Tuesday, December 30, 2008

CFSB week 6 rotation 2-Deads




Then at Cfit Plano:

7 clean and jerks @111
21 pullups
5 c&j @121
15 pullups
3 c&j @131
9 pullups

Increase c&j weight every round.


Interesting. Was wiped out. High points, front squat portion was strong.
Weak points. Pull ups, not fast enough. Should have been more like a Fran time. Much more. Jerk: weak. Need more overhead work. It was falling behind when it shouldn't have. Not getting under the bar fast enough, the lockout was starting to be a problem.

Monday, December 29, 2008

CFSB Week 6 Rotation 2--heavy squats

Back squat day week 6

w/u then

1x215 (pr) and called it quits. I felt strong, just don't like pushing near the top end due to my home setup . . . I think I have the 225 for sure and maybe a little more.

Good stuff.

15lbs over my goal weight on this for the year.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

CFSB Shoulder Press and Metcon Week 5 rotation 2

Shoulders and grip . . .

Shoulder Press


then 12-9-6 @70lbs

20 or so minutes later

10 minutes AMRAP

5 thrusters
7 hpc
10 sdhp all at 65lbs

6 rounds plus a couple odd thrusters . . . .

Have I mentioned lately how I hate sdhp, and how much more I hate them with a bar, and not a kettlebell?

This was odd. I got the first round and just wanted to give up. Everything I've touched this week has like extra gravity. So after the first set of thrusters and all, I set the bar down to shake out the arms and just looked at the bar for way too long. Got disgusted with myself and threw myself back into it. Happy with the 6 rounds. Don't think I would have kept that up for a whole 20 minutes, as the grip was going going gone by the time I was done. But I would have skanked out 3 more rounds probably. So now I have to get 7-8 rounds next time. ;-)

Friday, December 26, 2008

CFSB Week 5 Rotation 2, Front Squat/High rep back squat day

Not a great day, but done, at least

FS, after warmup


I got all 5 at 175 . . . just not in a row. My head wasn't in it, so I set it down at 3, then picked it back up for the last 2. It was very heavy from the get go today.

Back squats, same no game problem, got er done, but it was ugly, slow and gutless

20 reps @150lbs

Then 5rft
5 dl @ 155
10 burpees


Less weight and slower than at the games. Just not a good day. But it's done and I got something on the boards today.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas eve wod . . .

Did a little something Davy's friend Miles (Skinny) over at Crossfit West Sussex dreamed up:

10 rft
5 pullups
10 thrusters 45lb bar
15 kb swings. I think the big boys did 20-24k, I did 16kg (or about, 35lbs)

That was just wrong.


Lordy I'm a slug. I am not going anywhere near Eva until I get this sluggishness figured out. I had a little bit of setup trouble, the lawn is wet so i didn't want to bring the bar out back by the pullup bar, so I ran (uh, sort of) between the garage and the backyard. That counted for some time, but if anyone tries this, uh, it's like 3 rounds of "okay, not too bad, hard, but okay" three to four rounds of "good lord, will this end?" and 3 rounds of "ahh puuuuukie go away!! aggghhgg!!" Then cash out was laying on the ground for breath . . . amrap breaths in 30 seconds . . . . .

Davy and Miles did this under 20. Well under. With more weight. Ugh. Today, I'm the bug.

Thing is, I'm STILL feeling the after affects of the thruster fiasco from last week. My quads were burning from about the 3rd thruster and man was hip pop non existent. I just couldn't get aggressive on a lot of it. There were high points: pullups were unbroken, and I was trying and getting 2-3 ctb each round. Thrusters were unbroken and I didn't hit my chin repeatedly like I did on the 500.

Anyway, tomorrow is rest day and Christmas.

Merry Christmas to everyone!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

CFSB rotation 2-heavy Squats

After the thruster fiasco on Saturday, had to try and get back into it.

So, warmup for back squats

3x160 . . . not bad but a little hinky
Setup for 3x180 . . .
Get one but man was it ugly. Knees coming forward, back feeling sore.
Think maybe it’s my setup, so take a minute try again, no go. My hamstrings are still sore and tight and I can’t keep things together. So that was that.

Then figuring that I needed to get some actual movement in, did 3 rounds of cindy, more as an exercise in rom than for any training effect.

Completely lackluster effort. Tomorrow is another day.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Squats and Grace CFSB

Lordy, finally back.

Came down with some crud that just wiped me out for a week. Finally felt like my old self yesterday so gave it a day.

Heavy Squats, just to get back into it


All for good depth.

Then 20 minutes later, Grace, @105, power cleans, anyway overhead


I think I could pick up a lot more time, but wasn’t rushing it (like the one previously). And I’m still coughing up now a half hour later . . .

Ten pounds = two minutes . . . so a rx’d would be oh, what 6 more minutes? wink

Here’s the previous Graces

11/6/08, power cleans, 3:12
2/3/2008, power cleans, 75lbs, 3:59
11/17/2007, 60lbs @ 5:28
9/23/07, 65lbs, 11:09
6/27/07 at 67lbs 9:33

Friday, December 12, 2008

Practice Scaling

GD isn't up this morning and the natives are restless for their scaling.

here's the wod


box jumps 24" 50 reps
21 x 185lb deadlifts
30 pullups

(girls 155 deads)

I bet pack scales out at

35 box jumps
155 deads (girls 135)
35 pulls


25 box jumps
115 deads girls 95
25 jumping/assisted pullups


15 jumps
95/45 deads
15 jumping or assisted pullups

Update: GD's Scaling
Pushed the wrong button last night.

Big Dawgs
as Rx’d

Three rounds for time of:
20” Box jump, 50 reps
135 pound Deadlift, 21 reps
30 Pull-ups

Three rounds for time of:
15-20” Box jump, 25 reps
45-65 pound Deadlift, 15 reps
15 Pull-ups (Jumping or assisted okay)

Three rounds for time of:
12-15” Box jump, 25 reps
15-25 pound Deadlift, 15 reps
15 Pull-ups (Jumping or assisted okay)

So, Close on buttercups, puppies, not close on pack, and my weights were wrong. ;-) good exercise though.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

CFSB Front Squat, Week Four Rotation 2

Front squat

5x130, 5x150, 5x 170(pr)

Back Squat 150 x 15 (pr)

CFSB Shoulder Press

I did last week’s progression and it was worse


5x110 f (2) last week I got 4 so bagged that.

Then 5 rft

10 lunges 35lbs held goblet style
15 swings

5:38 and I thought I was flying . . . Dang Kempie . .

I’m always worried about cracking my knees so the last two inches takes forever as I glide into place . . .

Saturday, November 29, 2008

CFSB-Shoulder Press

Shoulder Press

5x110 (f-4 reps)

80lbs 15-12(broken 7-3-2)-9 (broken 6-2-1)

Worse than last week, somehow.

CFSB Week 4 Rotation 2

Forgot to get this up yesterday

Front Squat:

3x180 (pr) Actually had a skank rep so did it over, so the fact I got nearly 4 makes 5 seem doable.

Backsquat 12x150 (pr).

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

CFSB Week four-Rotation 2 Metcon only day

Fran @65lbs




Previous best 5:26 on 8/28 before the CFSB rotations.

Two notes of note: did this in the backyard, so no angle bars. That alone I know was worth a couple seconds. The second was that the thrusters were unbroken but for a character break in round two which ticked me off. I won't break this at this weight again.

Weight was not a problem. It's my cycle rate on my pullups.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Get to the gym and the wod is

1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Deadlifts. But I had done them earlier today. So I warmed up practicing muscleups . . .

I can now almost always get the first one. I was a bit wore out and the transition to the second wasn't happening. So I did 5-6 from the bottom full turned out to a muscleup.

Then I figured I'd do the DL wod to see where I was.

I figured I'd stop at 260

So I put on the kilograms


But in lbs =


So I get done with the 110kg, load up the 120 and little Chris says: Okay so that's 264. I'm on crack because I was thinking kgs are about double pounds . . . they are . . but remember the 0.2 kids! It adds up. But since the 110k went right up, stepped up to the bar for the 120, it went up so I went for the 130. PR. 286lbs. Still. I got there by being a math idiot.

CFSB week 4 rotation 2, AM Deadlifts

W/U then


All went well

21-15-9 @ 125lb

Crap Parenting: Now they comment . . .

Found this on the fridge, where they have one of those magnetic poem/word kits . .

I think they're on to me and my crossfitting . . .

Monday, November 24, 2008

CFSB Week 4 Rotation 2

Took last week off from CFSB, after a crappy day at the squats so back at it today:


5x190 (pr)

And it was a good day! The time off helped because that just went down and back up. Felt really good.

Then to the gym where I . . . got three consecutive muscle ups. A total of 4 for the warm up set, including the ugliest failure. I nearly chicken winged my own self. The only thing that saved me was that I realized what was happening and dropped ring that was going crazy (note to self . . keep arms in tight to chest . . . )

Then the wod at the kettlebell class:

3 rft
500 meter row
30 wallball subs (16kg)
20 press (one armed 12kg)
10 snatch (16kg)
2 tgu (16kg)

25:20 that really really sucked.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Best child ev-ah!!

Daughter: "What if we have the garlic bread momma bought, and a vampire came in the door who was friendly but was tricking us that he was mean then we invited him to eat and told him it was candy bread (but it was really garlic bread) so he got sick and went to the hospital"

When your 6 year old has her Vampire contingency plan (and knows where in that plan the Garlic Bread fits) you don't have to fear for the youth of America.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Man! THATS a GREAT idea!!


No, really. I mean, what's the deal?

"Okay guys, we need to protest against the U.S. Lets come up with some productive way to protest."

Guy One: "I got it!! We make this effigy of their president . . . and then, get this: we set it on fire!!"

