Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just a WOD

Thrusters/Double unders

Wanted to do the thruster double under wod, but wanted to make it heavier and sharper, and my bar and smallest bumpers go to 85 so I thought I'd bump it up a bit more to 95.

Then I figured because I was going heavier, fewer rounds were in order.



15 thrusters @ 95
21 tuck jumps (the sub for double unders)


That means I should have 1) either done more rounds or 2) more reps. That was pretty quick. If evil.

A good one for this would have been 15 thrusters and 10 box jumps . . . . just enough box jumps that stopping is stupid, enough to get pretty winded. Or 21 thrusters 15 box jumps . . . hmmmmm.

I think I've got something of a Fran possibly. I got the 45 thrusters now if I can get my pullups to be anything more than abysmal . . .

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