Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Deadlifts/pm swings jumps pushups

AM Deadlifts

Again, an interesting day . . as in, "um, that was interesting"

Ran through a warmup, and then some warm up sets then


225/245/265 (pr tie)

Then, as is the case for the last three weeks, the wheels fell off.

Started the 200x18 set and the back was just weird. Tight, and sore. In fact, when I got out of bed it was sore in ways I hadn't had in a while . When I got on the rower to warm up, it stayed sore

When I got over the bar for the warm up sets I wondered if I was sore but could warm up or sore and it would stick with me.

I got through the small sets, but on the high rep it started bugging me more, leading me to believe that muscling through might be possible, but that the fatigue at the end wouldn't be a good thing if I couldn't hold the back correctly.

So I bagged it. Will hit something later tonight.

PM Wod


10 Swings (24kg)
10 pushups
10 box jump (24")

6 and 6 swings,

Unbroken pushups until round 5.

Fairly happy with that.

There's some more room to push. I think this is an 8 rounder for me at speed . . .

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