Friday, February 29, 2008

Thanks Kempie!!!

WOD was something Chris Kempie thought up. People have been arrested for much lesser evil thoughts . . .

Every five minutes you do a mini-WOD. Sprint through them so you get a rest.

1) 30 Burpees
2) 21-15-9 pushups/squats
3) 30 Burpees
4) 21-15-9 kb swings/situps (I used a 35lb dumbell, because I ROCK THE POOD!!!)
5) 30 Burpees.

The splits were:

1) 0-2:30
2) 5:00-8:17
3) 10:00 - 13:14
4) 15:00-18:58
5) 20:00-24:14

I love how the burpees go from 2:30 for 30 to 4:14 for 30 . . . . nice. Complete degredation of the burpee ability . . .

Zones of Influence . . . Day 6

Breakfast: smoothie, all proportioned out just right.
Snack: slice of turkey, tangerine, nuts.

This morning went really well for some reason. We'll see how it goes after the fun fun fun kempie workout I'm planning at lunch.


Lunch: 5 0z turkey, 1 cup grapes, 1 apple, 1 tangerine, cashews.

Dinner: Dinner at a restaurant: one grilled chicken breast, green salad, broccoli, green beans, 1/2 a croissant, and some salad dressing (it was lite, which I realized later may have meant had more carbs in it, so I went light with it). I am hoping the croissant, also being a carb filler (the broccoli, salad, and green beans though great, probably weren't enough to make 5 carbs, so I guessed on what 1/2 slice of bread would be, and hopefully there was enough fat in there to make it)

Snack: just in case I was off before: 4oz wine, 1 oz turkey, 3 cashews.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Smoothie operator or the breakfast blender blunder. . . Zone day 5

Breakfast blender blunder: Smoothie, but ran out of strawberries, and only had 1.5 cups. So I added another 1/2 cup of blueberries, not doing the math, forgetting that some of the carbs come from the milk, so I was 1 block over on carbs, so it was a 5/6/5 meal.

Then had "issues" putting my lunch together, but got it figured out.

One weird thing . . . mustard isn't listed in any of the zone references I have: to be specific prepared mustard (yellow/and or brown) doesn't show up in the Zone book I have or on the crossfit list of foods, nor could I find its block count. Is it free? Inquiring minds want to know.

Weigh in: 176

That bothers me a bit. Seems fast. We'll see how it come out in two weeks. I mean, I crossfit for three months, lose 15lbs. I crossfit for another 9 months, maintain at 180-185. I hit the zone for 5 days . . . . lose 4 lbs.

I suppose I'm of two minds: 1) it's too much, I need to back off and see where the diet needs adjusting. If you drop too fast you lose muscle and fat and I really want more of the former and less of the latter, i.e. a better ratio. or 2) Wooot!

Lunch: Ham sandwich, 5 oz ham, slice of bread, cashews, grapes and an orange to round it out.

Snack: 1/2 orange, ham slice, cashews

Dinner: Salad, topped with 5oz of ham and turkey, 1 cup of tomatoes, 2.5 tbls of salad dressing, 1 cup of grapes, 1 tangerine.

That was a five block dinner, so I don't know if I get a snack, that would put me at 18 blocks.

Today was tougher, I had some concentration issues, the "are you hungry and foggy/alert" issue with the zone diet. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dinner in the Restaurant Zone

Dinner: salmon, good sized piece, but not large, I'm guessing 6 or more oz. Salad, probably 3-4 cups, so about a block with the attendant slice of cucumber and slice of tomato, and two beers rounded out the 5 blocks of carbs. Fat was the salad dressing, very small ramekin, maybe two tablespoons, 1/2 or so was more capers and other diced veggies.

Not bad, fairly close. I'll call it a draw.

Bad, Bad, W-O-D

Actually, just quick:

Didn't want to go into the gym today, since the workout was hspu and L pullups. Not because it doesn't sound fun, it does. It's the fact the workout is all shoulders, all the time . . .

So I did a gym workout and should have done more.


Pushups/Squats : 3:26.

Interesting. I now know that's not enough. I'll do a 15 next time . . . from 55 of each to 120 of each . . . . Be more interesting. Then I'll try a 20 of each . . . 210 of each. That will take some gutting out . . .

