Saturday, August 1, 2009

Front squats, high rep heavy squats

Front Squat


135/155/175f (2)

High rep heavies (*box squat style):

175x12 So close to body weight on this.

This was a repeat of about two weeks ago. At that time I got 5, but wasn’t happy with the reps, in that I think some were a touch shy, depth wise. So I wanted to do them over again. For some reason, FS have seemingly stalled on me even though I’m not doing them less frequently than I am DL or heavy squats. And, for a variety of reasons, I’ve bailed on heavy squats when I rarely can’t do a FS because I’m too sore. Is it possible that for some reason I got them to their natural spot more quickly than say heavy squats and as those rise, so will the FS? That is, I got all the easy gains, and now am hitting the really hard work phase? I don’t know. My 3 rep max for heavy squats is 225, and my 5 rep max is actually a 4 rep max at 180. So today is just under max, but it just wasn’t going to go up.

* I wanted to make sure since today was a high gravity day, I’d get depth so set up my depth checker (hand saw and power stapler boxes . . . ) As soon butt cheek BRUSHED that thing I was up.

Depth was fine, pain was high . . .

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