Friday, September 24, 2010


The rehab continues:

Deadlifts 3x5 135/165/185

No problems.



115lb thruster
muscle up


Had some band contraption for the muscle ups (my garage blah blah blah . . . not enough height, me, not enough ability blah blah blah) and that didn't work so hot so went back to seated mu progression.

Thrusters unbroken so should go heavier next time.

Then cashed out with some ktes and 75lb good mornings

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

squats, Michael

3x3 Squats


Not bad 3 weeks after back incident, happy with that

1/2 Michael Row your boat

500 meter row
25 back xtn (2 rounds of good mornings with 45lb bar and then when that seemed to be more than I should be doing to my back, 1 round of supermanses)
25 situps anchored


Sunday, September 19, 2010

shoulder press, rowing

Shoulder press:

105 x 4 . . . that's less than I've done lately, I think that I was suffering a bit of ring row hangover . . . shoulders just not there.

Then 8 minutes of pain . . .

4x500 rows

1:46.4 (okay, I pause here to inform the dear readers of my stupidity . . my first goal, before setting butt on rower seat = all less than 1:50. When I got the 1:46, semi pacing, I thought, well, lets stay below 1:47 . . . )
1:44.1 . . . whoohooo
1:45.4. . . . Okay good, the hardest one . .
1:46.6 . . . whoa, met the goal, but ouch . . .

Which makes me wax poetic, a C2 Haiku:

O Cursed Rower,
Your seat slides and your fan whirs
causing booty pain

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Front squats and some stuff . .


I have a record that I have a 5x175 fs. That means I need to bump that up. To break that, will be 4 weeks.

Felt pretty good. THEN I wanted to do the rowing wod: 500x4 . . but the monitor was conked out again because I left it in the garage too many hot days in a row . . .

So, 16-10-4 (stupid rep scheme, but par for the course, I wanted 30 reps . . . )

Ring rows

db cleans 35lbs

cleans unbroken . . not super speedy, but unbroken


Crossfit: where figuring out the workout takes longer than doing it . .

Did a lot of shoulder rehab/prehab type stuff:

Y's, T's W's. Band stretch. Behind the neck band pull down with a band.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

squats, back test, 1000 meter row

Squats, back test

3x125,145,165 all good


1000 meter row: 3:28.0 (pr tie, though I didn't record the tenths last time . . ha!)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

front squats db bear complex

[quote author="TexasPatrick" date="1284270381"]Front squats

5x 80/100/120/140/160

deadlift therapy: 20x105

dead hang pullup practice

5x7 (worked out to 8-8-7-7-9)

Then the first dynamic clean wod I've done in a couple weeks:

Coach Rut's DB bear complex

5x db deadlifts @ 35lb db
5x db power cleans
5x db thrusters


Very very slow, but I was pausing to reset between rounds and was trying to over emphasize form.

It still sucked so bad I couldn't believe it. Thanks JTM.

I cannot fathom trying to do 20 rounds of that . . . even if I drop to 25 or 20lb dbs. I need to spend more time with my friend Coach Rut. I've got dbs at the gym in the hotel when I travel . . . if I can't get to CFNE . . . I can self abuse in the hotel . . .[/quote]

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Row 5k

Row 5k

More for the activity than anything else

23+ steady state type stuff

Shoulder diary:

Arm still sore in t-shirt off position (when you take a t shirt off, don't know what rotation that's called . . . )

But did the lacross ball for 5 min a scapula? HOLY COW . . . shoulders like BUTTER

The only other one I like like that is the quad stretch . . . you feel smooth when you walk.

Back diary: Back acting up more than I wanted, so that's why 5k.

Tomorrow we'll see. No hitch in my get along then 15-20 deads @ 95 and then something short and nasty. Maybe some sprints? Work up into full speed?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


3 rft

250 meter row
3 fs @ 125
15 situp
20 box jump 20"




pullups dead hang 8-7-6-7-8 (2 min rest between)

Shoulder diary:

Seems the tgu's didn't agree with me. Not sure if it was the left or right ones, since the left one's hurt the down arm, but the right ones didn't hurt. The "crucifixtion" pose hurts the right arm.

Again, this is different than the stuff I had a couple years ago. It's not in the same place.

Tonight the only thing was pullups, so we'll see how it is. yesterday also had some pushups, none today.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Shoulder press and other nonsense.

65% x 5 70
75% x 5 80
85% x max reps 92.5lbs 10


Sotts press 45lb

Got through the 21 round and then I couldn't keep my left arm in the air, so I dropped to 35 and then finished it out.


Holy cow that was a slog.

Shoulder Diary:

Arm was sore this morning, push ups yesterday?

TGUs right arm, when in the down position (left arm extended) is sore on get up.

Back Diary: Little more sore than usual. Either the get ups or the sotts press were probably the culprit.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Front squats and nonsense

Okay feeling better, actually did something that looked like a real workout today.

5x5 Front Squats


Then 3rft

250 m row
10 bucket push ups
20 squats