Wednesday, August 26, 2009

DEADS! 300!!! Woooot!!!

After Monday's craptastic adventure with squats, today with deads was better

Deadlift (realized I hadn't done a 1 rep max in a looong time.)


1x290 PR and I should have taken it . . . and walked, but a small brass ring was just there . . .
1x300 PR

Right well chuffed about that.

TP (more this pm, something suitably metconny).

Overall it broke from the ground fine, I think I've got more in me, but I'd like to do this at an affiliate to make sure I've got my hips forward shoulders back, but I think had I needed to, I would have "davided" the weight up.


Joel said...

that's friggin awesome brother. 300# is significant.

next milestone: 2xBW (unless you only weight 150#)


congrats mate.

TexasPatrick said...

Ha! bw = 175 so yeah 350 . . .