Just sayin' is all . . . .

Maybe it's just me:

Now, assuming they got the translation right, I loved the bit about "No chief of ours had died of a natural death".

How's that workin' for you? I mean, if you're willing to die, and we're willing to kill you, doesn't the math work in our favor?

The recruiting posters, man, those must be a hoot! "You won't die of Cancer, Emphysema, or complications from Alzheimers! (however joining our organization often causes outbreaks of predator drone syndrome . . . )"

Zone Day 4

Weigh in: 176-177.

Need to watch this. If by the end of next week I'm losing more than 1lb a week, I'd better check and retool.

Breakfast: 5 block Smoothie.

Snack: moo stick, 1/2 orange, cashews.

Lunch, tuna salad, with a swap for mayo, 3 tbs mayo, 10 green olives chopped, 3 pickles, apple.

Note: very hungry about 3:00 so had the snack a bit early. Will have more than 3 hours till dinner. Likely need another snack.

Am also eating dinner at a restaurant. I've already looked at the menu, so I think I know what I'm going to have, salmon salad . . . whoohooo. I'll just have to ask about how much salmon goes on there . . . and one beer or so :-)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008



3 rft
800 meter run
50 back extentions
50 situps

Subbed supermans for the back xtn. (actually got on the back xtn device for the second set of supermans, since it was free.)

19:41 pr by 3:29. That is nice.

I was hoping for a sub 20, and got it. Funny how much having a goal and gutting it out can help things. I know, I know, mental mental. But still, it's nice to have a reminder.


Still sore, ran through a set of the rotator cuff exercises, and it felt good.

Did five palm facing pullups. We'll see what I feel like tomorrow. Will roll through the rotator cuff stuff once more before bed.

Chest strain still causing most of the stiffness problem, can't locate the arm issues.

May simply give the shoulder 6-8 weeks good rest, then slowly (oh yeah ha ha) ramp up the pullups/overhead work. I nearly had it licked and then I did an arm wrecker workout of 10 rounds of 10 pullups, 10 dips. Set me back to square one. (Note to self, huge pullup workouts are not good until you've conquered this . . . )

Tried pass throughs today, and they weren't passin' through . . . . the bicepital tendonitis still there. Now I know what it feels like and what the problem is and that had gone almost completely away, even when I was doing some pullups.

Crap Parenting: Follicle Follies

Dear daughter gets out of the car at school to day and to my horror I realize I hadn't brushed her hair . . . .

So there she goes in with her rat's nest.

I was thinking dang!! The wife will kill me!!

Then I thought: No, she won't see her till after school. Excuse generated: It got messy on the playground!!

Then I talk to wife on the way to work, as she's getting off her night nurse shift:

"Hey, I sent Julia to school with that chicken salad you made yesterday".

Wife: "I made that last week".

Me: "You mean I poisoned my daughter? I just sent her to school with chicken poison salad?"

Wife: "Don't worry, I'll take her lunch."

Me: "Oh thanks!!!"

Me two hours later when I realize she'll see that nasty hair . . . . uhhhhhggggg. I might as well have hung a sign on my girl: "My mom is the worst mom ever!!"

So, lemme 'splain. No, is too much, lemme sum up: Sent darling daughter to school with 1) ratty hair, 2) poison in her lunch box: "Poison isn't in the food! The food IS the poison!"

Good times, good times. Yep, I'm thinking "Dad of the year" is in the BAG!!!!

Zone Day 3

Refining my goals a bit:

1) One week in the zone.

2) Two weeks in the zone.

3) One month in the zone.

Breakfast: smoothie (2 cups milk, 2 cups frozen strawberries, 1/2 cup frozen blue berries, scoop of cashews, three tbls of protein powder.)

Snacks were 1 moo stick, 3 cashews, 1/2 apple

Lunch, tuna sandwich with pickles, apple

Dinner, 4 block meal so I can have a snack: 2 eggs, 1 oz cheese, 2 corn tortillas, 1/2 cup salsa, 1 oz ham, 1/2 apple.

Bedtime snack is going to be 1 oz cheese, 4 oz wine, 3 cashews.

