Saturday, September 20, 2008

PM wod CFSB-The Chief

"The Chief"

5 rounds of 3 minutes work 1 minute rest between rounds of 3 power cleans @ 135lbs, 6 pushups 9 squats

Used 125lbs.

Round 1) 4 rounds
Round 2) 2 rounds plus 8 squats
Round 3) 3 rounds plus 1 clean
Round 4) 2 rounds plus 3 cleans
Round 5) 2 rounds

There weren't many rounds for a couple reasons. The first is that I'm understrong as well as overweak . . . . . the second is that the biggest wheel weight I have is 45, so to keep the bar the proper distance from the ground, I needed to use that much weight (35lb bar, 2x45lb plates).

Another reason, I took more time on setup than more experienced lifters would take. So I lost a lot of time futzing around at the bar. Not that the extra time would have gotten the bar up any faster . . . .

Oh yeah the last reason: This s*** was HARD. :coolgrin: I can usually pick out where I'll be sucking wind or muscle failure and honestly didn't see it this time. Three hard cleans . . . DL then hip action . . . all leg, then 9 squats. Yeah, you got some quadsticles when you got done with this . . . .


Joel B said...

your label is misspelled. :) What's the Cheif?

'The Chief' hurt me too. badly. I didn't see the pain coming because im a little slow to figure things out.. it was definitely one of those which initially left me wondering: what's the catch?

It was power cleans at the start of the round AFTER squats from the last round... diabolical. simply diabolical.

Coach is an evil genius.

I went all out on this one. had some loss of peripheral vision after rounds 3 and 4. wasnt too worried about it since it made me think 'this is what Swede is talking about, he really is crazy'

cheers bro.

TexasPatrick said...

BWHAHAHA!! Yeah, I was thinking "i before e . . . except after C" but of course that rule is useless . . .


Oh man yeah. That first clean, like you said, on the second round was like "uh . . . why ain't this goin' up?"

I've asked if folks lose the ability to focus their eyes . . . . there are times I can get postively glassy eyed

Anonymous said...

"BWHAHAHA!! Yeah, I was thinking "i before e . . . except after C" but of course that rule is useless . . . "

maybe your ACLU or CLU manual would have helped you figure out if the "i" or the "e" is supposed to come after "h"............