Wednesday, June 10, 2009

cfsb Deads

Wednesday: National Deadlift Day . . .

Started deadlift warm up . . . . then sat in the bathroom while the tornado sirens went off . . . (uh, why is "went off" mean "go on" anyway . . . )

Went back in and finished after we all climbed out of the tub . . .

This morning I got up early hoping to get two wods in, an am heavy and a pm fast, but had an epic fail this am on my 175lb warm up set . . . my back was too sore.

But for some reason, it warmed up fine by the end of the day.




Then 9-6-3 @ 180

Every week, I think, sheebus, this is heavy. Keeps going up. Back position SEEMED better than last week. Am going to vid to double check next week.

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