Evidently, the AP decides what is newsworthy based on fire. "Well guys, I mean, you had an effigy, allright, but it, well, it didn't burn. It was just like "here I am, a semi-reasonable likeness of the duly elected leader of the U.S.A., and frankly and pardon the pun, but that just don't have no sizzle. Now, take those new kids, the whats their name? United front of hatetheyanksistan, yeah, those guys, I mean, the effigy burned AND it looked like a bloodsucking vampire type guy. Now, that's quality third world grievance making . . . "

Man! THATS a GREAT idea!!

Two down!!

9 to go . . .

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that of the 11 "herbs and spices" in Kentucky fried chicken, Salt and Pepper are in the lot . . .

I'm on to your schemes KFC . . . oh yes, this riddle will not last much longer . . . (besides, what the hell did some guy in the 1930s Kentucky have at his disposal? I'm pretty sure spanish smoked paprika and saffron weren't on the shelves at the Piggly Wiggly . . . )

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

tabata something else

Went into the affiliate today, and there on the board: Tabata Something Else . . . I was hoping for something hard . . . be careful what you wish for

Score for the rounds:

Pullups: 46

Pushups: 64

Situps: 83

Squats: 131

Total: 324

Previous score, 6/2007 was 306 . . . with jumping pullups, 247 without.

Not bad. Didn’t realize it was a PR till now though . . . and I beat my nemesis! (Actually he’s a really nice guy but he ALWAYS beats me by just a bit! AGGG!!)

And I think I have the only hamstring pull that I only feel when I kip . . . . it's the strangest thing. If I kip, on the opening of the hips, I feel it. I don't feel it with the squats, nothing else. In fact, the only reason I worked out today was that I didn't feel it all day long. But I'm going to lay off it for a bit.

Also did muscle up practice, but after all the pullups, just didn't have that top end strength to get it done.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You know . . .

One of the things I like to do when I get up in the morning is make coffee.

But, before you make the coffee, make sure that like two or three years before you put one of those masks in the freezer, you know, the kind that soothe your head?

Yeah, make sure you freeze it for a long time, so it's nice and brittle.

Then, you leave it hanging so that it kind of catches when you open the freezer door.

So after you've had it frozen a couple of years, and is hanging in the door of the freezer open the freezer and reach for something, snagging your hand on the mask, and yanking it out so it lands on the floor and cracks open.

Now, if you've planned properly, you got one of the good ones, the ones filled with little beads. One billion, approximately . . .

Then, make sure that when you pick up the mask, taking care not to spill all the beads that you do in fact, spill all the beads. That part is crucial.

Oh, and make sure they're all perfectly round. Wouldn't want them to all sit in one spot now, would we . . . .

And yeah, the coffee had nothing to do with it. I just like having coffee first thing.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

CFSB Week 3 Rotation 2

AM-shoulder press

Realized that I messed up last week on my top weight (which is probably why I didn't get it) on a 3 rep max at 115.



Then shoulder press 80lbs for 15-12 (9-2-1)-9 (6-3). That was broken pretty badly, so I'll go back at it again next week

Then PM because I am not smart, did I think to myself "how about a WOD that's not all chest/upper body" No. I did not.

So I did J.T.

HSPU (piked)
Ring Dips

10:56 (PR) previous best 12:34 on 8/26/08 And this time I didn't do negatives on the ring dips, even if they were singles, they got done.

And I think that this is one of the single hardest routines for me. There's just nowhere to run. The hspus mess up your ring dips (and I don't know how, other than the shoulders just aint there) and the ring dips completely fark your pushups. Ugh.

Friday, November 14, 2008

CFSB Week 3, Rotation 2 (front squat day)

Front squat and high rep back squat day

w/u then


165 (pr)

then 20x145 (pr) back squat . . . .

high rep back squats are awful. Just awful.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

CFSB week 3 rotation 2--20 minute Metcon day

3 rft

puppy scale of the wrongside up burpee wod

15 inverted burpees
15 pullups
15 burpees

6:43/6:37/7:29 = 20:50

pullups were good (for me) 15 straight, 10-5, 10-5, which is probably a record for me on this sort of wod. (flat bar, the whole lot)

Funny, but I thought the first round was the slowest since it took the whole 15 upside down burpees to get it right. And the second round to get a rhythm. The third round was fastest (inverted burpeewise) so I don't know where I lost the time on the third round. Lack of character break in there I suppose . . .

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

CFSB Week 3, Rotation 2, AM-Deadlifts-PM Murph


Easy enough.

15-12-9 @ 125 got 'er done.


Murph, 1/2

800 meters (first one 2:35)
50 pullups
100 pushups
150 squats
800 meters


Turns out the 800 meters was a pr by 2 seconds. It'll be fun to do this again when I'm really huffing it. I didn't go all out since i had a lot of work to do after. :-)

Monday, November 10, 2008

CFSB-Week 3 Rotation 2


Back Squat 3x5

185 (pr)



AMRAP 20 min (I know . . . I know . . . )

6 of those goofy things where pass the kb around your legs and then catch it at your shoulder
10 wall ball subs
16 one arm swings switch in the middle.
200 meter sprint . . . ish thing . .

all at 16kg
7 or 8 rounds

Then played around with muscleups. after the wod couldn't get one over transition, so did false grip pullups 2x5 with full turn out at the bottom and 2x5 jumping muscle ups. Then finished up with one "arms only" rope climb.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

CFSB-two wods, week 2 rotation 2, Shoulder Press, Front Squat

Missed yesterday, so . . .


Shoulder Press


75/85/95/105/115 (f) one rep

Just didn't have it today

12-9-6 @ 80lb, (pr)

Early PM

Front squats 5x3

135/145/155/165/175 (pr) (last set coming forward, rounding back . . . legs dipping together . . . face red (per Daughter: "Daddy, on that last one your face was really really red!")

Back squats 1x15x145 ow . . .

Late PM

21=>3 by 3 Deadlifts at 145, 3=>21 by 3 pushups, i.e., first round 21 deads, 3 pushups, second round 18 deads, 6 pushups

12:30 Not my best time (10:30 @ 132lbs on 5/31/08) but a little more weight, so it doesn't hit my favorite: more weight or better time, but stick a fork in me, I'm done . .

And I tiled a backsplash, watched the kids, put in a new kitchen sink faucet . . . . so I had to multi-task today . . .

Operation Backsplash, after, but before grout , ,

Operation New Backsplash . . . before

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Grace (the real deal)-CFSB (only metcon day)

per below, did Grace tonight:

Grace: 30 Clean and Jerk @ 135 (95)

Old School (power cleans); any way overhead (started as push press, ended as push jerk

. . . . 3:12

Right well chuffed about that. Previous effort below, but 75lbs @ 3:59 . . .

And tonight's time included redoing the headset after knocking it off at rep 5 or so . . .

Grace Recap

I was looking for a heavy wod to do today . . . and realized I didn't have a good "Grace" history on the blog.


2/3/2008, power cleans, 75lbs, 3:59
11/17/2007, 60lbs @ 5:28
9/23/07, 65lbs, 11:09
6/27/07 at 67lbs 9:33

This may be up tonight, I can do it in the garage, after the kids go to bed, it's a good heavy Metcon*, and I haven't done it in a long time.

*Update: It's heavy as rx'd . . . not the way I do it . . .

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

CFSB Week 2 Deadlifts, Rotation 2



Still on form work up




"Kempie's Welcome"

Ring Dips
KB Swings (55lbs Rx'd 35 done)


Note . . . do not visit Kempie. It's been an hour and my arms are still aching . . . .

And worth EVERY penny . . . but you'll put your eye out . . .


Monday, November 3, 2008

CFSB week 2 Rotation 2


w/u then

Back Squats (lbs)

5x180 (pr)


w/u then

kettlebell wod

amrap 20

5 clean and press
10 russian swings (one arm)
1 rope climb

18 rounds @ 12 kg

It was gripalicious . . .

Crap Parenting: Halloweenie!!

Good Parenting:

Limiting the amount of candy the kids can have from their trick or treat "winnings" and putting the rest away where only we can reach them.

Crap Parenting:

Making trips to the kids' stash and stealing the good stuff . . . . and then pretending candy corn is pretty much the be all and end all of the Halloween candy pantheon . . .

Saturday, November 1, 2008

PM WOD CFSB Week 1, Rotation 2

Some muscleup practice stuff,

5 ring dips, transition work, 5 weighted ring dips (20lbs)--Including one of my favorite ever Wifey quotes: "Is that wise?" Me: "No, why do you ask?", 5 more cash out ring dips,

Then Ten Min Pack Cin . . .

10 minutes of Cindy, Pack Scale
3 pullups
6 pushup
9 Squats

14 rounds. Wifey said: "No way that was 10 minutes, that was like 20" Me: It felt like 20 . . .

CFSB Week 1 Rotation 2 Shoulder Press

Odd AM WOD . .

SP 5x3


then 10-7-4 @ 80 (pr--do first times count? I'll let it slide, if I do a 12-9-6 next week, I'll count it.

Notes: Almost everything went well, but for last rep on the 110lbs. Holy carp . . . that was U-G-L-Y. I don't think i had any hip/knee/ankle bend, but I had enough layback I can't be sure and while I don't know if it stalled . . . it was one of those one arms goes faster than the other and the bar goes up at an odd angle presses.

Shoulders and upper back are now toasty . . . . Glad to get into this area, means I'm actually hitting the stuff hard enough to need to concentrate and make sure all my little techniques are paying off.

Friday, October 31, 2008

PM WOD-CFSB Week 1-Rotation 2-Front Squats

Front Squats


165 (pr)

Last three were hard . . .

Back Squats


Ow. Posted a question on the forum about timing and pacing. Basically if I do 5 pause, 5, pause, 5, is that wrong or should I just keep powering through? No discernable breaks?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Half Angie . . . CFSB

Did half Angie:

50 pullups (3:56)
50 pushups (2:33)
50 situps (2:28)
50 squats (1:05) . . . unbroken!


