Thursday, September 11, 2008


Shoulder press


15 minutes later

3x5:00 of Cindy, with 3:00 rest between rounds

round 1: 5 rounds, plus 6 pushups
round 2: 4 rounds 10 pushups
round 3: 4 rounds 8 pushups

Wow. That was a pure exercise in cycle rate. I felt pretty good today after Monday and Tuesday's beatings. That is until I actually tried to exercise . . .

The shoulder press went well. But right shoulder still giving me slight grief. Slight pain? Discomfort? On lift and seems like weakness, but I don't know. Of course, pullups don't help things.

The Cindy thing was wrong. Because it was only 5 minutes, there was no reason not to kill yourself.

All the pullups were good, as in: easy enough. Trying to remember things that I'm coached on: so I paid attention to the things I know I do: miss full extension on the squat, on pullups the kick at the end of the kip, and full rom on pushups.

1 comment:

Joel B said...

its a like a modded barbara.
and she hurts.

nice job though.