Saturday, August 8, 2009

Squats and Runs . . .

Front Squat 3x5


Hit depth on everything.

Then did high rep heavy squats 16 @ 175lb (started as 15, but did one more). Since revamping and sticking to my diet, down to 175 so next week: 20 at body weight. To do 125% of body weight is 220, so that will be a while . . .

Everything went great. 135 and 155 up and down bingo. The 175 little tough but not bad. The high rep deads . . . were mental. I wanted to set it down after 2 and did rerack briefly to stomp some sense into myself and then finished out the set. Don't know why my sack fell off somewhere in there.

Then two loops of my neighborhood trail run . . . in a 20lb vest. I don't think I've ever done less than 26, but there it was.


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