Friday, November 20, 2009

Thanks Jay and Amy! This sucked!

Kinda got lured into this. And it wasn't pleasant.


OHS @115
Renegade rows @30

so dropped the ohs to 95 and because all I have are two 35lb dbs, used those.


I know how to pull under 8 . . . nunca nunca nunca

Power snatched the weight overhead and was spending too long getting set up.

Plus, 18 straight OHS @ 95. Pretty proud of that since I don't work these very much.

The rest, however, were broken, broken hard . . . including my favorite fail, the soft shoulder stand, Bar overhead, squat down, get half way up and THEN the shoulders kinda go naaaah, and down it comes.

This would be a great wod for deadlift day.

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