Saturday, January 31, 2009

CFSBR3 Shoulder Press day

Shoulder Press:


Weird fail . . . hit the garage door 2x so stopped rested reset then hit 4x. Weird.

10-7-4 @ 75


3 rft

10 snatch grip deadlift 125lbs
10 pushups


The wod as rx'd is 5 rounds, 15 reps, at 145lbs. I didn't know where the suck would be for someone of, ahem, less than big dog status. Next time I'll do the full five rounds. still 10 and 10. This was a good one and nothing was broken which means I scaled a little low. However, the grip was a goin' fast fast fast.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Such a big mistake he will feel really bad about . . .

all the money he got.

Poor Bruce. You all worried about the workin' man? How about selling them CD's online for half of the normal price. Lord knows it will be about twice what the songs are worth. Talk about dining on your reputation.

CFSBR3 Front squat high rep squat day

Front Squat 5x3


High Rep back squat




Thursday, January 29, 2009


Snatch @135 30 reps

Went with 65lbs because we were doing full ohs (troy prefers the full, so no power snatch which would have been faster)

Lots of practice.


Blew quite a few reps so there were lots of do-overs. I probably picked the weight up 40-45 times.

Biggest issue was realizing how little attention I've paid to OHS of late and how that was a lot of the problem.

I wonder if there's a way to integrate some of the minor? lifts into the cfsb program. They're not minor, but thrusters, ohs, etc. JDG does it, so I wonder . . .

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

to helen back

just an awful workout

helen, blah blah couldn't hang, had to drop the weight I had already done, pick up pansy kettlebell and still lost to the nugs.

I just lost it. Or something. I'm having a hard time holding a wod together. I very nearly just set the kettlebell down and walked out. I even took a week off but something's wrong and I can't tell what.
Now my back hurts from teh deads I did after because I wanted to do something and succeed and even that went all to crap because I was probably liftign with crappy form. But hey, that's how I roll, crappy and weak. It's been hours and it's still ticking me off.


AM Deads


145/165/185 Felt good. No high rep, ran out of time. Tonight after metcon.

Monday, January 26, 2009




Full cleans, ring dips 88lbs 11:45 . . . just missed beating my nemesis :-)

Last time: 15:58 on 10/28/08. I'll take it. ;-)


Resetting the CFSB. Took a week off of serious training. Played around, did some power cleans and got a pr of 155. Mostly did nothing because I had NO desire to do ANYTHING. Happens once in a while.

Anyway, AM workout:

5x3 Heavy Squats


Everything went up fine. But . . . 165 and 185 felt weird. So I don't know if it was light weight let me get away with crappy technique on the first three sets, or what. I may film and see what is going on because I have a 5 rep max at 195 so the weight shouldn't be a problem. In fact, this is a reset because of the crap training I had the last couple of weeks of Dec., and the crap training I've been doing the last couple of weeks. And point of fact, it went up fine not an issue, just something about the back and hips didn't seem to go as well as it should have. Time for film!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Overhead Lunges and Burpees


OH Lunges w/45lb bar

21 burpees

This time:

2:35/stopped stop watch/3:18/3:41/3:37

I'll assume that my second round was equal to my slowest round.

so that would be 13:14 + 3:41 or 16:55 or about two minutes improvement. I like that. More weight, faster time.


5 rft

Overhead lunges, 50ft, 45lb bar (2 x 20lb dumbells)
21 burpees

18:45 = 2:46/3:53/4:24/4:05/3:37

And last time was with dumbbells so that would be slightly harder on the oh part?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Crap Parenting: the Puppet Show AND Spinal Tap version

Building a puppet theatre using a cardboard box for the daughter. I say: "we need to attach this part here, to this front stage part".

She says . . . and this nearly made me weep tears of joy:

"Let's use duct tape!"

Like I said, I could have cried on the spot.

Monday, January 12, 2009

CFSBR3--Deadlifts week 2

Hard Day.

AM-Second week Third rotation.



21-15-9 @ 145lbs

PM-Kettlebell wod at Cfit Plano

4 rounds
20 swings to goblet squat
100 meter lunge
20 kb snatch

26 minutes @ 16kg

Sunday, January 11, 2009

CFSBR3-Front Squats

An Okay day . . . not great.

