Thursday, January 29, 2009


Snatch @135 30 reps

Went with 65lbs because we were doing full ohs (troy prefers the full, so no power snatch which would have been faster)

Lots of practice.


Blew quite a few reps so there were lots of do-overs. I probably picked the weight up 40-45 times.

Biggest issue was realizing how little attention I've paid to OHS of late and how that was a lot of the problem.

I wonder if there's a way to integrate some of the minor? lifts into the cfsb program. They're not minor, but thrusters, ohs, etc. JDG does it, so I wonder . . .


CrossFitCS said...

i was thinking the same thing a couple of weeks ago because i hadnt done any OHS, snatches etc for a long time

been adding them into my metcons

have you got your mojo back now dude?

TexasPatrick said...

The Mojo . . . she is back. Yeah and I used to be kind of proud of my OHS form, I have a single at like 120lbs, and I think I nearly had 130lbs, but remember that when I was doing it, folks were walking around me and I lost focus because I worried about them if I dropped it. But I also noticed that JDG does OHS as part of his CFSB.

TexasPatrick said...

Wait! That was a triple at 120!!

And yesterday I was HATING my ohs with 65!!!

Renee said...

cfsb? i'm still a little slow on getting all the acronyms. i JUST figured out gomad the other day

TexasPatrick said...

CFSB-Crossfit Starbucks . . .

Actually a program GD is working on and I get to be a guinea pig.

stands for crossfit strength bias.

Renee said...

ah, what you were talking about on my post, eh? word