The snack at 3:00 and the workout and then dinner right after kept me from being super hungry like last night. I was a little hungry going into the workout, but getting the dry heaves will curb the hunger . . .

Weigh in: 178lbs. Or 80.74 kg for those of you who read British . . . .

Monday, February 25, 2008

Zone day two

Weigh in: 179

Breakfast: 2 corn tortillas, 2 eggs, 2oz cheese, 1 oz ham, 1.5 apples. (Loved leaving half an apple for the wife. Very funny stuff: "Hey sugar, left you half an apple!" The best gifts are the unwanted kind!)

Snack 1: moo stick, 1/2 orange 3 cashews

Lunch: tuna sandwich, (5 oz tuna, 5 tsp light mayo, one slice bread), apple, half an orange.

Dinner: tuna sandwich, an orange, 3 dill pickles.

Snack will be the same cheese, wine, nuts, that I had last night.

Notes: gotta watch the timing in the afternoon, likely need a snack after lunch, and maybe a 4 block dinner and a snack at night. Came home and there was a lasagna on the stove. I can be indifferent when I'm not hungry, but man did that lasagna look good . . . .

Can't tell if I'm foggy or I am alert . . . like I would know. Or like anyone could tell the difference. :-)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

In da zone! Day one

I have started the zone diet as of today. I've finally mucked about with meals and stuff I will eat, and I want to catalog what happens. My motivation for doing this is simply to push my crossfitting further. If I can recover sooner, and have more energy, then so much the better.

am weigh-in: 179lbs

Breakfast 5 blocks:

zone scramble:
2 eggs, 2 oz cheese, 1 oz ham,
two corn tortillas, an apple, half cup grapes.

This was really pretty good. I think I may sub out a cup of tomatoes for the grapes, or figure out a salsa sub, but really very good.

Lunch 5 blocks:

Smoothie: 2 cups milk, 3 tbls protein powder, 2 cups frozen strawberries, 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, and scoop of cashews.

Snack: 1/2 cup grapes, 3 cashews, and a moo stick (string cheese).

Dinner same as breakfast, but with a cup of tomatoes as one block and one apple as the roundout carbs.

Snack 4 oz wine, moo stick, 3 cashews.

And the wine was goooooood. It was a present from the sister who has an in with the winery. If you like a good red wine, it's the Lolonis, 2005 Orpheus Petit Syrah,. I spilled some getting my awesome 4oz and in the dim light of the kitchen it looked dark as blood on the counter.

Shoulder 2/23, 2/24

On Friday 2/22, it was a rest day, and the only thing I did for the shoulders were some of the rehab exercises.

Saturday 2/23, woke up, right shoulder felt like a million bucks. A little bit of pain raising right arm from side to straight overhead, but generally felt good. The pain was moderate and not affecting anything I do.

Then I worked out, doing 100 pullups and 90 kb swings over the course of the workout. Came home did all the rehab exercises: face pulls, external rotations, and the ones from the chiro.

Also did a set of exercises to build the back of my deltoids.

Sunday 2/24:

Shoulder stiff, but bigger problem is that something in my chest on the right side (feels like a slight strain) is so sore that that problem interferes before any shoulder stuff comes into play. I really couldn't tell when I got up how bad the shoulder was.

Have run through rehab exercises once, the workout I did today, such as it was, and will work the rehab exercises again.

Have also rolled all over the foam roller back and forth, till I feel like pastry. Hopefully that will help a bit . . .

Mad Skillz Day

Was here with the kids, so I couldn't get out and do the "Eva" (5 rft of 800 meter run, 30 2 pood (70lb) kb swings, 30 pullups) workout . . . bwaahahahaha!! Oh, I'll do that one when someone makes me! Ha!

Anyway, really needed to follow up on the shoulder diary . . . and just some general stuff, so I did skill work.

Practiced "double unders", and came to the conclusion, that while operator error is the reason for most of the fact that I can't do the darn things, equipment plays no small part. I had better luck with a piece of plain old nylon rope (soft, not that scratchy stuff, but 1/2 inch diameter?) than I did with two store bought ones.

Managed to get 10 or so on the "single single double" pattern. I'll try for 30, and when I get that, I'll see if I can get that down to 30 on the "single double" pattern. Then I think I'm there.

