Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mid week wod-crossfit strong

I thought I was going to be a "Nancy" boy today, but no such luck:


10 hip-hop burpulls (I'll splain in a second)
10 slam ball pushups
25 slam ball situps


Not great, but wasn't sure how to pace myself and then it ended up being a slog. Fun though.

hip hop burpulls: set up a parallette near the pullup bar. Stand with the parallette so that you can do a side hop over it. (basically perpendicular to the parallette). Jump over and back, then over and back (so four jumps). On the fourth jump drop, do a burpee, and on the jump instead of clapping, grab the pullup bar and get chin over. That's 1.

Slam ball pushups: one hand on the ground, one hand on the slam ball, do a pushup. Then switch hands. Try for explosive movement so you're kind of hopping back and forth. Ha.

Slamball situps: just hold the slamball with your ankles. It's an anchored situp.

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