Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Power Cleans!

CF Strong WOD


500 meter row (there is NO way I'm pulling a BattMatt 2:30 then 2:28 in my warmup . . . )

20 passthroughs (dislocaters)
10 pistols or progression each leg (5 on the 20" box 5 on the dynamax)
15 abmat situps
3 rounds of
5/10/15 cindy with dead hang pullups

then power cleans


75/125/145/155(pr)/165/175 pr

Took a shot at 185 just to see, but didn't make it, think I psyced (psyked?) myself out and it's heavy.

Anyway, I THINK the 175 is a pr, I've been keeping such crappy records and I even write them down like three places . . . ugh. I know the 155x3 is a pr because I did 150x3.

Now thing is I've got to try the Bingo Wod (7 rounds of 3 power cleans 4 burpees) with that and see if I can keep it under 10. Muahaahhaaha.


Joel said...

Bingo WoD?

what's the weight on that? --- I am spending a few weeks just playing around until I get serious about CFSB again. speaking of nick-named wods. I need to throw a 'Jolie's ass Whoop Challenge' in there soon.

I'm trying to do one goat for every wod I cherry pick.

TexasPatrick said...

As posted (Jan 9, 2009) it's supposed to be bodyweight 7 rft 3 power clean 4 burpees . . .

Bingo did it at 125, and I know I can get 3 145 power cleans for sure, maybe 7 rft of 155, 125 for speeeeeed.

Have fun. ;-)