Thursday, June 11, 2009

Man makers . . . and pain

Crossfit Strong:

500 meter row
500 meter row
500 meter row

of Renegade Man Makers @ 20lbs
1.5 pood kb swings overhead
two armed dumbbell swings

23:40 . . . I think. Not more anyway . . .

Kinda hard . . . But if I didn't stare at the stupid barbells I think there's some time to make up.

The crappy part though is that in the 12 round, somewhere around the 8th kb swing, I tweaked my back. Hadn't EVER done that in cfit, don't know why but it feels like I went soft at some point and arched. Like an idiot or a dain brammaged cfitter, I kept going just remembering a tight core etc. No further issues, but it's certainly not right. Can walk bend over, but I can see that putting weight on it in certain circumstances would be . . . unadvised . . . it doesn't feel bad but we'll see.

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