Friday, July 31, 2009

Shoulder Press and AuVest

Shoulder Press


92.5/102.5/112.5 (f) 2

15-12-9 @ 85 (14-1/10-2/7-2) compare to 7/19 (11-4, 6-2-1, 4-2)

Yeah, please don't do the math on that. I don't know either.

Suffice to say this week was better.

Then 3 rounds with a 20lb vest

400 meter run
max ring dips
max pullups

Time only the 400 meter run, but go from exercise to exercise. Rest between rounds as necessary

1:27 6/7
1:29 5/11
1:41 4/9

I recommend against this . . .

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Clean and Jerk

Death by Clean and Jerk:

6 rounds +4

First time as Rx’d (135lbs)

Last time, 10/11/2008, 10 rounds @ 65lbs.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009





Then because I had to meet the wife oot and aboot I charged right into

21x185 and went 15-6. Ticked off at that sackless bit of nonsense.

But happy with the PR. Take what I can get.

Then the wife wanted me to do a class with her at the globo. She chose yoga. Nice.

Misc WODs in New Mexico.

Anyway, while away (to New Mexico), I took my friend Bill K. Bell with me. Didn’t get a workout in every day, but got this done:

I’ll have pictures up later, but here’s what I did:


kb swings (1.5 pood)
overhead lunge

in the hotel parking lot. Got some freak stares.

Hill Grief:

3 rounds

hill sprint (at 6000 feet. Quite unpleasant, shorter, but steeper than the Brand X hill (my portion anyway))
21 kb swings.

After I was done I realized I should have done “Mountain Helen” As I warmed up with some dead hang pullups off the side of the cabin . . . doh!

Park workout: There was a cool fitness trail, and I mean, pretty cool: pullups, step ups/lunges, back xtn, dip walk/dips, so did some pullups and evidently caused a whole family to stop and watch. And I’ve got crap pullup numbers but I rolled through some sets of 10. You forget how freakish we can look to the uninitiated . . . , max pushups, then made Texaswifey do a mile hike but as a buddy farmer’s carry. She no longer likes the bell . . . .

Monday, July 20, 2009

Squat FAIL



I actually think for one rep, 230 is a pr.

But it came up sooooo hard, I lost confidence I could get the 2nd, much less a 3rd.

But I'll back up and start on 5s and see how that works.


10-9.....3-2-1 And stolen from JJDAX at Cfit York:

push press
overhead squat


I think there are a few seconds to be gained there, not any real bar staring character breaks, but a couple pure muscular failures on the OHS.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bad day at shoulder press


95-105-110 I have no idea why the jump was 105-110. I wrote it down that way and only after I did it did I think think about it. Oh well.

High rep:

15-9-6 @85

This was awful. Last week, same thing 12-9-6 perfect.

This week 11-4, 6-2-1, 4-2


3x5 (we're still doing some depth checking)


Then little while later I did this thing of Kempie's


ring dips
kettlebell swings @ 1.5 pood (54 lbs)


Last time did this it was 7:19 but with 35lbs for the swings. Burpees were AWFUL today. No snap. I'm having real trouble with the pushup part. It just rots.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Front squats and high rep backsquats . . .

3x5 front squat


Will redo this next week. Not completely happy with the depth on the last set. I think I got three good, but there was likely some shallow crap in there.

10x175 Was going to do 20 at 165 but this was easier to set up on the weights . . . .

I've got 175 as all my bumper plates and bar (would be a 185 on a man bar . . . which brings me to, I told my wife that she can have the bar . . . and all of a sudden it's "her" bar, so helloooooo better bar!!)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mid week wod-crossfit strong

I thought I was going to be a "Nancy" boy today, but no such luck:


10 hip-hop burpulls (I'll splain in a second)
10 slam ball pushups
25 slam ball situps


Not great, but wasn't sure how to pace myself and then it ended up being a slog. Fun though.

hip hop burpulls: set up a parallette near the pullup bar. Stand with the parallette so that you can do a side hop over it. (basically perpendicular to the parallette). Jump over and back, then over and back (so four jumps). On the fourth jump drop, do a burpee, and on the jump instead of clapping, grab the pullup bar and get chin over. That's 1.