Pullups: 16, 8, and down hill from there. I also tried to go fast, but not at such a crazy pace that I tensed up and got tired from that too. I just wanted fast consistent pullups. At the end I was seriously doing singles because I could recover faster than 3 so it was pullup, drop, shake, pull, repeat. Still rattled them off quicker than 2, fail 3 drop shake, etc.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

CFSB week 1, Rotation 2




Ring dips

88lbs 15:58

Not happy with this at all. I don't know where I lost the time. I did 115lbs as hang power cleans and did it in 16:14. I don't know what the power conversion would be.

CFSB-week 1, Rotation 2, Deadlifts

AM Deads

Continuing the DL buildup


15x110 (more like 17 because I didn't like how a couple of them went).

I need to vid. Can't be sure (though back feels good . . . ) how things are looking in the posterior chain . . .

Monday, October 27, 2008





175 (pr)


Kettlebell class

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 kettlebell one armed swing/catch and release (where you swing up with one arm, let go, catch with other).
3-6-0-12-15-18-21 kb clean and press

Swings with 16kg, press with 12kg


It never got too metconny . . . the 16kg was too light. The 12kg was great, because Troy wanted us to do straight press, with out a lot of arch or using anything but your arm/shoulder to get the weight up.

AM Back Squats CFSB-Week 1, Rotation 2

AM back squats

After a funky warm up, because lower back is sore, not sure why, either front squats or left over from burpees . . .



5x175 (pr)

Used the new Depth-O-Matic 3000 (packing box on blocks) to check depth at 14 inches. Well below parallel.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Week 6 cfsb-shoulder press

Shoulder press

w/u then

5 X 95 (was sluggish and I don't know why . . . but it hacked me off to no end)

3 x 100 (was aggressive and a bit pissed off . . . flew up)

3x 105 (same)

1 x 120 pr

1 x 130 F

1 x 125 pr

1 x 130 F

So a good day. Up 16lbs on my one rep max from my Crossfit total 5/21/08

Friday, October 24, 2008

Week 6, AM CFSB Front Squats

Front squats


155 (pr)

Now that I think about it, I probably should have stopped at 145 x 5, thinking being pr then stop . . but it was early and I am a tard . . .


heavy back squats

20 x 135 (pr)

I swear, I forget every week how evil high rep heavy squats are . .

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pulls and Burps . . .

10 rft
8 pullups
8 burpees


burpees unbroken

pullups . . . broken

Arggggh. Truly truly a weak link. ugh. Oh well.

Bit by bit.



Okay, first round, frisky. That ended quickly.

Next three rounds good. Next four rounds . . . pullups started sucking bad.

Breaks were something like 8/8, 5-3 for a few rounds, then by the end 4-2-2 to complete the pullups.

Super crap parenting: the delusional child

Driving kids to school, singing along to "American Pie" (the boy's choice, he won the morning coin toss . . . )

Girl: "You sing really good daddy!"

Me: "That's nice sweety, but I'm not so sure."

Girl: "No, you do."

Eeeeyup . . . them little delusional apples probably don't fall too far from the tree . .

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

CFSB-Week 6 Deads

AM Deads

w/u then


20 x 105

Need to vid up and see if I'm all angry gorilla back all the time . . .


AMRAP 10 minutes

5 thrusters (2x25lb dumbell)
7 hpc
10 sdhp

6 rounds in 10:24

That's one of those wods where you want it to stop, and you think things are fine . . . until you try and walk downstairs . . . and your legs really don't feel the need to help any longer . . .

Monday, October 20, 2008

Squats week 6 CFSB

Long weird day but:


then back squat

1x205 (pr)

I stopped here. I think I had a good bit left in the tank. Problem was, at home with the redneck squat rack and the garage in a state of complete disarray, I had no way to bail. I don't think I would have needed to for 10-15 more pounds at least, but still, was very conservative. I'll get more next time

Like I said, long day, no time for metcon (and yeah, they're only 20 minutes long . . . . ) aggg.


Crap Parenting: Character Formation

After creating an Elf Character for my daughter on Oblivion:

Me: "And we made her look just like you!"

Daughter: "Yeah, but I don't have red eyes or blue skin"

Me: "Yeah, but other than that, you gotta admit the resemblance is striking".

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Going to be on a bidness trip (nowhere near anything . . . in fact, it's in town, so I'm captive at the hotel . . . bet they'll love me jumping on stuff in the hotel gym . . . )

So did this today, tomorrow will be rest, I'll see what the weight room has for me tomorrow.


5 rft

15 dumbell split clean 30lbs
21 pullups



Pullups man . . . pullups . . .

The pullups were the grief here. Down to sets of three at the end. Hands were ripping, that icky ripping under the skin . . . ewww.

Anyway, as much as these workouts are an honor to do . . . it really causes me some pain when we get a new one. I don't want any more of our guys to die. They're good hard men in the best sense of the word and I genuinely grieve for them.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Second WOD-CFSB Death by Clean and Jerk

Weird WOD . . .

10 rounds plus 8 @ 65lbs

I think I could have hit 12 rounds. That said, I should move up in weight.

The problems came from the set up.

When I set up well, I could feel the weight move up my shins and then the clean went well. When I didn't set up well, I could feel it in my back and I knew I didn't hit it right.

The issue was the weight. Until I get to 125lbs, (2x45 plus the 35lb bar) I won't be able to have the bar sit at the correct height (or until I get some bumper plates . . . ).

First wod-CFSB Front Squat, Heavy Squat High Rep


then front Squats


155 (pr)

Heavy Back Squats


21-15-9 (pr)

yowza. That is tough. But then I thought that 5 weeks ago when I did 130 for 20.

Friday, October 10, 2008

CFSB week 5 shoulder press

w/u then

5x105 (pr)

12-9-6 @75

only the last rep on the 105 set was particularly ugly. But it went. ;-)

And I had a bit of an internal debate over whether or not to just go to 3x sets or not. Worked out fine so I made a good choice, whether or not it was the best choice.

I went ahead and jumped to 75lbs on the 12-9-6 even though last week I did the 15-12-9 @ 70 and broke the 12 set 11-1 because I figured the lower suggested rep set would work and it did.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

CFSB week 5


Of all the exercises, think this is my weakest link in a weak chain . . .

Angry Gorilla back, pushing legs, not lifting back. I'll vid it up this next time and put it on the board.

w/up 5 @ 95


20 x 95

Then, off to the affiliate 15 minutes later for . . .


2 rounds of 90 seconds each of

Row (calories): 35/29
Wallball 20lbs 23/18 (to a 10ft target)
shdp 75lbs 20/15
box jump 20 inch box 25/24
push press 75lbs 20/20

Total: 229

Not close to a pr, two weekends ago, 266 (but, wallball to 8 foot target.)

Not sure what the difference was, oh, other than a DL workout right before and a heavy kb wod the night before . . . Also, doing the row first . . . bad I-dea.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Kettlebell class 10/6/08

PM kettlebell class @ affiliate

10 rounds

10 cleans 16kg
20 shoulder press 12 kg
30 Russian (chest height) swings 16 kg


Was hard to get this going. I tried rockin' the swings but all I did was lose my grip . . .

Great workout, but could never really push the edge. I suggested 5 rounds with a 400 meter run each round . . . . I was shot down . . .

AM WOD Week 5 CFSB Squats


800 meter run
20 squats

195 (pr)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

AM wod-CFSB end of week 4

Front squats (after a decentish warmup . . )


145 (pr)

heavy squat

15-12-9 @ 130 (pr)

Still Battin' .500!!!

This is gonna a put a HUGE crimp in his search for Nicole's killer(s) . . . .

Friday, October 3, 2008

Um . . . this is news?

Hey, maybe I'm just old . . okay yeah, but here's the deal:

What is the point of this?

Can you tell from the article how long this has been going on? I mean, financial and educational incentives?

Not really.

Does it make it seem, however, that what is making folks join the service is "the money"?

How about this: Does it say how much an enlisted man makes? Starting at the lowest grade? E-1? Starting off, you make between 14-16k a year. Generally speaking, 2000 hours is a year's worth of work at 40 hours a week. And granted, you get room and board. But note, with the exception of Air Force food, which we Army guys thought was heelariously good compared to ours, you eat bad cafeteria food and MREs. Is that really how you'd spend your money? For the most part, most folks wouldn't live like that, so it's not worth comparable civilian housing.

Anyway, that 16k a year works out to be about 8 bucks an hour . . . IF you only work 40 hours a week. And funny thing . . . when I joined up, that next year my sister went to live out with my Uncle in California. She got a job for $8 bucks an hour in 1985 in Oakland. I figured out my HOURLY wage at 40 hours a week (which was the time I was in class, not to mention pt (physical training) and study time . . . Persian Farsi don't learn itself . . ) was . . . about 5-6 bucks an hour. She got free room and board at my Uncle's place. So who was the sucker? Hmmm.

When I was in Army "school" this was pretty normal. But it doesn't include the times you have overnight duty, even there. Or when you're in your permanent duty station, when within the first 3 weeks I was out in the desert for two weeks. Or if you're on a Navy ship, out in the big blue . . . are you really "off duty"? I mean, maybe? Oh, and what's minimum wage? Yeah, it'll be seven bucks an hour next year. Whoohooo Navy boys!! Don't spend it all in one place!! How about when I was deployed out in the woods for a week. I wasn't "working" 24/7

So yeah, just a bit better than minimum wage. AND you get to live with navy guys!! AND you can't change jobs if you want. AND people can yell at you. AND . . . have I mentioned the "death" part of it? Yeah. Your job is to KILL the other guy while avoiding his attempts to KILL you. So sometimes you're not actively doing that, but that's aaaaaaall you practice . . .

