) in the strength category. Really. The girls are closer to my totals than I am to most of the guys.

But anyway:

Crossfit Total: 551

Squat: 199 (pr) and one pound away from my 2008 goal.

Press: 109

DL: 243

Hit a 265 dead, but did the fishing pole back . . . arrrgh. Second time. Arrrgh.

Press was funny . . . tried for 111lbs, but didn't get it. Backed off, took off the 5kilos put on 10 lbs, thus the 2lb difference, weight went up. Go figure.

But, now I know one of my major weaknesses is pure strength. The body weight stuff doesn't faze me much at all anymore, (push ups excluded), in terms of keeping fast and form decent. But, if I want to get a decent Fran, etc., I need to work on max efforts in the major lifts. Therefore, I think I'll spring over time for some bumper plates and a bar and a rack from craig's list. It's working out that cfit is my afternoon activity and I get up early so why not use that time to do some 5 x 3s or 5 x 5s.

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