Friday, November 27, 2009


500 meter row

1:39.6. I think I've got more in me. First 100 meters was kinda slow, last was pretty quick. Didn't fall off dying saw I was pulling good and just went for it.

Beats the old mark by like 8 seconds.

Nothing like doing this fresh.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Front Squat/ injury repair.

Front Squat



Strange thing. Dropped the first 187.5. Just lost my mind somehow. Got a little pissed off.

Put it back on the rack and then went ahead and tried it again and got it. Since I’ve failed at 3x190 for about the past year . . . hahaha I’ll take this.


Got two then felt a twinge in the hamstring I wasn’t particularly kind to on Saturday. Decided better part of valor and all that . . .

So did some Rip therapy. 3x25 squats with 35lb bar. That in and of itself is a crazy puffy quad ouchy butt workout. Nice for working form though . .

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sprinting!! It sucks!

Angie wanted to go sprinting . . . yeah, I think that qualifies as insane.

So I was thinking 4x800 but that seemed a bit much so toned it down to:


I also made a strategic mistake, in that I tried to do this cold. I knew I should have warmed up, but wanted to see what happened if I just 3-2-1 and went. Nothing good.

It felt so crappy on the 400 that I gave it up.

Anyway, actual rack runs:

800: 2:52
400: 1:15

Just awful from the get go.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Thanks Jay and Amy! This sucked!

Kinda got lured into this. And it wasn't pleasant.


OHS @115
Renegade rows @30

so dropped the ohs to 95 and because all I have are two 35lb dbs, used those.


I know how to pull under 8 . . . nunca nunca nunca

Power snatched the weight overhead and was spending too long getting set up.

Plus, 18 straight OHS @ 95. Pretty proud of that since I don't work these very much.

The rest, however, were broken, broken hard . . . including my favorite fail, the soft shoulder stand, Bar overhead, squat down, get half way up and THEN the shoulders kinda go naaaah, and down it comes.

This would be a great wod for deadlift day.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Successes and failures . . . successes and failures . . .


Ugh. suckitysuckiness . . .


235/255/275(f 2)

15x200 at least that was okay

cash out one set 20 kte . . . okay number 20 was like kt somewhere in the vicinity of the elbow but no one would know what I meant by 19 kte and 1 ktsitvote

did tie the high rep pr so if I have a little sack next week should get the 18 and at 18 it's just stupid not to finish the 20 . . .

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Squats, snatch,

3x5 squats

170/190/210 Looks like this was a pr tie from June.

But, this was also to the new and improved squat depth. Then again, I think last week I thought it was a PR tie. Know for a fact I haven't done 3x5 at 215 so let's see how that party goes next week . . .

Then AMRAP 10

12 power snatch
10 pushups

5 rounds, 12 snatch.

Interesting. I'm usually pretty good at knowing where a wod is going to hit me. Here I thought it was going to be shoulders and grip. Turns out, it's all in the hip . . . a triplet

Pushups unbroken. I can put more in this one.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Shoulder Press


All went well.


15-12-9 @ 82.5

broke the 12 set 11-1, the 9 set 8-1. Kind of a bust.

Prolly have 'nother go at that next week. Maybe alternate high rep multiple sets and high rep, say 15+ . . . Hmm. Don't know.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Front squat/HRBS

Bad day in downtown frontsquatville . .

Okay so 3x3

And because I am a math tard . .

160/175/187.5 f (1)

HRBS 9x180 (Since I was having pu**y reracks, I dropped the weight a bit to get a "win") I had bumped up 10lbs instead of my usual 5 on this anyway . . . )

12x next week . . .

The in the PM the fun began . . . .

10x200m Hill Sprints . . (measured off 200 meters roughly)

All out effort.

Rest 5x the amount of time it takes to do the sprint. i.e, if you finish in 40 seconds, you rest 3:20.

39 (yay! a lot of rest!)
35.9 (resting more lets you recover and run faster, which reduces your rest on the next round . . . clearly I haven't thought this through . . .)
35.2 (where'd this come from?)

My backside has never hurt so much from running other than the "hill" at Aromas . . .

Friday, November 13, 2009

Were cleans and lunges the best idea day before front squats?

5 rft

3 cleans @ 50% 1rm, 165 so 85lbs
10 oh lunges with 45lb plate . . .


Good, but an amrap with 200 meter sprint, amrap 10/15 and a higher say 75% of 1 rm, then we'd have us a clambake. Or a group puke . . . one or the other . . .

