Monday, August 24, 2009

Squats and somethin' or other . . .

Hmm. Wonder if the burpees yesterday had anything to do with this . . .


w/u 10x85, 5x135, 2x155

5x170, 190 (4).

The fourth rep of 190 was nearly a dumped lift. It stalled and then sloooowly I got out of it.

Seeing as how I got 5x205 last week, I figured that was warning enough.



10 swings @ 70 (used 55, no 70 around here, have an idea for one . . . )
10 situps with 25lb.

Wore that stupid vest. Unfun. Hahahaha.

Oh, and something comes up with my right hip flexor when I do heavy squats. It gets a little sore immediately afterward. I mean, I did the 20 on Friday and no ill effects, but I go for 5 or 3 and it seems to get sore. Just the right one. Odd.


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