Friday, September 12, 2008


w/u 10x35 (bar) for form and stretching, 5x85 for same.

3x115x3 Front Squats

Not much trouble till last rep of the last set. Even then, just hard, but not horribly so.

2-4 minutes between rounds (or lift: run in accomplish one task getting kids ready for school, run back out lift . . )

1x115x20 Back Squats

HOLY SMOKES no kidding this is hard. It's weird hard too. It wasn't like air squats where the quads just give up, but like hips start hating you and that's weird and then legs decide they don't like the working conditions either, so per union rules or as a show of solidarity they start striking too . . with each rep you can feel things going a little more downhill . . not big muscle failure but you know you're looking at gettin' laid out . . . it's more like your whole body is just hanging on. Next week . . . 120 . . 125 . . . working on those Quadsticles . . .

I depth felt good, not like the "I'm hoping I got depth" feeling at all. Made sure I did the press out of knees at bottom I think I have a bit of trouble with that. Could feel the adductors(abductors? Stalagtite? Stalagmite?)i.e. GROIN muscles working.

I think I got through 50 pages of Starting Strength and THEN Rippetoe says "i.e. groin . . . ) Ha! I was like "add----whatever, knees out".

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