Thursday, May 1, 2008

Painstorm-May 2008

Per GD . . . .

As many rounds in 30 minutes of:
100 M run
10 Hang Power snatch/Lunge/Lunge *
10 Pull ups
* Hang Power Snatch, lunge right leg, lunge left leg = 1

Men 75#/Women 55#

Uh . . . each round has 20 75lb overhead lunges?

One. One round is possible . . . I'm gonna need some chalk . . .

Actually, I'm starting to be like Big D over at Brand X: "That looks stupid . . . okay, my turn!"

I can already see, say like failing a lunge, and dropping the weight, but having to hps the weight BACK up so that you can do the second lunge . . . so that by the end, you have like 10 rounds, but 150 hsps . . . .


Chris said...

Nah dude, it ain't that bad. To save those extra HPS just deadlift it, reverse curl it then press it overhead and shuffle your grip out a bit. You know us crossfit nuts, using all the body all the time!!

Cheers, kempie

TexasPatrick said...


Easy for you to say, you can lift more than LRH and the girls and kids at Brand X . . . ;-)

But actually, yeah, I don't see going for a land speed record on this. More like try and grind out 12-15 rounds. All the strong boys and girls can go for more . . .