Friday, June 26, 2009

shoulder press/front squat/high rep heavy squat

Doubled up the CFSB restart (Hobo in a Globo, part of a series)

Full crossfit w/u x 3

Shoulder press

3x3 75/95/115(1, fail)

Then 70lbs x 15 for a test run

Then front squats


135/150/170(4 f)

Couldn't get that last one out of the hole so set it down on the rack. Big dude (short rom . . . ) says "you okay!?" I said "yeah, and you don't know where the edge is until you go over it".

Then high rep back squats 12x160.

Mostly happy with those. Form wasn't consistent. But did 2 more than I originally set out to do.

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