Then I did various sets of push ups:

10, feet on floor, hands on ball
10, feet on ball, hands on floor
10, feet on bench, hands on ball (really really hard)
10, hands on ball, one foot on floor.

Then went upside down (handstand against wall) for 3 minutes total (I think it was usually 20-30 seconds a pop).

Then finished up with 50 pushups for time, feet on bench, 3:50 ish. (I know I was sub four, but erased the time. Doh.)

Saturday, February 23, 2008


I don't know where I was in the workout, other than in one of the pullup phases, but man even I think I've got the kip out about as far as I possibly could.

I can see that even my legs are well behind me. We can only hope I managed to get my chin over the bar. ;-)

Suffer on Saturday-ay-ay-ay!!!

50 pullups
10 kb swings (24kg)
40 pullups
20 kb swings
30 pullups
30 kb swings
20 pullups
40 kb swings
10 pullups
50 kb swings

Did pack scale, 50/10/30/30/20/50.

(This is what I did, I think the 10 swings was supposed to be 20, but that's how wod was written on the white board. Or I may have been dumb. At least I fessed up. I hate when I have counting issues.)

Used a 20kg kb. Nice.


That was a long 22 minutes, and while I should have done more swings, I was doing sets of 10, so that wouldn't have bumped my time up a lot. I'd like to think anyway. ;-)

Highlights: fifty pullups, no bands, 10 first set, 5's then on. Even with the kb swings knowing how to kip makes all the difference in the later rounds as far as getting your head over the bar. I think you can get fooled by the supreme masters of kip, into thinking that it's a subtle movement. I think at the earlier levels, exaggerating the hip pop is crucial. It is for me. I mean, Troy even said as I was getting tired, "the hip pop will carry you further up than your arms". I agree completely, at least for me, the kips need to be very aggressive: as mean and nasty as you can flex your middle and then kick down again. I think things like ktes and box jumps are probably very very helpful to this motion.

Didn't use a band for pullups, and did most of them correctly . . . though Little Chris did rightly and righteously call me out on a crap pullup. I should just start throwing away the last one of any broken set.

And finally used 20k kettlebell. Good stuff that. Wanted to barf.

Lowlights: skeeved out on doing the porch or rx. That was about 50% more work, and since I do want to limit (to some extent) the damage on the shoulder, that seemed sort of prudent. Also, now my chest aches on the right side, under the pec. Hope that goes away. Yay. Old guy injuries.

And a shout out to Phil for knocking this thing out in like 23 minutes.

And a shout out to Bruce for failing to "man up" by showing up. Hmm. :-)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Shoulder Rehab part whatever . . .

So finished the first three ART (Active Release Technique) sessions for the shoulder. The range of motion is fine, and everything works fine.

Two main problems though: bicipital tendonitis, and likely an impingement too.

I'll keep a diary to see what seems to work and what doesn't. Thing is, I did a ton of rotator cuff things and they didn't get rid of the impingement, but the bicipital tendonitis did nearly go away last time.

So some pressure must have been off it.

I'll pay more attention to scapular issues, including a regimen of face pulls as well as some pushup work, i.e. the "unstable" pushup like rings, on an exercise ball, etc.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Crap parenting: not my fault

Daughter: "The words that make up underpants aren't that funny by themselves: under . . . pants."

Me: "You are so right baby girl. You keep throwin' them sweet sweet combos."

Daughter: "huh?"

Me: "Never mind . . . "

Diet AND Exercise

I've made pretty good gains (at least I think so) doing Crossfit. I've gone down in weight from 200-205lbs to 180 or so.

And while I don't think I've plateaued, I do firmly believe that you need both diet and exercise to make the maximum gains.

Therefore I'm going to start incorporating a zone diet approach the same way I did crossfit: one little thing at a time.

I think a lot of diets fail because it's the equivalent of going "cold turkey". One day it's pizza and the next day it's bean sprouts and you try and gut it out. Well, that doesn't work. I found that I could handle small changes without feeling deprived, and that's the trick. For instance, I checked to see if I could go without cokes in fast food places, and sure enough, ice tea or water worked fine. Of course there's the matter of the burger and fries, but we'll deal with that. ;-)

Coach Troy has sent me some diet jumpstarts and I'll get on those.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jackie Blue


1000 meter row
50 thrusters @ 45lbs
30 pullups


I had looked at the exercises early in the day and kind of gauged I could hit 10 minutes. So I'm very happy I hit as close as I did.

