Monday, September 8, 2008

Kettlebell Hell

W/U 5 min, turkish getups

AMRAP 40-subs in parens
5 kb clean and press (clean only)
5 kb front squat
5 kb snatch (one hand swings)
5 kb oh lunge (kb racked, but not overhead)
5 kb power swings (russian)

14 rounds plus front squats

24 kg kb.

Couple of notes. I got there late . . . no 16kg bells left . . . that's what everyone but ME was using. Two, I am limiting overhead stuff for a period of time, so none here.

Still, this was an awful slog. One, it was long, two the weight was heavy, I mean, even our big dogs were using 16kgs, which is why I was sucking wind. Actually, just busting my backside, only rarely getting moving fast enough for metconish feelings . . .

Going to bed early tonight . . . .

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