And lets not forget . . . I can only speak from my experience, but they were offering bonuses and educational benefits . . . oh, 20 years ago to meet recruiting goals. Eeeeeyup. It's how I paid for college and I got a bit of a bonus for my specialty. So yeah, you get some schmundo. It's not like it's not taxable and if you've ever gotten a bonus, you know how that works . . . hello withholding!!! And not at your tax rate . . . but at the tax rate you'd have if you got that bonus check EVERY week. So yeah, EVEN when they know exactly how much you'll make the rest of the year . . . they ding you like you're Donald Trump. Puh-lease.

If we have to pay a one time bonus and educational funds for our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines. It's money well spent. How much did we spend on Amtrak last year? Just askin' is all . . .

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Shoulder Press

w/u then

5x100lbs (pr)

15-12-9 @ 70lbs

12 round broken 11-1

Then 30 minutes later


15 minutes AMRAP

2 muscle ups (3/1 pullups and ring dips)
4 hspu (4 off the trampoline)
8 2 pood kb swings (~53lb dumbell . . . 50lbs of weight, handle and clips a little more)

7 rounds

I don't like db swings, I find them much harder for some reason than kb. Maybe it's the chest position or somesuch. I kinda struggled with these until I got a decent hip pop and rhythm going.

Since I'm a bit peevish . . .

A peeve:

Give someone a monetary example. For instance: "and really, it works out to be about three bucks a day. So for the cost of a latte . . . "

The other "person" in the conversation then says: "I don't drink lattes".



I just bought running shoes . . . because I don't have to be faster than the bear . .

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

PM Deads on Tues CFSB

Because the deads didn't go up in the AM I tried to do them over pm style . .

So heres what we ended up with:




12-9-6 at 185

Again, broke the 185 set at 6. Odd, I got the 175 and 165 but 185 KILLS my grip.

Second note. They were most assuredly ugly ugly ugly DLs.

Which brings me to third note: Ego, left at door.

I simply cannot hold my back in the correct position at this weight. I'm going to back off. It won't affect much else I need to do, so it will be worthwhile. I'll start next week with a progression from 100 to 130 or there abouts. I'll do my long set at 110 or somesuch.

The great Mattress Identity Theft . . .

Dopey credit card fraud story:

Got a Macy's card. Not because we wanted to, but because they offered a little discount and for some reason we didn't bring the credit card we wanted to bring to the store (we were buying a couch).

And it's not like we used the PHYSICAL card. We just used the number for the first transaction (and again a second time . . . evidently we loves us some Macy's furniture).

So we get this month's statment, and the Minister of Finance sees there's a charge on there for a Mattress at another Macy's.

Weird. I mean, WHO commits fraud for a mattress? Was it delivered? Where? Where they gonna pawn it? Is it an inside job? Don't see how it couldn't be, unless, like I said, it was a mistake . .

It could be a mistake. But it's funny . . . unless we have to pay for it.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Death by pull push!!!

Death by pull push . . .

On a continuously running clock, on the first minute do one pullup one pushup, second minute, two pullups . . . .

10 rounds . . . 11th round finished on the beeping . . .

So just shy.

On death by pullup, last time I got . . . . hangon . . 10 rounds and 9 pullups . . .

THAT'S heelarious . . . add pushups and I get . . . 2 more pullups. HAHAHAHA!!

AM Squats CFSB

Some w/up then

The last set is 1 lb less than my 3 rep max from a couple weeks ago.

So I'll try 190/195 next week.

Depth was to a 15" home depot orange bucket . . . found out that a dynamax ball would have a diameter of 14": so close I'm pretty sure it's parallel . . .

This will look good next to my redneck squat rack . . .


Hey Y'all!! Watch this!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thoughts about the 2009 Crossfit Games

At least in running/triathlon, there's no "scaling" everyone does the same course, but there's "elite" and then there is everyone else, broken into age groups. So you compete in age groups if you're not one of the top dogs.

Another point is that the games take on a larger than necessary importance within the Crossfit community because it's the ONLY real games. There aren't feeder games or regionals . . . yet. Not that it won't happen to cfit, but if I want to do a tri or a 5k/10k/anything I just wander down to the running store, and pick up 70 flyers and I can race/bike myself into oblivion. Cfit just doesn't have that maturity as a sport or an organization just yet.

Also, it was clear from the evolution of the two prior games that a lot of thought went into the last one. You could tell by the way the events were structured (am I wrong that more competitor slots opened when the 20 minute rounds/12 minute cutoff allowed for more rounds in any given day?)

So not having scaling, etc., means MORE top level guys and gals can go at it AND that's absolutely as it should be. But I think some folks are pointing out something along the lines of the fact that guitar companies don't make money off rock stars . . . they make it off us ordinary schmoes. For better or worse, it was the firebreathers that were the initial core of crossfit, but its success and longevity depends completely on there being a lot of us ordinary schmoes paying our fees and showing up week to week.

And it's not that I can't go to the games, it's that last year I could, but now I can't go ever again most likely (and I had me a rockin' scaled time . . . ) but there's nothing else similar to replace it yet. These events are just flat out fun.

I understand both sides of the argument, I just tend to side with the "inclusive" side of things. For me, it'll be more fun when there'll be mini-games out and about. That's all. I mean the regionals will be open, there's hardly a way they couldn't be, so hopefully that will be where I get my pain fix. ;-)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fight Gone Bad

Fight Gone Bad

As Rx’d=266 (pr)


3/8/08 = 273 but with 55lb sdhp and push press and 16lb wall ball
9/29/07 = 258 (with 16kg sdhp)

I’ll take it.


row 16-15-15
Wall ball 23-18-19
SDHP 25-20-17
Box Jump 24-18-20
pp 15-11-10

Saturday, September 27, 2008 - "Fight Gone Bad III"!!!!! - CrossFit Plano

The aftermath . . .

Friday, September 26, 2008

PM workout CFSB

Front Squats


95, 105, 115, 125, 135

12-9-6 back squat @ 130 First time doing that, so not pr . . . thought the front squat was a pr, but I've done 143 not to long ago for a triple.

No metcon tonight, FGB tomorrow . . .

Just to get these somewhere searchable

five rep max dl: 231

Needed to roll out my old prs that may not have been on here

Front Squat: 3x143 10/01/07, 1x176 2/22/08

Back Squat: 1x199 5/2/2008, 3x186 8/12/08

Push Jerk: 3x135 7/22/08

Crossfit total 5/2/2008

press 109
heavy squat 199
DL 243

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A blistering pace . . .

Did the Brand Wod from a day or so back, easy backyarder.

AMRAP 15 minutes

5 db thrusters @25% bodyweight so 40lbs, used 35.
5 overhead lunges
10 CTB pullups

5 rounds, +5 +5 +7 . . .


Two problems:

1) Should have gone for 40lbs. Because the the thrusters and lunges went faaaast but the pullups went slow
2) pullups were the log jam. At least 10-15 do overs and that was counting the "felt clavicle pass within one skin cell of bar . . . " pullups sheesh.

So I never got to where I was really pushing it. Great wod, but I need to get the pullups down so that I can use them as part of a metcon wod. I have to admit that after nearly two years of this, I still can't say that's the case. I seriously need to work on my sets.

Yeah, the only thing I blistered was my hands . . .


3x5: 85-90-95 (pr).

15-12-9 @ 65lbs

Everything went up well. Even the 95s weren't a complete struggle till the last one. The 15-12-9 was a test, it was only going to be a 12-9-6 but the 12 went straight up so kept going.

Next week, 90-95-100

15-12-9 @ 70lbs.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Virtual Shovelling . . .

PM wod

Weird A** Virtual Shovel workout:


25-20-15-10 shovels/pushups

shovels: 6' 35lb girly bar plus 25lb plate and 10 extra . . .

10:35 . . . Kempie is right, this was just wrong . . .

touching end of bar over a 26" stepladder, with an 18 inch base . . .

The thing I noticed about this, is I'd like to know where you ought to put your hands. If its one hand at the far end and one in the middle, then I didn't quite do that. I had my hand closer to the end of the bar, I mean, not to the end, but somewhere between smooth part of the bar and the knurling. I can't remember, but I'm with Kempie, it's like a deadlift with a Franken step . . .

Went back and looked at the vid and the woman was holding the bar pretty close to the weight, the picture on the Brand X site showed it more like a shovel, but if that was a 45lb plate, that guy is a hoss . . .

Anyway, I think my pushups were pretty good but this was a chest, back, and grip destroyer. Plus the whole multiples counting thing . . . over and back = one. I had LOTS of redone reps because when I get into the wod i get the dain brammage and I start counting the easiest thing which is every time the bar taps the floor . . .

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gamesmanship: when the chips are down

Boy to Wife, handing her a bag of chips: "We can play a game called open this!" He's eating chips right now, so I think he won . . .

Well, I suppose it's party time for Mormons . . .

Baptists, and Muslims . . .

Party time people!!!

PM Squats, AM Deads CFSB

Bad day at Back Squat

3x3 back squat


Executive summary: I tried this this yesterday morning (see post below) and couldn’t do it. Managed to get at night though.

Did manage to video it . . it seems like my first and second rep are kinda crappy but the third seems to work out . . . But that's my "gee I hope I'm good" eye telling me things I WANT to hear.

AM Deads

TRYING to keep everything GD told me in mind:

bar over the middle of the foot . . .
BEND shins to touch bar
head up, chest up, tighten back . . .

At 125, it might be okay . . and I had been practicing . . . HONEST

Anyway, I think there were some FUGLY reps in there.

for this:

3x3: 205,215,225
and then 12-9-6 @ 185

WOWZA. Okay: Didn't get the 12 set. Somewhere at 7-8 I set her down and then finished. During the 9 set, started to lose grip BAD. Very nearly dropped the 6 set on the last rep, and reviewed the vid, ugly ugly ugly.