Troy gave us some instruction on proper rowing technique. I'm sure he's done it before, I'm almost equally sure I either missed it or wasn't paying attention. ;-)

It really helped the rowing part. Of course, the whole thing sucked . . . but whattya gonna do?

And why for the love of god do I think afterward "geez, should pushed harder". :-) I'm about to puke after and 30 minutes later I'm thinking "hmm, could pushed harder."

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Annie are you allright?



doubleunders (subbed tuck jumps)


Didn't try and do doubleunders, will work on those as an at home warmup/skill practice, if I feel like avoiding a running warmup.

I gotta get faster on sit ups, etc. I just don't know how, other than start working on the situp progressions and working those into warmups.

Been on 'oliday Ginger?



75lb power snatch 75 reps for time

Pack scale

55lbs power snatch 50 reps


I don't know what the "goal" time of this is, i.e., what someone who can really rock, though I'll suggest that Kempie's 8:50 as Rx'd is probably close. The amazing Colsons rocked the weight up to 95, and did it in like 11-12 minutes. But they're strong as hell, so I don't know that helps me. ;-)

I don't think an extra 25 would have done me in. Alternately, I thought about doing more like 65lbs but 50 reps, but that wasn't an option in the scaling. It's a really fun WOD, as sad as the reason for it is. No one wants a hero workout, but we all want heroes. Well, non cynical bastards want them anyway.

I don't like to think I'm sandbagging, but I could have rocked this a little faster. Sometimes on a new workout I don't like to go all out because I don't know where I'm gonna die. So I think by not taking some of my dopey rest breaks, I could rock this one up to a minute faster. I thought I was pacing. I was stalling. There is a difference. ;-)

Alternately I should just bump up the weight. That'll teach me.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Holy Muscle Up Batman!

Man, 30 muscle ups for time. Whatta deal.

Can't do this in the work gym, can't get to my homies in at the crossfit gym. Must buy new straps, and do this at home on the homemade rings. Woooot!!! (Old straps holding old car bumper to car . . . they are fixing now. Yay me! And besides, they are teh cheap!!)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Because nothing says "I love you"

Like Scientist Valentines!!!!

I'm sorry, these be crackin' my slightly scientifically literate arse up. Or maybe it's that crossfit makes me hypoxic . . .

I'm trying to think of others, such as:

Louis Pasteur: I couldn't get past ur ize . . . no, that sucks. It's like an LOL scientist.

How about, Roentgen: "it's what's inside that counts" --nah, too obscure.

I give . . . those others are genius!!

If you don't want to drive your co-workers to lunch

Just explain that you had to drive your nudist friends around all weekend . . . but it's okay. You have leather seats so they can just brush any of the flakey stuff off . . .

Yeah, I did say that . . . just to see what would happen. Hilarity ensued . . .

Oh Geek Oh GEEEEEEK!!!

Man, you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone. The new Tax Codes are in . . . and this year the office sprung for new ones. Whoo hooo!!!

It's sad, but this is the tool of the trade and getting new tools is always nice.

And for some reason, the book is still one of the fastest easiest ways to look things up that you're in need of a knowin'.

Granted, when I need to look up cases involving a statute, a regulation, or certain fact patterns, absolutely computer research is the way to go. But for simple perusing, the book has advantages over the computer, at least with the code. Flipping back and forth is faster, note taking is easier, and simply seeing what's before and after can be helpful.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Kettlebell Class

I really like kettlebells before and AFTER the workout. During it, they're just a pain in the arse. ;-)

Crossfit Plano, TX
Kettlebell Class

1000 meter row
2 rope climbs
20 swings (rh) 16kg
20 goblet squats
20 swings (lh)
20 goblet squats
20 swings two hands
20 box jumps
2 rope climbs
1000 meter row


There is a lot of room for improvement on this one. I think I could get this in 15 in a couple tries. For some reason, I just don't seem to have a lot of juice lately.