Thursday, November 12, 2009




230/250/270 (pr)

12x200 (since I had like three weeks of broken sets going to 18, I did a reset to see how that felt and will move up next week).

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Squats and Runs . . . hahahahaha

AM Squat Day



Not too bad really, considering how thrashed my legs felt from 50 minutes of pointless running on Sunday. Back was bothering me more than anything, but that wasn’t enough to stop.

PM Wod

5x800. The goal was to go only hard enough that you didn’t vary more than 5 sec from your fastest time. A test of pacing and intensity. Rest 90 seconds in between rounds.

These are my neighborhood 800s, I’m not sure of the accuracy, I hope they are long . . . but I doubt it . .

1) 3:15
2) 3:18 . . . okay, looking good
3) 3:20 good goin good
4) 3:26 . . . uh, this ain’t right . .
5) 3:42 . . . and the wheels fall off. Right at the turn around I got the worst side stitch I’ve gotten in a while . . . and carried it 400 meters back home. That sucked.

Lessons: should have slowed down the first one, and not sucked. However, I am taught the “don’t suck” lesson every wod. I never learn.

AM squats



Pretty good. Hard but not debilitating. Ties a PR from Aug. 17 so that's nice.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

10k and Shoulder Press

Ran a 10k

Time was 50:27

I forgot to turn the timer off right off so I think there's at least 30 seconds extra, probably more, but good enough for motivation:

8:20 pace. No. Wrong. Fail. Ugh.

Shoulder Press

3x5 @ 97.5

Skipped the high rep this week out of time constraints.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Front squat back squat failure day!!!

Wow, the mediocrity continues apace . . .



150/170/ and my nemesis: 190f (1)

I think the most I’ve gotten with 190 is 2, but I’ll have to check . . .

Then, as if that wasn’t sad enough . . .

the attempt was going to be 185x15 . . . about a month ago I got 12x185. Since then . . .

Well 5/5/5

I’m kind of at a loss. I’m thinking I went from 175x20 to 185 and maybe that wasn’t the best idea. I dunno. I know that missing a high rep set 3 weeks in a row is depressing.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Got the runs . . .

Took this from the CF Endo website:

All out:

5 minutes running (so all out, knowing you gotta go for 5 minutes)
2:30 off (ipod doesn't do halves so 2, then started at 1 min)
6 min running
3 minutes rest
7 minutes running.

Total distance was 5.4k, on 18 minutes of running, 5:30 of walking plus whatever it took from the stopping point (about 2 blocks from the house) to get home.

I felt like I was hoofin' it but hard to tell.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Deadlifts/pm swings jumps pushups

AM Deadlifts

Again, an interesting day . . as in, "um, that was interesting"

Ran through a warmup, and then some warm up sets then


225/245/265 (pr tie)

Then, as is the case for the last three weeks, the wheels fell off.

Started the 200x18 set and the back was just weird. Tight, and sore. In fact, when I got out of bed it was sore in ways I hadn't had in a while . When I got on the rower to warm up, it stayed sore

When I got over the bar for the warm up sets I wondered if I was sore but could warm up or sore and it would stick with me.

I got through the small sets, but on the high rep it started bugging me more, leading me to believe that muscling through might be possible, but that the fatigue at the end wouldn't be a good thing if I couldn't hold the back correctly.

So I bagged it. Will hit something later tonight.

PM Wod


10 Swings (24kg)
10 pushups
10 box jump (24")

6 and 6 swings,

Unbroken pushups until round 5.

Fairly happy with that.

There's some more room to push. I think this is an 8 rounder for me at speed . . .

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Misc/catch up


I am an idiot squats



thing was . . . shoulda been 3x5 . . . that’s what I get for not reading the previous weeks log at night and reading it at 5 am . .


25 minute medium tempo run


Shoulder press

3x 4x 97.5

Then 15-12-9 @ 82.5

I used to wonder what they meant by the press not being legal if there was ankle bend. Knee bend I understood . . but ankle bend? Until today on the last rep of all I was on my toes the whole way . . .

Next week is a do over on the 15-12-9 . .


Kinda weak sauce day


3x3 (I’d say I do 5x3’s, but with w/u it turns into that anyway)


I think that I stalled out on this at 190, I cant find that I ever completed 3x190 so we’ll see. I may search the pr thread . . .

Then HRBS which was supposed to be 15x185

10-5 . . . better than last week, but still . . .

Then a pull-up ladder 9->1