Monday, September 15, 2008

Kettlebells, swingin' Linda ish ness . . .


ball slams

kb clean and press 24kg (16)
Sandbag lunge
kb snatch 24kg (16)

14:50 something . . . can't quite remember.

Cool down, cash out:
2x10 pullups with 45 second rest between rounds

I had NO hips today. It was funny. Even with the 16. It happens with the 24, where it's not going up, but then I realize I need to really get some oomph into it. Today? No oomph. Even on the 16. I really have to wonder if it's the heavy squats. Better be.

Also i felt like minor crap all day. Had a weird headache this morning. And it never seemed to leave. But I feel better now. But the thing is I think I could have pushed through this wod about 2-3 minutes faster.

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Anonymous said...

wow... that was one nasty, nasty WOD! I was completely off during this mornings WOD... Shayne attributed it to the full moon and I think I agree.