Thursday, January 8, 2009

Great jobs to have!

If you already have them!!


I know business/employment writers need to write something, but some of these things are heeelarious:

Hopefully, in the 7 years before this recession, you: went to college, went to law school, and then whammo!! Yay!! Recession!!!

Again, another one: budget analysts: 6-9 years experience . . . Cool! That new chick over in marketing who didn't want to go out with you? She better know who's the man NOW!! The other thing is that "median" salary is weird . . . 55k ain't no chump change, but that's the MIDDLE value. It says nothing about salaries at the top, and nothing about the ones at the bottom. Do they spike up on the "mo money" scale? I mean, you could have 49 at 25k 49 at 56k and those two in the middle at 55 and whoohoo! Median! You're so important you'll never get a raise!!

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