Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cfsb Deads and a mini chunder . . .

Tuesday, or Deadsday

3x3 220-240-260(pr)

A repeat of last week's fiasco but this time I got pissed off and the deads went up.

then 15-12-9 @ 180 (pr)

Then something Kempie dreamed up . . .

400 meter run
15 swings 35lb plate
15 45lb thrusters
15 jumping pullups.


I saw that JTM did this and I thought I'd have a go.

Holy crap Kempie! I love ya mate, but good lord. Maybe it was the deads beforehand, but my legs were giving out, those stupid 45lb thrusters were hurting. 45lb!!! AGGGGGh.

My RUN was 2:31. Yeah. Now I know my neighborhood 400 meters isn't perfect, but it don't take me 2:31.

So it worked out: 2:31/1:47/2:08/2:25


Chris said...

It hurts me to have to admit it after it has caused such a storm but Leon is responsible for that. He seemed like such a nice bloke didn't he?!

Cheers, kempie

TexasPatrick said...


Yeah, again "seemed". Fool me once . . .

It would be bad enough fresh. It was miserable sort of tired. And think the shame of it all was that it was all light.