Sunday, August 23, 2009

Payback for jtm and Bathmatt

10 rounds of
2 muscle ups
10 burpees

19:33, in a 20lb vest.


Joel said...

I'm still shocked that you did that with a vest on. It hurt enough with out. I can't imagine the pain that a vest would add.

Is it time for a new bet with a really another stupid penalty wod?

TexasPatrick said...

It ended up more slog than anything. I knew I was going to post it at Brand X so kept the burpees at a relative 6 count. So no sprawl . . . not that that would have done anything but get me down faster, the pushups were evil.

I liked how my jumps went from being able to touch the bars over my head to . . . can we get paper under my feet?

Had a friend at work ask "are you okay" he saw I posted it on facebook. I was all confused. Haha! Oh yeah, fine. Stupid, but fine.

And yes, some sort of new dumb bet is appropriate.