Tuesday, September 23, 2008

PM Squats, AM Deads CFSB

Bad day at Back Squat

3x3 back squat


Executive summary: I tried this this yesterday morning (see post below) and couldn’t do it. Managed to get at night though.

Did manage to video it . . it seems like my first and second rep are kinda crappy but the third seems to work out . . . But that's my "gee I hope I'm good" eye telling me things I WANT to hear.

AM Deads

TRYING to keep everything GD told me in mind:

bar over the middle of the foot . . .
BEND shins to touch bar
head up, chest up, tighten back . . .

At 125, it might be okay . . and I had been practicing . . . HONEST

Anyway, I think there were some FUGLY reps in there.

for this:

3x3: 205,215,225
and then 12-9-6 @ 185

WOWZA. Okay: Didn't get the 12 set. Somewhere at 7-8 I set her down and then finished. During the 9 set, started to lose grip BAD. Very nearly dropped the 6 set on the last rep, and reviewed the vid, ugly ugly ugly.

I'm going with Rippetoe's statement that it's a weak back causing rounding if I can't hold it tight during the reps as well as a need to really get my butt down.

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