Monday, January 19, 2009

Crap Parenting: the Puppet Show AND Spinal Tap version

Building a puppet theatre using a cardboard box for the daughter. I say: "we need to attach this part here, to this front stage part".

She says . . . and this nearly made me weep tears of joy:

"Let's use duct tape!"

Like I said, I could have cried on the spot.


metric said...

I knew some parents must be raising their children right!

Renee said...

bahaha. touching, TP. truly. :)

-peachy, brandx

TexasPatrick said...

Yes, what with teaching her to love video games and passing on my love of the duct tape, I think my work as a dad here is done!

Rock Bottom Bruce said...

hey now.... don't forget the blood sandwiches!! I mean as much as it pains me to give you props sometimes I just gotta...

oh, your squats suck... that was just to keep what little sanity I have left.