Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thoughts about the 2009 Crossfit Games

At least in running/triathlon, there's no "scaling" everyone does the same course, but there's "elite" and then there is everyone else, broken into age groups. So you compete in age groups if you're not one of the top dogs.

Another point is that the games take on a larger than necessary importance within the Crossfit community because it's the ONLY real games. There aren't feeder games or regionals . . . yet. Not that it won't happen to cfit, but if I want to do a tri or a 5k/10k/anything I just wander down to the running store, and pick up 70 flyers and I can race/bike myself into oblivion. Cfit just doesn't have that maturity as a sport or an organization just yet.

Also, it was clear from the evolution of the two prior games that a lot of thought went into the last one. You could tell by the way the events were structured (am I wrong that more competitor slots opened when the 20 minute rounds/12 minute cutoff allowed for more rounds in any given day?)

So not having scaling, etc., means MORE top level guys and gals can go at it AND that's absolutely as it should be. But I think some folks are pointing out something along the lines of the fact that guitar companies don't make money off rock stars . . . they make it off us ordinary schmoes. For better or worse, it was the firebreathers that were the initial core of crossfit, but its success and longevity depends completely on there being a lot of us ordinary schmoes paying our fees and showing up week to week.

And it's not that I can't go to the games, it's that last year I could, but now I can't go ever again most likely (and I had me a rockin' scaled time . . . ) but there's nothing else similar to replace it yet. These events are just flat out fun.

I understand both sides of the argument, I just tend to side with the "inclusive" side of things. For me, it'll be more fun when there'll be mini-games out and about. That's all. I mean the regionals will be open, there's hardly a way they couldn't be, so hopefully that will be where I get my pain fix. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

What sucks about all this to me is that I had put competing in the 2009 games as one of my "43 Things" goals.