Saturday, September 18, 2010

Front squats and some stuff . .


I have a record that I have a 5x175 fs. That means I need to bump that up. To break that, will be 4 weeks.

Felt pretty good. THEN I wanted to do the rowing wod: 500x4 . . but the monitor was conked out again because I left it in the garage too many hot days in a row . . .

So, 16-10-4 (stupid rep scheme, but par for the course, I wanted 30 reps . . . )

Ring rows

db cleans 35lbs

cleans unbroken . . not super speedy, but unbroken


Crossfit: where figuring out the workout takes longer than doing it . .

Did a lot of shoulder rehab/prehab type stuff:

Y's, T's W's. Band stretch. Behind the neck band pull down with a band.

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