Front Squats


110/130/150/170/190x2 (f)

But, Heavy Squats 15x155 (pr)

Then a short hard metcon . . . so I picked that mainpage pullup monstrosity from a couple days ago. What a cluster fark that turned out to be.

I knew that 10 rounds at pack just wasn't in the cards, so I did a mod:

5 rounds

1 weighted pullup @ 25lbs
3 dead hang pullups
5 kipping

I broke that more than I did my mother's heart . . . barely . . .


My pullups seem to have gone seriously downhill . . . not that they had ever gone all that far up hill . . . .

Friday, January 9, 2009

CFSBR3 Shoulder Press

Did shoulder press today (switched with the fs/hrep backsquats, that'll be tomorrow am)



10-7-4 @ 75

Then Bingo from the mainsite had posted this:

3 Power Clean 125# (working up to BW)
4 Burpees

This looked really good, because I figured that there was no reason I should have to break the sets (at that weight) so I did the same thing.

3 power cleans @125
4 Burpees


That said, and done, I need to work on my cleans . . . and this that and the other thing . . .

Thursday, January 8, 2009

CFSBR3--week one-heavy metcon

Wanted a short heavy metcon.

Davie sent me a list of them.

Did this: (and it took care of some of my left over handstand pushups . . . )

3 rft
7 hspu
7 thrusters @ 105 (used 95)
7 hpc @ 105 (used 95)

Now, why I decided to do an over head workout when I did like 30 make up hspu subs yesterday, I do not know. I am good at bestupiding myself . . .
Thrusters unbroken till the last round. Just like my character . . . .

Anyway: 7:30

Most of the time was spent getting/staying upside down. I would imagine this is a sub three for someone with that . . um, oh yeah strength thing.

This was a good one. You could do lots of varations. Like heavier. Maybe do pullups instead of hspus?

Great jobs to have!

If you already have them!!


I know business/employment writers need to write something, but some of these things are heeelarious:

Hopefully, in the 7 years before this recession, you: went to college, went to law school, and then whammo!! Yay!! Recession!!!

Again, another one: budget analysts: 6-9 years experience . . . Cool! That new chick over in marketing who didn't want to go out with you? She better know who's the man NOW!! The other thing is that "median" salary is weird . . . 55k ain't no chump change, but that's the MIDDLE value. It says nothing about salaries at the top, and nothing about the ones at the bottom. Do they spike up on the "mo money" scale? I mean, you could have 49 at 25k 49 at 56k and those two in the middle at 55 and whoohoo! Median! You're so important you'll never get a raise!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


[quote author="bingo" date="1231319891"]So wait...if I show up in Ramona you'll feed me?[/quote]

I still think they gypped Metric by not making him eat before his workouts . . .

Anyway . . .


3x3 Deadlifts


20x145lb deads


Lot of skill work

5x100 meter dash @ 70% effort

5x5 box jumps 20"/24"/24" + one 20k bumper/24"+2 bumpers/24"+3 bumpers

Then a guy at the gym wanted to do 30 muscleups for time, so I joined in.

He did 30 muscle ups.

I did muscleups in singles (about 3-4 when it was getting to long between them and I was missing too many) until I had to go to jumping . . . which then basically turned into jumping ring dips . . . then jumping struggle ups . . . 7 something . . .

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Murph Suffer on Saturday

Crossfit Plano, Suffer on Saturday


Chose to do the half

800 meter run
50 pullups
100 pushups
150 squats
800 meter run

23-24 something . . . forgot to write it down . . .

Will attend to shoulder press later . . . that should be fun . . .

And something going on . . . check out last half murph . . . that's like a five minute difference, and it's not in the good direction.

Ugh. Note to self . . . no cheese fries the night before. Ugh. I'm a fat bar steward.

Friday, January 2, 2009

CFSB Week 6 rotation 2 Front Squats

Front Squats 5x3

Back Squats 12x155(pr)

Power Clean 145(pr) . . . needed to pick it up and it was on the floor . . so figured I'd try it . . . it popped right up.

Met Con

1/2 Angie 12:19

Pullups are the bane of my existence. And compared to last time, this was a 2 minute plus bust. Ugh.