I'm going with Rippetoe's statement that it's a weak back causing rounding if I can't hold it tight during the reps as well as a need to really get my butt down.

Monday, September 22, 2008

AM CFSB-Discretion is the better part of Valor

or somesuch.

Was going for 3x3 heavy squats, but dang if it just wasn't going to happen today.

1) get under bar, try and adjust wrist position from a bent to a straight wrist, while keeping elbows back and high . . . ouch! Shoulder rotator cuff thingy is sooore.

2) get that kind of managed, lift up 125 off the redneck squat rack . . take a step back, start to squat, yowza. Something ain't right. Low back is sore. And squats don't usually make it sore, I'll feel some tightness at the end of the motion, in the bottom position, but this man, knees coming forward, losing hamstring engagement. I just couldn't keep it together. So thoughts of say 175lb triplet just flitting away.

3) Back off, try another tack. Maybe I'm just realllly stiff and sore still from "The Chief". Do some with just the bar. Fine. Do some squats with 85lbs. Fine. Put some more on the bar, and try again and no way Jose. Just not gonna happen. By this time, I gotta get the kids up for school and make some breakfast and lunches, so may have to wait till night time to see if we can pick up where we left off.

Ouch. I gotz zero.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

PM wod CFSB-The Chief

"The Chief"

5 rounds of 3 minutes work 1 minute rest between rounds of 3 power cleans @ 135lbs, 6 pushups 9 squats

Used 125lbs.

Round 1) 4 rounds
Round 2) 2 rounds plus 8 squats
Round 3) 3 rounds plus 1 clean
Round 4) 2 rounds plus 3 cleans
Round 5) 2 rounds

There weren't many rounds for a couple reasons. The first is that I'm understrong as well as overweak . . . . . the second is that the biggest wheel weight I have is 45, so to keep the bar the proper distance from the ground, I needed to use that much weight (35lb bar, 2x45lb plates).

Another reason, I took more time on setup than more experienced lifters would take. So I lost a lot of time futzing around at the bar. Not that the extra time would have gotten the bar up any faster . . . .

Oh yeah the last reason: This s*** was HARD. :coolgrin: I can usually pick out where I'll be sucking wind or muscle failure and honestly didn't see it this time. Three hard cleans . . . DL then hip action . . . all leg, then 9 squats. Yeah, you got some quadsticles when you got done with this . . . .

AM Shoulder press CFSB


Went well. Very fast and no headache this morning. ;-)

Trying to figure that one out. Also feel less depressed . . . maybe the 10 hours sleep was good for me? ;-)

Will see about pm wod. The cheif? :-)

We'll see . . .

Friday, September 19, 2008


Front Squat:
3x125 (pr)

Back Squat: 1x20x125 (pr)


FS went well. Pretty sure the depth was good. Again, last set, 125 was hard, but not grievous until the last rep.

BS--I mean, holy smokes. No wonder Rip says these are hard to do. They are . . um hard to do. At about 15 reps I swear your entire body is screamin' for Miller time . . . I mean, hands shaking kind of stuff.

I'm worried about the depth on these a bit more than the fs because as you tire out and buddy, this is the pain . . . I'm worried I'm not hitting my marks. Will vid next efforts and see how abominable my form is . . .

Update: The more I think about it, the more I don't like what's going on here. I think my form is bad, which I can't diagnose while I'm working out.

Isabel . . . forgotten post . . .

Isabel: 30 snatch @135lbs . . . hahahaha

anyway, Troy said: we can do it right . . . or fast. Okay.

So did about 50, 30 for time with weight . . . long time, low weight . . .

Anyway. I think it was a 35lb total. I need to get some 10lb and 15lb bumper plates to practice these at home . . .

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just not in the farkin mood . . .

Ever have one of those days?

Kind of like the crap is raining from the sky


Here's this:

A tale of two situs . . .

I am the proud owner of two licenses to practice law. One from Texas, the other from New Mexico. So I sat for the bar in two states and ruined two summers . . '97 and '98 to be precise.

Now, and you may find this as funny as I did . . . . laugh riot it was, you take whatever tests the state requires. HOWEVER . . . one day of the tests is the same across the country . . i.e., it's a standardized test.

But you generally can't use that portion in another state . . . i.e. you can't transfer it and just take whatever else the state requires. Yeah, so that's like taking the SATs but not being able to use the verbal portion when applying to schools in Florida . . . (though this is not the case in some areas . . . where the states are geographically small and practitioners typically represent folks from any one area: I understand the Philly/Jersey area is like that).

For me that meant this delicious irony: New Mexico doesn't take another state's test scores or any of that. Which I find odd: "We don't recognize the test we recognized as valid because you didn't take it within our borders . . . " Nice.

So, I had to study twice. That meant two bar review courses. In Texas, we were big enough to get a great many of our lecturers in person. The next year when I took the reviews in New Mexico, We got videos. Of the same people. I knew the jokes as they were coming up . . . and they weren't that great . . . except for this guy.

Just a great great lecturer. I can still remember quotes: "You are not seeking clarity, understanding, and insight. That takes many years of study of confusing and and often contradictory materials. No, you my friends are looking for glib famiiliarity." I loved that. And he was just fun to listen to. When most of these folks are barely tolerable. I wish his partner and family the best.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

PM WOD-Skill Day, one round of Kelly CFSB

Night wod was a skill day, kettlebell swing practice, and then some groups did three rounds of Kelly but we did one "perfect" round.

400 meter run
30 box jumps
30 20lb wall balls, 10ft target.


The run was 1:05 . . .

The rest was the suck. I'm still coughing up stuff an hour later.

5 rounds of that would be the complete suck.

Week 2, CFSB, AM Deads


Note to self . . . need more weight . . .

12-9-6 @175lbs

I know, ideally, this should be a PR type effort, but my 5 rep max is 231. I don't know what my top 3 rep max is. Although hard, I may get froggy next week and try the

Interesting. I took video. I'm not sure about my back position. I need to see some else to see if I'm holding it correctly. I also seem to have a problem with raising my hips before the bar, at least on the first rep of any given set. Additionally, and I THOUGHT I was paying attention to this, but it doesn't look like I'm getting my shoulders back, hips forward at the top of the rep. I know it FELT like it. My questions are whether my shoulders are enough forward of the bar, and whether my back position is good. It's not fishpole rounded, but I need to see what it's supposed to look like to know if I'm in the ballpark.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Well I think I'll do a two pronged attack:

This is brilliant . . . I'll put my real lunch in these, but still leave out some decoy dog poop sandwiches . . .

Kettlebells, swingin' Linda ish ness . . .


ball slams

kb clean and press 24kg (16)
Sandbag lunge
kb snatch 24kg (16)

14:50 something . . . can't quite remember.

Cool down, cash out:
2x10 pullups with 45 second rest between rounds

I had NO hips today. It was funny. Even with the 16. It happens with the 24, where it's not going up, but then I realize I need to really get some oomph into it. Today? No oomph. Even on the 16. I really have to wonder if it's the heavy squats. Better be.

Also i felt like minor crap all day. Had a weird headache this morning. And it never seemed to leave. But I feel better now. But the thing is I think I could have pushed through this wod about 2-3 minutes faster.

AM CFSB-Squats

Buy in--Starbucks, something something blend . . .


NP: Generator, Bad Religion, No one knows, Queens of the Stone Age, Disposable Heroes, Metallica,

cash out 25 kte, one set. Ouch.

Saturday, September 13, 2008



75lb power snatch, 75 reps for time

Pack Scale:

55lbs, 50 reps

see previous


I had the perfect opportunity to test my standard method of determining whether to move up or not.

Old time: 5:54, new time: 3:37 Time to move up.

Got to use the new oly bar but needed to build a stack of something so that when I touched the weight to the floor it came close to where the bar needed to be. So I stacked some plates until they were about 5 inches high so I could touch them and be close to the height of a bar with a standard size plate on it.

Friday, September 12, 2008


w/u 10x35 (bar) for form and stretching, 5x85 for same.

3x115x3 Front Squats

Not much trouble till last rep of the last set. Even then, just hard, but not horribly so.

2-4 minutes between rounds (or lift: run in accomplish one task getting kids ready for school, run back out lift . . )

1x115x20 Back Squats

HOLY SMOKES no kidding this is hard. It's weird hard too. It wasn't like air squats where the quads just give up, but like hips start hating you and that's weird and then legs decide they don't like the working conditions either, so per union rules or as a show of solidarity they start striking too . . with each rep you can feel things going a little more downhill . . not big muscle failure but you know you're looking at gettin' laid out . . . it's more like your whole body is just hanging on. Next week . . . 120 . . 125 . . . working on those Quadsticles . . .

I depth felt good, not like the "I'm hoping I got depth" feeling at all. Made sure I did the press out of knees at bottom I think I have a bit of trouble with that. Could feel the adductors(abductors? Stalagtite? Stalagmite?)i.e. GROIN muscles working.

I think I got through 50 pages of Starting Strength and THEN Rippetoe says "i.e. groin . . . ) Ha! I was like "add----whatever, knees out".

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Shoulder press


15 minutes later

3x5:00 of Cindy, with 3:00 rest between rounds

round 1: 5 rounds, plus 6 pushups
round 2: 4 rounds 10 pushups
round 3: 4 rounds 8 pushups

Wow. That was a pure exercise in cycle rate. I felt pretty good today after Monday and Tuesday's beatings. That is until I actually tried to exercise . . .

The shoulder press went well. But right shoulder still giving me slight grief. Slight pain? Discomfort? On lift and seems like weakness, but I don't know. Of course, pullups don't help things.

The Cindy thing was wrong. Because it was only 5 minutes, there was no reason not to kill yourself.

