Saturday, August 29, 2009

shoulder press

Shoulder Press
w/u 35x5x2
55 x 5
75 x 5

Work: 95x5x3

Then high rep: 82.5 12-9-6

That was pretty tough after the straight across sets @ 95

Then stall a few minutes and

400 meter run
30 squat cleans @ 135
400 meter run

Well, that started OUT as

400/15 squat cleans/400 but after falling on my a** about three times because after the first 5 I couldn't stand up anymore . . .

That VEST makes a huge difference. Huge.

Dropped to 105
then finished.


That's the first time in a LONG time I've really screwed up the scaling where I couldn't go on. Live and learn.

The shoulder presses are an experiment. I'm going to go with a more Starting Strength type straight across for them. I do fine on the increasing sets for the leg stuff, but the shoulder press is stuck stuck stuck and I need to play around to see if I can get it to budge.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Front squats/high rep back squats

Front squats

1x195 (pr)

Back Squats

10x185 PR

Interesting. I stopped at 195, because I felt I might dump 205. Though the more I think about it, I didn't get that eye bulging elbow dipping nonsense I might have gotten. I think it was a really good lift in that it went down and up, slowed a bit out of the hole and then popped up. I maybe should have pushed it but took my PR and went home.

Kinda fried for the back squats. For reasons too stupid to explain, I went up 10lbs from 175 last week to 185 and did ten. I like the effect of the high rep squats for capacity building, but don't feel like farting around for 5 weeks to put another 5lbs on a 20 rep set.

Per Rip, I think his 20 rep max is 10lbs every week. Ugh. And always 20 reps. But it's screamingly hard.

So I figure 10lbs, and then a 10/15/20 week progression so I don't spend 20 months getting the weight up.

It's interesting that 10 reps at 185 is okay, but 3-5 at 205, 20lbs different is still very hard. My front squat is now 195 for one rep. My back squat is like 5x205 and 3x225. Still think I need to make 5x progress before more 3x. This week was just bad. I typically take a rest day before squat day and this time I did 100 burpees . . . mayhaps there's something there?

Okay, all thought out now . . .

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Crazy vest wod

PM Wod in the vest . . . .


5 sdhp (rx 135, did 105)
10 burpees



DEADS! 300!!! Woooot!!!

After Monday's craptastic adventure with squats, today with deads was better

Deadlift (realized I hadn't done a 1 rep max in a looong time.)


1x290 PR and I should have taken it . . . and walked, but a small brass ring was just there . . .
1x300 PR

Right well chuffed about that.

TP (more this pm, something suitably metconny).

Overall it broke from the ground fine, I think I've got more in me, but I'd like to do this at an affiliate to make sure I've got my hips forward shoulders back, but I think had I needed to, I would have "davided" the weight up.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Squats and somethin' or other . . .

Hmm. Wonder if the burpees yesterday had anything to do with this . . .


w/u 10x85, 5x135, 2x155

5x170, 190 (4).

The fourth rep of 190 was nearly a dumped lift. It stalled and then sloooowly I got out of it.

Seeing as how I got 5x205 last week, I figured that was warning enough.



10 swings @ 70 (used 55, no 70 around here, have an idea for one . . . )
10 situps with 25lb.

Wore that stupid vest. Unfun. Hahahaha.

Oh, and something comes up with my right hip flexor when I do heavy squats. It gets a little sore immediately afterward. I mean, I did the 20 on Friday and no ill effects, but I go for 5 or 3 and it seems to get sore. Just the right one. Odd.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shoulder Press

Shoulder press

Shoulder press, how do I hate thee . . .


92.5/102.5/112.5(f 2)

Then weirdness.

Was supposed to be 15-12-9 at 85.

Set about the first 15 and it was HEAVY. Did 5 and couldn’t go more, and then looked . . . I had 95 on the bar. So, reset, shook out, did 10.

Then it was 10-1-1 and 6-3. v. previous attempt of 15-12-9 @ 85 (14-1/10-2/7-2)

Friday at Crossfit Richardson-Kettlebell Class

This was cool.

Melissa Byers and Dallas from Crossfit 603 came down to visit some mutual friends and were kind enough to offer an hour of kettlebell instruction at Crossfit Richardson.

I'll get some pictures up, but I picked up a lot of great tips from basic swing mechanics (Russian and American) to getting the turkish getup right. Very very fun. Both Missy and Dallas are great instructors and a lot of fun.

But right now, I've got hamstrings 'afire . . .

Front Squats/High Rep back squats

Front squats:


140/160/180 PfrackinR

I’ve been stuck on that since March I think. Last rep a little elbow dippy, but BOOYAH!!

Then . . .

High Rep Back Squats

175 X 20 PR, that’s about 5lbs over body weight. Had a quick rerack at 10 because for some idiotic reason I let my elbows drop (the pain maybe?) and lost the shoulder shelf. So I set the bar down for a second adjusted and got back to it. Not completely kosher, but we’ll send it before the committee . . . .

Thursday, August 20, 2009

WOD only day, half vested Angie

Rest Day yesterday

Half Angie, con camiseta pesada

30 pullups (these are brutal so I set a 5 minute time limit.
50 of everything else.
Pullups: 4:56
Pushups: 4:03
Situps: 2:50
Squats: 1:31


Started feeling queasy at 30 squats . . .

