Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Squats and Runs . . . hahahahaha

AM Squat Day



Not too bad really, considering how thrashed my legs felt from 50 minutes of pointless running on Sunday. Back was bothering me more than anything, but that wasn’t enough to stop.

PM Wod

5x800. The goal was to go only hard enough that you didn’t vary more than 5 sec from your fastest time. A test of pacing and intensity. Rest 90 seconds in between rounds.

These are my neighborhood 800s, I’m not sure of the accuracy, I hope they are long . . . but I doubt it . .

1) 3:15
2) 3:18 . . . okay, looking good
3) 3:20 good goin good
4) 3:26 . . . uh, this ain’t right . .
5) 3:42 . . . and the wheels fall off. Right at the turn around I got the worst side stitch I’ve gotten in a while . . . and carried it 400 meters back home. That sucked.

Lessons: should have slowed down the first one, and not sucked. However, I am taught the “don’t suck” lesson every wod. I never learn.

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