All the pullups were good, as in: easy enough. Trying to remember things that I'm coached on: so I paid attention to the things I know I do: miss full extension on the squat, on pullups the kick at the end of the kip, and full rom on pushups.

Cfit Haiku

when 3 2 1 go!
starts the first rep of many
you won't die, you hope.

Angie: one hundred
pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, squats
get back on the bar

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We was gonna get some science . . .

Then we got somethin' else!!!

We almost built something like this in Texas.

Then they killed the funding and it got turned into a bunch of left turns.

Yep. From Neutrinos to Nascar . . .

I am so proud.

Update: As RBB points out in the comments, the one is not the other. The story was too good to check! Ha!! So partially correct: we started with a sciency super collider and ended up with a Nascar supercollider!!! The money for one was not the money for the other . . . though still . . .

I got the runs . . .

4x400 meters, 2:00 rest between rounds


so 11:23 (iffn' my maths are right).

Interesting. It's a route near my house . . . 400 out, 400 back. Slight uphill out, slight down back.

Still . . . BIG drop off in the third round . . . actually outran my legs and my lungs on that one. Usually it's one or the other

AM Deads . . .CFSB




1x165x20 (pr)

Funny, but the 3x165 seemed hard . . . till I did the 3x205 . . . and the 20x165 was actually easier (seeming) after that though at 15, started to get the booty ache bad . . .

Monday, September 8, 2008

Kettlebell Hell

W/U 5 min, turkish getups

AMRAP 40-subs in parens
5 kb clean and press (clean only)
5 kb front squat
5 kb snatch (one hand swings)
5 kb oh lunge (kb racked, but not overhead)
5 kb power swings (russian)

14 rounds plus front squats

24 kg kb.

Couple of notes. I got there late . . . no 16kg bells left . . . that's what everyone but ME was using. Two, I am limiting overhead stuff for a period of time, so none here.

Still, this was an awful slog. One, it was long, two the weight was heavy, I mean, even our big dogs were using 16kgs, which is why I was sucking wind. Actually, just busting my backside, only rarely getting moving fast enough for metconish feelings . . .

Going to bed early tonight . . . .

Squat Day one, GD's weakness therapy . . .CFSB



Using the homemade redneck squat rack (4x4's set in concrete in home depot paint buckets . . the Gunner special), do 3 sets of 5x155.

Depth felt good. Each round the last rep was hard, but went up fine.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fat and Jackie . . .

Fat and Jacked-up . . .

A version of Jackie.

We were supposed to do Phat Jackie today: see previous Jackie attempts/variations.

1000 meter row
50 95lb thrusters (95lb front squats)
30 20lb weighted pullups (russian swings, 32kg)


I’m having a touch of pain on shoulder presses, so am laying off the overhead for a bit, working around it. So we worked through some subs.

So I went heavier on the thrusters than I would have normally since I was only doing front squats. Went for up elbows, proper depth, butt back as far as I could keep it. Used a dynamax ball to measure depth. Had the trainers right there most of the time, no one complained about my form. Which is nice, but I know there are little things I might pay attention to.

Did the front squats as 10-10-10-10-10, Kbell swings as 15-15. Wish I could do my pullups that way.

On the workout front, got the redneck squat racks in place. :-) Gonna be fun.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Crap Parenting . . . Someone else in the spotlight

Sorry, but that is just TOOOO funny.

You know the voice . . .

The staccato: "Did you have to lick your hand on TV for goodness sake!?!"


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Crap GRANDPARENTING Jersey Boys Edition . . .

Okay, this is good . . .

We joke about the house that I'm genius . . . it usually comes up when I do something spectacularly stupid. But to keep from getting mad or something, it's more fun to make fun of it. Hence: I AM A GENIUS!!

So my son takes to calling me a Genius. He's still being funny, not sarcastic . . . I think.

So one day at dinner we're joking around and boy says "Daddy is a genius!" and I say "Yes! You got that right!"

So my son says: "Fudging Genius!"

But, like the narrator of "Christmas Story" . . . he didn't say "fudge" but the granddaddy of them all, the Queen Mother of curse words . . .

And it all goes quiet . . . then my wife says quietly "We don't say that. Just genius".

Now, I think I'm flat busted. I think I've let something slip. I can be a car curser if I'm not careful. Of course, I always forget the kids are there in the back, when I'm giving other drivers remedial lessons on driving rules and etiquette . .

But then my wife says: "It's on that Jersey Boy's CD that mom and dad listen too . . . " with the boy over there all the time, I might add . . .

Coulda warned us there, wayne and bev that the Jersey Boys be dropping the F-Bomb . . .

Dodged that bullet . . . . I just wonder if I can blame my son repeating NWA lyrics on Granddad and Grandmom . . . .

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

You're so Money

In honor of TMoney's birthday:

"Swingin' Money" -Work gym has no pullup bar.

40 Rounds-20 minute cap.

3 50lb db swings
4 pushups
5 squats

34 rounds 3 swings, 4 pushups, 2 squats (finished out the 35 rounds though).

This should be done with pullups, but I made the best sub I could figure out.

That said: high points: no breaks in pushups or squats. In fact, the jump from pushup to squat was easy (yay burpees) and gave me the first squat for free.

The bad: I dislike using dumbells for swings, but what can you do. I could go faster. It was hard, but I think I was "pacing" myself too much. Argh.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Painstorm XXXV-Thanks you Scottish MONKEYS!!

I think Troy modded this up a bit to make it work, but here goes our version (subs in parens):

800 meter run
21-15-9 Power Clean 135lb (111 lbs), Ring dips
800 meter run
21-15-9 Deadlift 225lb (177lbs), HSPU (pike off of 24" tire)
800 meter run
21-15-9 shoulder press 135lb (67lbs) ohs @ 95lb (67lbs)
800 meter run

1:12:12 . . .

Okay, we did a different 800 meter route and when I measured it in the car it was more like 3.5 tenths to the half way point . . . so it was about 7/10 of a mile . . . NOT 800 meters. That would account for the fact that it was like 5:30 for the first of us coming in the door. Trainer Steve is like "oh, that's more than 800 meters . . . " Ya think? :-) (Wasn't his fault . . . I blame little Chris!!)

So, instead of running, what, 3.2 kilometers, we ran like 4.5 . . . ugh. That'll leave a mark.

And I think the original was bench press body weight, then ohs. I don't understand the scale to 135 shoulder press, that seems a bit much. But it wasn't like I was gonna do that much anyway.

Oh, and this thing filtered for character HARD . . . particularly the middle round with the deads . . . ugh almighty.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Well, yes, for the love of god . . .

Let's get gas prices down!!! P Diddy is flying gasp first class!!

By all means . . . we need to help this doofus spend his money faster . . .

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fran-alicious/L-sit Grief . . .

Last night/this morning

Last night:


5 box jumps
10 L-sit pullups (did knees raised)
15 kte

4 rounds plus 2 pullups

Just couldn't hang on the pullup side of the street

This morning:

Fran: 21-15-9
thrusters @ 95 (used 65lbs)

Angled bars for pullups (I think I get more pullups this way)


Previous Fran Versions Here.

Was a little bummed until I checked my Fran times and realized that this was a proper (aka at the gym) Fran and saw that my previous best a year ago was 5:56 and 45lbs.

So 20 lbs and 30 seconds is pretty good.

I think that withough lack of character breaks I could get through this faster and need to work on the kip and cycling through faster. Thrusters were 14-7, 8-7, 9. Pullups were a mess . . . probably 10-6-5, 5-4-4-2, 4-4-1 or something like that.

I hopped off the bar somewhere between crushed and beat down . . . I need to up the ante.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Number 101 . . .

fix that bad step on the landing . . . or should it have been numero uno?

I know, poor taste . . . .

Tuesday, August 26, 2008



3 rounds
3 box jump burpees
6 kb snatch (16) kg.
9 pullups
12 ball slams (20lbs)



HSPU (Piked hspus progression went from feet on box using paralletes, to feet on box)
Ring Dips (did positives until failure then went with negatives, which ended up being 10 + 11-, 5+ 10-, and 3+ 6- over the three rounds)


This was tough.

I think I was making noise from the 5th hspu.

I'm not sure if I went about it right, really. I went for the highest ability I could manage until I hit failure.

HSPUs: Used parallettes with feet on a box for the first 21, and the next 7 before I hit failure. Very hard on the parallettes. So went to feet on box for the rest. Very hard.

Ring Dips: I was surprised when I got up on the rings and went straight to the ground. I've been able to do ring dips before, but somehow the harder parallette hspu killed me. I was shaking and did as many as I could before I went to negatives, which just burned.

Pushups, yeah, hard.

Cash Out:

tgus one each side for 16, 20kg
kb snatch practice 6 each arm 16, 20, 24kg.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Crap Parenting: I couldn't agree more . . .

On the way to the first day of school . . .

Daughter: "I like monkeys, because I am one."

Me: "That's right sweetie!"

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The night the lights went out in Georgia?

Who to the what now?

Is it just me or has anyone ever figured out what happens in this song? For the love of God it's like listening to Mission Impossible. I mean without treating it like one of those logic puzzles: "Mr. Green is sitting next to the man in the hat. Mr. Brown never wears hats . . . "

I mean, it's like someone gets cheated on . . . there's a shooting, a wrongful something or other and someone's little sister did it all . . .

It's like when a writer uses unattributed dialog for too long . . . you lose track of who is saying what to whom . . .

Mama Dove . . .

I think I mentioned that when I do pullups, I'll disturb the poor mama dove who chose our kind of short oak tree to nest in . . . .

Here's a pic of her precious cargo. Hopefully I'll be able to take some pics of the babies when they come along . . .

I have no idea if I'm stressing the Mama out though . . .

Crap Parenting . . . Piano Movers

Putting a new laminate floor and had to move the piano.