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just dumb--with vest


in a 20lb vest

10 minutes max hspu (piked) 86 reps
5 minutes max squats 114 reps
2 minutes max pullups 19
1 minute max pushups 19 at the buzzer

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Squats and Runs . . .

Front Squat 3x5


Hit depth on everything.

Then did high rep heavy squats 16 @ 175lb (started as 15, but did one more). Since revamping and sticking to my diet, down to 175 so next week: 20 at body weight. To do 125% of body weight is 220, so that will be a while . . .

Everything went great. 135 and 155 up and down bingo. The 175 little tough but not bad. The high rep deads . . . were mental. I wanted to set it down after 2 and did rerack briefly to stomp some sense into myself and then finished out the set. Don't know why my sack fell off somewhere in there.

Then two loops of my neighborhood trail run . . . in a 20lb vest. I don't think I've ever done less than 26, but there it was.


Stupid WOD . . .

5 rounds:

7 power snatch @ 85lbs
14 pushups

In a 20lb vest.


The snatches were weird so it was REALLY hard to get them going. But the second I remembered "Big Chest!" and to GET UNDER THE BAR funny how things got better with some technique other than pull this stuff up and kinda swing it overhead . . .

Penty from Brand X showed up but had already done a wod so he watched me set up then wisely retreated from the hideous garage.

Also, best wierd lifting accident ever. One one snatch I managed to snag the power cord from the garage door opener and unplug it. Nice.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Deads, Vested nonsense

Okay, Tuesday, National Deadlift Day in Texas . . .



Then revenge of the sackless . .

Highrep deadlift: 18x185lb

Then 3 rounds

5x150lb front squat (go as heavy as you can that was bout my limit . . )
and 35kb swings 1.5 pood.

rest as needed between rounds.

2:09/2:48/ 4:04

My biscuits is burnin . .


R1: 1.16
R2: 0.89
R3: 0.62 (this round is the "loss of sack, enjoyment of pity" round . . .

Monday, August 3, 2009

Auvest 4



10 PP @ 105 (rx was 115, couldn't hang)
40 DUs, subbed tuck jumps

All in a 20lb vest.


Tried the push press at 115, but that crap wasn't going up.

Kept GD's mantra in mind, setting the bar down is like losing 20 seconds. At least.

Tried to cycle through the one at a time ktes at the end by just getting off and back on. 5 rounds so I mighta got 7 rounds at a full 20. Tomorrow's wod looks really good.

AM Squats

Since I think I hit a temporary max of 3x225lbs on my squats, I decided to roll down, reset just a touch and see if I can't lever up my 5x.

So this morning was:


Good. Hard, but not imposeeeeblay. Also used the redneck BPC (Below Parallel Checker) so all were good.

We'll see if getting say 5x 220/225 doesn't up the 3x max again.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Front squats, high rep heavy squats

Front Squat


135/155/175f (2)

High rep heavies (*box squat style):

175x12 So close to body weight on this.

This was a repeat of about two weeks ago. At that time I got 5, but wasn’t happy with the reps, in that I think some were a touch shy, depth wise. So I wanted to do them over again. For some reason, FS have seemingly stalled on me even though I’m not doing them less frequently than I am DL or heavy squats. And, for a variety of reasons, I’ve bailed on heavy squats when I rarely can’t do a FS because I’m too sore. Is it possible that for some reason I got them to their natural spot more quickly than say heavy squats and as those rise, so will the FS? That is, I got all the easy gains, and now am hitting the really hard work phase? I don’t know. My 3 rep max for heavy squats is 225, and my 5 rep max is actually a 4 rep max at 180. So today is just under max, but it just wasn’t going to go up.

* I wanted to make sure since today was a high gravity day, I’d get depth so set up my depth checker (hand saw and power stapler boxes . . . ) As soon butt cheek BRUSHED that thing I was up.

Depth was fine, pain was high . . .

A month of Stupid . . .

I'm going to do the AuVest in August challenge:

I will modify for my lift days, but other than that, the wods will come as they come.

Here's the AuVest creed I just stole from the Marines and marked up:

This is my weight vest. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

My weight vest is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.

My weight vest, without me, is useless. Without my weight vest, I am useless. I must wear my weight vest true. I must work harder than my competitor who is trying to beat me and my body which is trying to quit. I must beat them both before they beat me. I WILL...

My weight vest and myself know that what counts in this month is not the rounds we complete, the noise of our screams, nor the sweat we make. We know that it is the will that counts . WE WILL MASTER OURSELVES...

My weight vest is human, even as I, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weaknesses, its strength, its parts, its accessories, and it's straps. I will ever guard it against the ravages of weather and damage as I will ever guard my legs, my arms, my eyes and my heart against damage. I will keep my weight vest clean and ready. We will become part of each other. WE WILL...

Before God, I swear this creed. My weight vest and myself are the defenders of my pride. We are the masters of ourselves. WE ARE THE SAVIORS OF MY LIFE.

So be it, until victory is ours and there is no more August, but rest!