Monday, June 22, 2009

Okay try and reset the CFSB


Breakfast was black coffee and Squats



I think I went crosseyed getting those last couple of reps . . .


Norcal qualifier? Stole it from JTM if not . . .

500 meter row (subbed a 400 meter run)
30 burpees (subbed my sucky version o' same)
155lbs 10x anyway overhead (subbed 135)


Overhead went:

PP, PJ drop
pj, sj, sj drop
sj, sj, drop
sj, sj, sj done

Tried to keep on my toes/balls of my feet the whole run. that starts to suck the life out of your hamstrings . . burpees weren't bad, 20 and 10

But the anyway overhead? Wow . . that lifting it back down? Holy shmabokies. That saps the life right out of you. Only had, I think two crap reps I couldn't count. I was hoping to get more push presses out of it, but hahahahahaha welcome to fantasy island.

Not a puker, or metabolically devastating, but I imagine I'll sleep pretty good and I know theres a quantatative difference between the 400 meter run and a 500 meter death row . . .


Joel said...

the burpees after the 500m row were cruel and unusual punishment.

nice time though!

TexasPatrick said...

Ha! Yeah, I imagine oh, 40-50 push offs with both legs would affect the burpees a bit . . . .


Thanks. I'm kinda thought that would take longer, but I'll take it, since I thought for sure I was taking my sweet arse time on the overhead portion.