Managed to hoist it onto towels which made it so I could slide it in place . . . at which point I called my son in:

Me, lifting up one side of the piano (they are not light, btw, and only have one handle): "Pull the towel . . . hurry."

Then the girl seeing the fun, wanted to help by sticking her hands near a 300lb piano as her dad lifts it up . . .

So of course she got to pull out the towels too . . .

See what happens when my wife isn't around? Child labor abuse, that's what . . .

Burpee Challenge

Done. Finished. Caput. Terminado.

Thank the lord this is finally over.

100 days. Nearly a third of the year doing this stupid thing.

But now, 5050 burpees are in the bank. I wonder how many I'll actually do this year? I'll also bet that it will take YEARS to equal this, if ever. As in I'll die before I've done another 5050 burpees.

Today's finished up with 220 to catch up from the games and do today's 100.

Broke out like this (I think, I'm having recollection trouble . . . )

100 burpees: 15:46
120 burpees: 17:19 (finished the makeups)
150 burpees: 24:04
220 burpees: 36:01

Yay. Burpeees.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Because you all asked . . .

It's a movie about pull up bars . . .

Here's the link in case you're you're of a "generation not able to use computers" . . .

Thursday, August 21, 2008

DEATH by pullup!!!

With a continuously running clock do one pullup the first minute, two the second, until you can't complete a round.

10 complete rounds, plus 9 pullups in the 11th minute.

Hmm, not to much to say about this one, other than my new pullup bar is worlds better than the old one. I kip just fine . . . managed to do a ctb pullup so hard it shook the swingset and rattled it so loudly that a mama dove in one of our little oak trees freaked (she's got this great nest where by standing on the step ladder to the trampoline you can see her two little eggs in there. Hope they grow up before winter comes . . .

Additionally, I think part of my kipping problem with my previous bar was grip, or lack thereof, being it was a much smaller bar and thus hurt to hang onto. This bar is much easier to hold but i get more workout in my forearms and grip, which is good. At some level that tends to be what keeps me from getting another rep . . . oh, that and the oh, lack of strength . . . Also toughening up the hands, which helps.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Crap Parenting: Share and Share alike . . .

Because Metric called me out and I haven't posted one of these lately:

About two days after extolling the virtue of "sharing" to the daughter: "We are a sharing family, right?"

Daughter: "Daddy when can we share the little computer?" (Aka the $1100 dollar laptop . . . )

Me: "oh, in a minute sweetie" (while desperately trying to figure out how to say "but sweetie, sharing is for you and your brother . . . and not me and my expensive toys . . . without being trapped in my necessarily hypocritical parenting . . . )

BTW . . . the little computer is now called the "webkinz" computer . . . if you have little kids you probably know what these are . . .

Monday, August 18, 2008

This is soooo wrong . . .

Still made me laugh though . .

Laminate Flooring . . . at least it's not tile . . .

Putting in laminate flooring . .

If your room is rectangular, great. If it is not . . . you have entered the world of laminate suck . . . just sayin's all . . .

But it's still easier than tile . . .

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Crap Dog Ownershipping . . . I was pretty sure . .

Putting in new laminate floors . . . let dog in for a trial run . . .

Kind of got her riled up and she started running . . . clackity clackity down the hall . . . then clackity clackity couldn't stop herself, then skittery clackity she knows what's coming then clackity skittery WHUMP as she hit the wall . . . .

Boy that was mean of me . . . boy it was kinda funny . . .

Friday, August 15, 2008

We needed a study for Beer Goggles?

I KNEW it!!

What I want to know is this:

1) Does it apply to homosexuals? Strictly speaking, we can only confirmed that Heterosexuals drink until people are attractive . . .

2) Does this conflict with the "lime flavored alchoholic drink"? Are you SURE Heterosexuals would drink this? Just sayin's all . . .

I just want to know if there's a big girl/big boy coefficient? After x number of drinks, she's/he's lost Y number of pounds . . . .

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oh man . . . Buddy Love

Packin' Heat . . . . just sayin' is all . . . best part? The universal excuse, always given, never works: Uh, that belongs to a friend . . .

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pullup Bars and other things . . . like pullups . .

Update: Pics on the pullup bars are coming . . . as soon as I find the digital camera battery charger . . . doh!!
21-15-9 squats and pullups

6:34 . . .

JDG style post: 2:20/2:18/1:56

Last Fran . . . @ 65 . . . 6:52 . . . .

But first a note about the pullup bar.

After thinking it over and talking with Kempie I finally settled on a solution . . . or so I thought.

I drilled two pipe sized holes through the cross beams on the swing set, and managed to get pipe through the holes, with flanges on one side, and the pipe sticking out the other. Then I attached 45 degree angles and 8 inch or so sections of pipe and attached that to a 4 foot main section (oh and it was VERY ship in a bottley . . do this before this and twist this) but finally got it up. It was a thing of beauty . . . was . . . the main bar was just a touch above my highest reach I could swoop a kip like no bodies business . . . and if I had done ten more I would have probably torqued the crossbeam right off the supports . . . I had, my friends, invented a lever for removing a cross beam from a swingset over time.

So I backed off . . . took down what I has assembled . . . then realized I could just put the 4' bar on the bits of pipe and flange I had put through the beam. Viola . . . it worked.

I was worried about my kip, but turns out I can kip like a mo-fo . . . till I get tired anyway (actually got a quick muscle cramp from it today). And i'm not torqueing the bar from above, but rather on the side, where I"m not twisting it so hard.

It still seems hard on the hands, but I'm probably just being a pooosey as Red would say . . . BUT it's WAY less hard on the hands than the 3/4" bar was. Much less. And it's what all the garage cfitters are doing anyway.

So now I'm going to try and get my max repeatable sets up. Sheesh. I find it funny that my Fran time WITH thrusters is about 15 seconds slower than just doing squats and pullups. AND the pullups took about the same amount of time for 21 as they did for15 and 9 . . .. Sheesh.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Squats . . . not just for breakfast . .

Crossfit Plano, TX



3x186 (PR)

Then some burpees . . . and 2x10 pullups as many ctb as I could (usually about 4-5) then finish the set.

Had a lot of pointers today from Chris and Troy. It seems like it has been so long since the last time I did back squats, that I don't get feedback on a consistent basis. Therefore instead of correcting one or two things, I've got a raft of them. Such is life.

Still, a pr is a pr. And the last time I did this wod that I recall was in fact in November. So, while a pr, 10lbs over 8 months isn't that much. Granted, they all went down and up fine. Which means I might have squeaked out a bit more.

Wisconsin Blues Man?

Is this anything like a Long Island Blues man? Ah, Ralph Macchio . . . the gift that keeps on giving . . .

Whoa!! I don't think this was on my Rosetta Stone

Spanish CDs!! Good to know though, good to know . . .

Boom Boom . . .

Oh man . . .

Bought a Ted Nugent song from itunes . . . got the receipt in my in box.

It suggested I might also like songs from Pat Travers, April Wine, and Billy Thorpe . . .


"New from K-Tel, "B-listers of Classic Rock! . . . You too can own all the one hit wonders from the Hair Farmer era!"

Out go the lights indeed . . .

Though I actually saw Pat Travers at this club in Fayetteville, NC. Friend of mine may or may not still have a drumstick from show . . . I think there were about 12 of us in the club that night . . . yeah, he wasn't even State Fair material at that point . . . good show though . . .

Friday, August 8, 2008

Oh LORD!!! Or a yank gets his sartorial comeuppance . . .

Here come the Americans . . . preppy outfit, okay . . . but what's with the fat guy hat?!? It looks like that thing your dad gets!! NO HATS!!!! Arg.

Thank goodness some of the Basketball players took that stupid thing off. Normally I think they act a little spoiled, but it's necessary . . .

And the Lithuanians are in the lead . . .

Evidently, festive culottes are all the rage . . . Green shirts, white hobbit pants. I thought the Danes wearing capris were bad enough . . . .

Boy from Brazil

Oh my, this is funny . . .

The flag bearer for Brazil is not Armondo . . it's this blond guy named something like Robert Schmidt . . . yeah he has a great uncle who emigrated under "circumstances" about 1945 . . . . bwahahahaha!!!

Danes . . . sheesh

Watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games.

Say what you will (and they're vile) but the ChiComs are putting on a spectacle . .

But . . . All the countries are doing the walk into the stadium. Some great local garb . . then the Danes come in . . . wearing jean shorts and polo shirts . . . I'm sorry . . after the suits and traditional garb . . they looked well, like schlubs . . .

Diane . . . she hurts my butt



Deadlifts @ 225 (155)
hspu (did a pike progression off the kids' trampoline)


JDG style:

Previous attempts:

A version with pushups 4:26 on 11/25/07. Previous best from that was 11:10 with 110 lbs and half hspus to a pillow . . . on 6/10/07.

Odds and ends:

I'm not sure what to make of it really. Deads went well. Walking through the house, avoiding dogs, kids, etc., takes some time out, but no biggie. But, the hspus were unbroken. That means I need to find higher pike. I think they should be like 7-7-7, etc.

I think I need a way to do those here at home that works better.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Shoulder Press

Warmup: 20 burpees

Shoulder stretch and flexibility progressions with overhead squat and pvc

i.e., 3-5 pvc overhead squats for form, move hands closer together, another 3-5 ohs, until after about 20 squats your hands are together as you ohs.

I'd rather have had someone watching me, giving me pointers, but it does stretch out your shoulders nicely doing this.

Shoulder Press 5x5x85

Felt very strong really, all went up without a hitch.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Angie--75 reps

Pack scale Angie: 17:58

75 reps instead of the 100.

100 pullups
100 pushups
100 situps
100 squats

Pullups: Straight bar for first 40. Then busted out the next 35 on the angled bars. Found that with the kip a narrow grip seemed to help on the straight bar. Don't know why. Better ask.

Also, the pushups were the usual slog.