Slam ball pushups: one hand on the ground, one hand on the slam ball, do a pushup. Then switch hands. Try for explosive movement so you're kind of hopping back and forth. Ha.

Slamball situps: just hold the slamball with your ankles. It's an anchored situp.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Missing Deadlifts




12-9-6 @ 185

When I started CFSB I ended up breaking this exact set of 185s two weeks in a row. Nearly dropped it from my notes. Basically I couldn’t get the 12. I did 7-8 one week and 6-6 the next. I think that was about the time I took a hard look at what I could do and dialed it way back.

Monday, July 13, 2009

squats, nate

Squats 'n stuff



then wait, stall, wait some more,

Baby Nate (since it's TWO TWO GOATS IN ONE! WITH RETSIN! . . . whatever the hell that is . . )

2 seated muscleups
4 hspu, piked from the trampoline
8 35lb db swings (don't have my 55lb and danged if I'll be handin' over money for a 70lb bell anytime soon . . )

12 rounds in 15 minutes.

I think I've got a bunch more rounds in me at that scaling. Kinda felt weird today, doggin' it a bit. No oomph. Musta used it all up on the PR!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

shoulder press, fun stuff.

Crazy arse lift day . .




12-9-6 @ 85

Then taught texaswifey to shoulder press. She done good!!


Then the crazy arse stuff:

3x5 one armed dl


That last one was a gripper.

Then 3x5
Single arm ohs @35lbs
Working on some strength for db snatch.

Fun day.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Front Squats Highrep Heavies

3x5 Front Squats:


High Rep Heavy Squats:

165@12 but went to 15 just so I could say I did more. Very happy with depth, and form. The pain, well, could done without that . . .

Update: Remind me not to follow a Buffalo when posting my pathetic totals . . Sheesh big man!! ;-) Nearly 300lb front squat?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mish Mash

Shoulda coulda woulda.

Hard day today, just not feeling it, needed to punch my card:

3 rft

5 squat cleans @ 135
10 pushups


Shoulda gone for the full monty and done 5 rounds but I was a goner on those cleans. More wouldn't have been better. I think they shaped up after the first couple of fubar cleans . . .

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Check the box day . . . more like do anything, anything




Not a great day, stupid explaination for the weight amounts.

Then 9-6-3 @ 185.

I got nuthin.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Squats, OHS

Squat day:


140/160/180/200/220 (pr)

Then I waited a minute, was going to do a WOD with squat cleans . . . but my back was not liking the deadlift pulls at all.

Not hurt, but very sore.

So 5rft

5 ohs @ 95
5 burpees.


Man, I actually did as bad as Unforgibbon pretends he does . . . no juice for the fast stuff today.

Be afraid people . . .

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Shoulder Press - 07/04/09

Just a pop out to the garage to get a little pressing in. SP is the worst of my lifts, the hardest to increase, so I want to make sure I do what I can for it.


92.5-102.5-112.5 (f-1)


9-6-3 @ 85lbs.

After Randy yesterday shoulders and traps are fried.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Front squats Randy

Front squat 3x5

High rep back squat 10x165

Then "Randy"

75 power snatch @ 75 (65lbs) PR for weight, but that's kinda dubious. More of a benchmark.


Brendhan spanked me. :-)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Power Cleans!

CF Strong WOD


500 meter row (there is NO way I'm pulling a BattMatt 2:30 then 2:28 in my warmup . . . )

20 passthroughs (dislocaters)
10 pistols or progression each leg (5 on the 20" box 5 on the dynamax)
15 abmat situps
3 rounds of
5/10/15 cindy with dead hang pullups

then power cleans


75/125/145/155(pr)/165/175 pr

Took a shot at 185 just to see, but didn't make it, think I psyced (psyked?) myself out and it's heavy.

Anyway, I THINK the 175 is a pr, I've been keeping such crappy records and I even write them down like three places . . . ugh. I know the 155x3 is a pr because I did 150x3.

Now thing is I've got to try the Bingo Wod (7 rounds of 3 power cleans 4 burpees) with that and see if I can keep it under 10. Muahaahhaaha.