Thursday, January 8, 2009

CFSBR3--week one-heavy metcon

Wanted a short heavy metcon.

Davie sent me a list of them.

Did this: (and it took care of some of my left over handstand pushups . . . )

3 rft
7 hspu
7 thrusters @ 105 (used 95)
7 hpc @ 105 (used 95)

Now, why I decided to do an over head workout when I did like 30 make up hspu subs yesterday, I do not know. I am good at bestupiding myself . . .
Thrusters unbroken till the last round. Just like my character . . . .

Anyway: 7:30

Most of the time was spent getting/staying upside down. I would imagine this is a sub three for someone with that . . um, oh yeah strength thing.

This was a good one. You could do lots of varations. Like heavier. Maybe do pullups instead of hspus?

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