I need to do one before the end of the year, less than 25 minutes. I think I could have done it this time, but I had no previous reference. I'll have to look back in my paper notes.

Previous times, a pullup less Angie, and one on 2/7/2008 100 but jumping pullups.

Yes!! Amen Brother!!! Yes!!!

Although I could just take a pill . . . . coffee is proof God loves us and wants us to be alert.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Old Man and the Moose . . .

Or Momma's don't let your babies grow up to mess with baby moosies . . .because when you get out of your car at in the parking lot of the Snowbird ski resort, and there's a pond and a momma moose and a baby moose, what do you do? The all american red blooded thing! Try and get as close as you can without making the moose charge you . . . Hint: You know you've gotten close enough when your wife sounds like that snake from the Harry Potter movie . . . "geeeeeeet baaaaack heeeeeeere noooooooooow!"

You can't tell, but I'm literally 200 feet from the main building, in a very un-foresty type area of the resort. But I guess they wanted some rest and relaxation too . . .

Kettlebells . . . the pood Plus!

Kettlebell WOD at Crossfit Plano, TX


3 rds

2 TGUs
4 Figure 8s with catch and hold
6 Russian Swings

Workout: amrap in 15 minutes

9 Russian Swings (24kg)
6 clean complex (kb clean + front squat, 24kg)
3 Burpees (Ha! I eat burpees for breakfast . . .and lunch, little zone burpee snack, then dinner)
6 snatch complex (kb snatch + overhead squat) 16kg
9 pullups

3 rounds + 3 snatch complex . . .

Cash out = Farmers walk + waiters carry = one arm overhead with 16kg, other hand holding 24kg, walk 50 meters, reverse hands, walk back.

Here's the deal with the weights. For the longest time, I have been using the 16kg bell. It's great. Problem is it's too light now . . . the other problem, as I've mentioned before we only have one 20kg bell in the gym. So I split the difference.

I used the 24kg on the exercises I could get away with, but the snatch was a little too much as well as the over head squat portion of the complex. So 16 it is.

Of course, now my back is a little tweaked. Then again, it's been sore since about 20 days into the burpee challenge. yay. Burpees.

Sunday, August 3, 2008



800m/400m backwards/800m/400m backwards

Distances aren’t exact. Used mapmyrun.com for a route starting at my house. The best route worked out to be 880 meters for the forward and 380 for the backwards.


Splits: 3:38/2:51/4:03/2:45

I think on a slightly cooler day, I could take a bit more time off this. Also the 120 meters of extra doesn’t help. Oh yeah, and if I ran faster . . .

Day 79 stop the insanity . . .

21 more days of the burpee challenge . .

And I am throwing myself under the bus here, but I need to make up about 150 still from the crossfit games. I have them all marked on my spread sheet . . . ick.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

I just scored that Betamax I always wanted . . .

Seriously . . .

I bought outmoded loser stuff:

Short story: I now own an HD DVD player!! WHOOHOOO!!!

Long story: Wife bought a copy of a Harry Potter movie from Ebay not realizing it was HD DVD. The seller must have been like: Oh thank jesus!!!

I told her we couldn't play it so it was just a $15 coaster . . .

Anyway, walked into Fry's last night and found them selling the HD DVD player for the xbox 360 for $40. It was payday and I needed an impulse purchase! Sweet!!!

And it is better. I noticed things on the little hd tv I had never noticed before, things that were obscured by the lack of resolution. And when I say never noticed, I mean on the Harry Potter movies we've watched scores of times (the first two are pretty good for little kids . . . they get progressively scarier, hence our lack of desire to show those to the kids over and over . . . ).

Anyway, if you've already blown $400 on the xbox . . . what's a few dollars more? ha!!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Crap Parenting: Tattoo You

On the way home from Mother-in-Law's house . . driving by a soon to be open 24 hour fitness

Daughter: "Daddy, when we go to 24 hour fitness can I have tattoos . . . "

Me: "Sure."

This will likely come back to haunt me . . . .

Of course, if she ever goes to the crossfit games . . . she will need them. I think it gets you a discount or something. Maybe some extra reps.

30 Muscle Ups

30 muscleups for time:

seated muscleups


Just needed that little hop through the transition. So it was 30 good ring dips . . . ;-)

Also need a lot of work on grip and form, because I seemed to lose my false grip right off. Multiples are hard.

I'll have to work on getting 2 consecutive now. Of course the deal is: 2 down, 30 to go . . .

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

deads 'n burpees

45 burpee warmup

5x3 deads @ 210

30 burpees after

When they came for Starbucks, I didn't speak up . . .

because I did not drink frapachii'mreallynotgaynotthatthere'sanythingwrongwiththatnos, but when they came for Bennigan's, I had to speak up, because I did like those weird Irish Nacho things, you know, potatoes and cheese, because potatoes are well, Irish, obviously, and cheese is Mexican . . . or should I say queso? Hmmm? So long Bennigans . . . say hi to Montgomery Wards for me . . . .

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Catchin' up--Push Jerks

Push Jerks 5x3


Because cleaning this from the floor was the hardest, part, in fact, missed the first 135 power clean . . . , I might do more if it was up off the floor.

I also don't know that I had a benchmark for this wod. I think 135lbs is a pr (probably so for a split jerk as well), but I'll have to review. If nothing else, I know the next one is.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kettlebells yay.

Crossfit Plano Kettlebell Class:

3 rft

50 meter sprint
20 snatches
50 meter sprint
5 burpees (which didn’t count for the burpee challenge . . . )

When finished, do Russian swings until the last person is done with their burpees . . . thus punishing hard workers . . .

then . .

2 rft
5 pistols
10 snatches
5 pistols
10 pullups (dead hang, ctb otherwise at least neck to bar)
20 russian swings
10 pullups

then . . .

1 round

50 meter run
5 burpees (which didn’t count . . . see above)
100 meter run
10 burpees
100 meter run
10 snatches
200 meter run
20 snatches

all at 16kg.

I know there was a time, but it was per event . . . wasn’t last . . . wasn’t first . . . and didn’t barf, which was about all I was worried about at 102 in the sun . . .

Need more work on pullups (don't we all pal, don't we all). It's like I am an advanced beginner.

Then again, hitting a ctb standard is har-ard. It's JUST like moving the goal posts . . . ;-) Ah well, there are chin over bar wods and gold standard wods. It's a progression.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Like I needed anymore justification . . . .

Man, I love junk food justificatin! Thank you, Mens Health!! I'm off to the pork rinds store . . . .

Have ya' been to Blockbuster lately?

The problem is this: I don't think I'm exaggerating to say that 70% of the shelf space around the perimiter, where they put the new releases, is full of "straight to video". I mean, I'm not particularly against some low budet or maybe some overlooked gem . . . but it was nearly impossible to find: movies that were actually in theatres.

I read a lot of movie reviews, since we don't get out to movies much. So oddly, I end up with lots of knowledge about movies I've never seen. Blockbuster, however, seems intent on making sure I don't step into their stores and worse, that once I get there, that there is no way to do anything but go through the chaff, looking for wheat. And considering that I probably only want to see, at most, 50% of the movies that actually HIT the theatres and were reviewed, that means I spend most of my time looking at things like "Venom Warriors!- - - When a rogue herpetologist studying martial arts discovers an ancient evil, it's up to him and his lissom lab partner . . "

I mean, they know it's crap, I know it's crap . . . why can't they just put it aside. All I can think is that they make more money from the crap even on a random basis than they do from the stuff people actually want to see.

The Kiwi(s) has/have landed . . . (subject verb agreement is so vital . . . )

Security Cam Footage:

What is it with you people?

I have it on good authority that there were Kiwis at a Denny's last night.

:-) Now, Denny's is okay I guess . . . I suppose it's a known quantity.

True story(why do I say that? Makes you wonder about the ones that don't come with a disclaimer, right?): Told my wife that we ate at Denny's like every morning before the Crossfit Games. She said "Denny's? Why?"

So I told her about the cafe in the parking lot of the Motel Six and how I wasn't sure about it . . . until I saw it was where the Sheriff's department ate their breakfast. She said "You should have taken them there!!" She knows. It had the critical "local law enforcement seal of approval".


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pushups-Ring Dips-Push Press

Did the Brand X scale of

AMRAP 20 minutes:

15 pushups
12 ring dips
9 push press 115 lbs (scaled to 85 lbs)

4 rounds +15 push ups/12 ring dips/5 push press (5 rounds in 20:23)

Not the Brand X scaling . . . because I only had 85lbs for my new oly bar. So instead of more like a Pack WOD (95lbs for 20 min) or a Porch (15 min 115lbs), I was basically a big dog girl . . .

I can live with that . . . the big dog girls spanked my BUTT at the games . . . I mean you can see individual hand prints . . .

For instance, Julie (LRH) . . . did like 93 lbs (42.5kg) and did 4 rounds plus 15 press ups. So a touch behind, but more weight . . .

Pullup Bar

Here's the infamous "pullup bar of excessive whining . . . " Note: That cross beam is the main beam on my kids' swing set.

It wasn't a bad first effort. But two things are problematic: I can grab it while standing flat footed. I can kip, but every time I drag my toes on the ground seems to make me think I'm going to catch a toe. But that's not nearly the problem that having a 3/4 diameter pipe presents. It's just too small to get a good grip on. You can do a lot of pullups (deadhangs seem to be better), but it tends to pinch your hands from the get go, so grip actually seems to go fast, as does the skin on your hands . . . .

If the setup isn't clear it's this: flange plate on a 1" section of pipe, attached to an elbow, attached to the main pipe. This is secured to the 4x6 (actually two 2x6s) by an eye bolt through the 4x6.

I can think of a couple other ways to set this up, but input would be helpful to achieve two goals: Higher (6-8 inches would probably do the trick), and absolutely need to get a 1" section of pipe.