You're gonna need a bigger boat . . .

Oh man, the best double take in a Spielberg movie . . . bye bye Roy.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Crap Parenting: First Blood

Dear Daughter (5 yo), eating a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich: "I'm going to trick my friends tomorrow! I'm going to say I've got a blood sandwich!"
Me, stifling the tremendous urge to cry buckets of tears of pride: "What kind of blood?"
DD: "Sheep"
Me, nearly faint with pride at this point: "Why not say 'mmm, I can't tell if this is sheep's blood and peanut butter or horse's blood and peanut butter'?"
DD: "I know!! I'll say it's every kind of blood! Even frog's blood!!"
Me: "Yes, that will be fun."

I sure hope this is the best story all year from her Kindergarten class.

Ungrateful deads . . .



Last attempt was 12/31/07, 5x5x155. So new 5x5xlbs max.

This is odd, since last "increase" progression was 5x up to 231. I seem to 1) increasing strength fairly rapidly, now that I'm, oh, working on it, or 2) I just needed to get some form issues out of the way, in order to work up to decent weights.

My goal for 2008 is a 275lb dead lift. I'm at 5 x 231. I know that has to translate to something, like oh, I don't know, a 250-260 one rep dl, but I don't know. I mean, if I can do 5 at that weight, I should be able to do one at 20-30lbs higher.

estoy embarazado . . .

Actually, that's a joke . . .

It's a false cognate. In Spanish, I just said I'm pregnant. So, yeah, I guess I would be embarrassed in English, for a LOT of reasons.

Actually, however, estoy averguenza, which is closer to the fact. Ran into some friends of mine at a Mexican restaurant (where it seems all the wait staff is Guatemalan, go figure.) And my Spanish ability has degraded from it's previously craptastic heights. I could understand most of what they said, if they weren't going too fast, but my ability to reply, boy. Sad. Sad. Sad. Time to get to work.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

But then . . .

Surveying the damage . . .

Not so bad . . .

Oh what foolishness

"Mason's last stand" --- Or Mason is a Pussy--since he didn't show up!! Monkey!!

Buy in:

21-15- and 9 reps
95 pound Thruster (I used 65).

Thus ends the puppy scale (with appropriately scaled weights).

Directly followed by the this chipper for time:

'Run' 400m ---Bwahaha. Yeah. Although, Running after Fran is like a rest.
50 Supermans (actually got the lone back extension machine).
50 Wall Ball Shots - 20lb (16)
10 Muscle Ups (35 pull ups and dips) (10 jumping muscle ups).
30 Double Unders (300 rope skips or 30 Deep Squat Jumps) (300 skips)
50 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls - 65lb I hate these. But I'm going to do them until I get 'em right.
20 Pistols --Did these holding a pole at the bottom for balance.
20 Handstand Push Ups (Dumbell Press) (35lb dumbell press, i know, i know).
Run 400m

Thus ends pack scaling and where I stopped. If you were a big dog or stupid you then did:

L Sit 30 seconds (Hanging Knee Raise)
50 Suitcase Deadlifts - 144#
Bear Crawl 100m (Burpees)
3 Rope Climbs (45 Pull Ups)
400m Farmer's Carry - 144#
500m Row

Rest 3 minutes and then

Buy Out:
3 minutes of Static Hang from Bar

45:12 for pack effort. Very sucky compared to other days. My legs were very heavy feeling, still burnt from the three days of Elizabeth, push press (and sdhp), and Angie yesterday. yay. Still, I keep floating in near last . . . .

Friday, February 8, 2008

Man, I hate $12 Hamburgers . . .

Because they're not 3x as good as a Wendy's hamburger. But everyone was going to lunch and it seemed like the thing to do and I had a recommendation that the burger was good, but meh.

I also hate dumb crap with fries. Shoestrings. Loved by chefs . . . not served to anyone who cares what they spend their money on. Really. With a shoestring fry, it's nothing but the crisp part. There's no middle to the fry. Bad, really. It would be like eating just the outside of a steak.

Anyway. Rant off!

Hear the one about the leper hockey team?

Yeah, evidently there was a face off in the corner . . .

Thursday, February 7, 2008

When are 100 burpees for time really enjoyable?

When you don't have to do them . . . better info to follow . . .

*Coach Troy promised to email Bruce some info on the zone diet. And if he didn't, within the week, he'd do 100 burpees.

Troy wasnt' clear about what "within the week" meant. I caught up to Bruce one day walking into the gym and said "Don't tell Troy until it's too late . . . I'm thinking if we give him both 5 business days and 7 calendar days, he's screwed". Bruce just looks at me says "I was thinking the same thing."

All I really wanted was the zone info . . . BWAHAHAHAHAAA!! oh man, I couldn't even say that with a straight face. I wanted those burpees.



100 jumping pullups (yeah, yeah, I know, the gym at work doesn't have a real pull up bar and I have to rig up the lat bar: 4:12)
100 pushups 9:48
100 situps 7:19
100 squats 4:41

One of my goals this year was a full Angie. Now I"m thiiiis close. But doing full pullups will put a hit on my time, big time. So next goal is full Angie, under 40. I think this was a great time, in that the pushups were only a bit over a minute longer than my best 100 pushup pr.

And this week was a leg thrasher, with Elizabeth on Tues and the full squat cleans and I had done cleans on Sunday. Yay.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Push Press

the expected was 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 but I had to do it in the work gym.

So it went

3 x 25(dumbbells, all)
3 x 30
3 x 35
3 x 40
3 x 45
3 x 50
f x 60

There was no way I wanted to do 3 x 60, but that was the setup on the dumbells. It's kinda dumb, but it's what we got at the gym.

And because that didn't seem like enough, I did some SDHPs. Kempie said something funny about how they don't bother him, because he spent a year without a rower so that was his sub. And Jeff Martin mentioned how he uses his warmup time to get better at something he'd like to get better at.

So since I hate those things, I thought the least I could do is start hitting them every now and again. Gotta remember 75lbs is the Fight Gone Bad weight. ;-) iffn' I want to ever be a big dog.

Here's to Bruce! that is . . . .

You have become the second best referrer in the village! I now have three readers! Ha! (Can I count myself?)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Um, define "inappropriate" . . .

If you mean for certain values of wife="oh heeeeeellllll nooooooo!!!" Then I kinda see your point. But if you mean, just amongst us fellas, um, yeah I think I'd try most of these things . . .

Elizabeth . . . she is the pain . . .

Elizabeth, such a beautiful name, such a difficult woman . . .

Brand X scaling (of course)

21-15-9 dumbbell cleans (35lbs) bar dips 11:55

One year ago-ish, my first recorded cfit workout: Elizabeth:
15-12-9 cleans @ 70lbs
ring dips 10:30

So there is progress . . . I do more and it takes longer . . . yowza I'm still sweating . . . .

I'm not sure, but dumbbell cleans seem much more difficult than barbell cleans of the same or similar weight . . . . I'm also betting dollars to doughnuts that the cleans were power cleans last time, rather than full squat cleans. Still, Elizabeth, we have a difficult relationship . . . .


Just trying to settle in with wifey's new schedule, and still get in a workout at the gym. Shoulda coulda woulda gone this morning. Doh.

They've got Elizabeth on tap. She's one mean girl. I think what I'll do, is workout at the gym here in the building and do regular dips. It'll be a faster workout, since the ring dip, she is pain. And I'll have to sub dumbell cleans, but while a different workout, the subs work well enough to get in some metabolic grief.

Sunday, February 3, 2008



30 clean and jerks, old skool (i.e. power clean)


Good effort. My goal is to keep this one under 5 minutes, though my previous effort (11/17/07, 5:33 @ 60lbs) may have been full cleans. I'll alternate if I can remember, or if I do them at the gym where they'll be full cleans, probably.

If Jeff Martin says both old school and current are worth doing, then I'll just go with his advice.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Up on the rooooof!!

With my apologies to the Drifters . . .

Yeah, this is how Middleclass Man(tm) spends his rock 'n roll weekend . . . doin' taxes and nailin' down errant shingles . . . ah, yeah baby, livin' the dream.

Oh my lord . . .

Dude ate it!!! With pictures. Look . . . if you dare . . . . it's a cheeseburger . . . . what not be from paradise . . . .